The Magical Sword

November 3, 2008
By allyson pochant, Waunakee, WI


'Crash' went the broom as it hit the floor.
'Darn' said the mouse Erick. Erick was a mouse peasant but inside he knew he was much much more than just a peasant. Erick worked for the very Evil Rat King. The Evil Rat King was horrible he would make anyone who disagreed with him or talked bad about him be come a peasant , and trust me he knew when you were talking bad about him he had spies all over the town of Bonivea. That's how Erick became a peasant. See he used to be a hero to everyone in Bonivea. Then he was elected by the secret town council to go up against the Evil Rat King to become king, and get Princess Francesca back. But what Erick didn't understand was how something so beautiful, sweet and caring came from something so ugly horrible and down right mean. About a year back Erick fought the Evil Rat King because the king knew that Erick was madly in love with his daughter. The Evil Rat King hated his daughter so he put her in a dungeon far far away. So the only way Erick would ever have her was if he won a fight to the king. So Erick went to the king and said,' The town council has elected me to fight for Princess Francesca and for the town of Bonivea. Here are the terms if I win we get Francesca back and I become king of B Bonivea and you banish forever. If you win I will become a peasant. And so they fought. The Evil Rat King cheated some how Erick knew and so did every one else but no one could say anything because they would become peasants as well. Now Erick was planning to free the princess and to fight the king just on more time. So he set off to find the secret town council. He first looked in city hall. Hey weren't there. Then he scrambled his way into the library in to the scientology section because you know no one really goes over there. When he was coming around the corner he heard some voices. The sounded like Cindy the secret town councils leader. He peeked around the corner and it was Cindy. Cindy saw him and greeted him with a big warming hug.

'Where have you been, we have missed you so much!'

'I have been working for the king' Erick replied with the sound of sorrow in his voice

'You became a peasant?' questioned Cindy

'Yes but only because the cheated I'm Not sure how yet but I know he cheated'

'O well I have to go I'm so sorry before the spies come and see us gathering.' She said with sorrow in her voice

'Ok I understand I just have one question do you think I should fight the king ... again?'

'Well of course any thing to get the princess back.' she said as a smile rose on to her face.

'Ok well ill let you go Bye-Bye!!' he said

So he set off to the king s Evil layer. To propose a fight for his daughter. As he came to the door he took a deep breath in 1-2-3-4-5 and he let it out [knock-knock-knock]

'Who dares to come to the Evil Kings door?' the king said with a deep heavy voice

'Erick your peasant sire' he replied

'Come it peasant '

'CREEK' went the door as Erick walked in. The King tuned around in his chair and said
'What brings you here peasant?'
'Well king I would like to propose a fight '
'Ha-ha didn't we already go over this peasant?'

'Well yes king but I will not stop until I have you daughters hand in marriage and her back.'

'Well I can't take away your willpower' 'Well peasant we well fight and if you win, you will get my daughters hand in marriage and you will never here from me again and you will be king. But If I win my daughter will be killed and you will wish you were never born!'

'Ok' Erick said

As Erick walked out of the room the king said 'The Fight will be in 6 hours 'be ready'

'Ok sir'

Erick walked to his room. Put on his best clothes and armor and set off for training.

It was now 30 minutes before the fight and EVERYONE was talking about it. Erick was on his way to the fight through the forest. He saw a glowing spot in the forest and was enraged so he walked towards it he got closer and closer the light got brighter and brighter. He pushed back one branch and there it was a magical sword, just lying there. Erick picked it up and the sword said,' Erick this sword has come from the heavens to help you overcome the Evil Rat King and fofill you destiny to marry Princess Francesca and become king on Bonivea. This sword will make you win if you just tape the sword on your opponents left earlobe three times. Then your opponent will die a horrible death.' He then knew what he had to do and walked away.

He walked into the arena and everyone booed at Erick. Erick stood in the middle of the arena freighted. As the king walked in to the arena with his to apprentices. Erick heart dropped when he saw them. The king was wear so much armor Erick didn't know what could go through it. The King walked up the Erick and asked,' Are you Ready 'Peasant?'

As the king walked back to his position Erick was scared out of his mind.
Erick and the king took there places. The kings appearances walked to opposite sides of the arena and both said

Erick took his sword, just as the king was taking out his magical staff with a big red gem on the top and turned it into a sword as Erick walked closer and closer to the king. Erick took the first swing, and he missed. King swung toward Erick and also missed. Erick tapped the kings left earlobe once. The king aimed at Erick's heart and hit his arm.
'OUCH!!' yelled Erick as pain rushed through his body.

Erick then tapped his ear once again, holding his arm. The king stabbed him rite in the gut.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAA' Erick fell to the ground.

As a voice from was heard
'Is he dead?'

Everyone was yelling because they realized the king just one. Just as the king was walking away he spit in Erick's face. Erick was so furious he got up and barely hit his earlobe one more time. The crowd was silent as the king fell to the floor. The crowd went wild once they knew that he was dead and ever since then nobody in Bonivea ever gave up until they got what they wanted.

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