February 18, 2009
By Taran BRONZE, HInckley, Minnesota
Taran BRONZE, HInckley, Minnesota
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He sighed rolling over on his side, staring off into the darkness of his room. He stared through the split of the curtains surrounding his large, four-poster bed. The moon was just starting to climb over the far battlements. He heard a murmur behind him and he rolled over. Megan lay there, murmuring softly in her sleep. There was barely enough light to make out her face. He smiled watching her sleep, trying to hear what she was saying. Her murmuring grew louder then with a sudden lurch she sat up. Her eyes glowed an eerie red that bathed the inside of the curtains in a dull red. She began to talk not in a murmur but in a loud voice that was not her own.
?The day is coming, when EverDark shall come, like a flame it shall consume the world, until everything is gone. Look for the one that is dead yet still lives, the one who may save us?but not alone will succeed. The protector must also be found if the world is to be saved. The protector shall find the one. The protector will be the champion and defender of the one. Only together will they succeed and save earth.? Her words lulled into an undistinguishable murmur and then disappeared altogether, as she sunk back into the bed. Her eyelids shut and then flew open, her turquoise eyes wide with fear. She sat up her dark hair splayed about her head as she turned to him. He grabbed her in his arms and pulled her in close whispering in her ear. ?It?s ok darling?its ok?.? She made a small whimpering noise and tucked her head into the dip of his shoulder, tears streaming down her face. He reached up wiping the tears from her eyes. He kept whispering to her. It was always like this when she had a vision. But it had never been this bad before, but it was the darkest prophesy he had ever heard uttered from her lips. I HAVE TO TELL THE KING ABOUT THE PROPHESY?BUT I CAN?T LEAVE HER HERE WHEN SHE?S LIKE THIS? He kissed her gently on the forehead. ?Come, come darling it?s ok, every things alright. I?m here. Nothings going to hurt you.? She looked up at him terror in her eyes.

?I could see it?everything was dark?there was fire everywhere. People were running but the flames were faster?people were burning?everything was burning...there were soldiers too but they couldn?t stop the fire or the creatures that came with the fire. They all died?ripped to pieces?they didn?t stand a chance everyone?every thing was dead.? She tucked her head into his shoulder again weeping now. He looked at her, concern on his face what creatures?I can see the fire but what creature? She said the soldiers were ripped to pieces. What in the name of the king could do that?

?What do you mean creatures? Like animals?? He asked.
She just shook her head and a fresh stream of tears started down her face.
?Megan nothing will hurt you for as long as I?m here?you have nothing to worry about. But I need to know more about the creatures you saw,? he said soothingly,? Come on. I?m right here.? She looked up at him and he wiped the tears from her cheek. Pulling her in closer he waited, she looked at him and then began barely loud enough for him to hear.

?They weren?t animals?they appeared to be humans, beautiful humans. But they were faster than the wind?they moved so fast I could barely see them. They moved with an agility to match?they could catch arrows out of the air and throw them back harder than the bows could shoot them. But most didn?t even catch the arrows. They couldn?t be killed?many had multiple arrows stuck in them. If a soldier managed to him them with a sword or axe they healed almost instantly. They could rip men in half with just their hands. They were so powerful?some were throwing pieces of the wall of a castle at them?.? She cut off and he knew she wasn?t going to speak any more. So he held her up against him for a while, then he tilted her head toward his and staring into her light green eyes. They staid like that for a long time, her green eyes locked on his clear blue. Then slowly he pulled her to him and softly kissed her. When they broke he said.

?Megan I have to go tell my father about this. Ill be back in a little while.? Her abrupt scream cut him off.

?Noooooo!!!? She half screamed, half pleaded. ?Please don?t leave me??
Then with a crash the doors flew open. Twelve Men entered all with swords in their hands; wearing the green and white livery of the prince. They stopped short seeing no one.

?Captain Tidas! What is the meaning of this?? Calvin shouted quickly leaping from the bed, Megan had a death grip on his arm but released him as she realized who was there. She pulled the blanket up over her head and there lay quivering. Calvin looked down at her then returned his attention to the guards.

?Sir, we heard her scream, and assumed that Sy had sent another assassin for you.? Captain Tidas said. Calvin looked at his best friend anger in his eyes but he knew it wasn?t his fault he was doing his job. Captain Tidas stood facing him. He stood about 5? 9?? and had a slim build to him. His dark red hair pulled back in a pony tail, the sides and back shaved short. His dark copper eyes met Calvin?s. Well I can?t blame him for doing his job.

?Well done captain. If this had been a real emergency your decisiveness would have probably saved our lives.? Calvin said a small grin on his face. Tidas looked at him a grin of his own, then with a laugh he said.

?Oh that is if there were even any of them left for us to find. You?d probably take them apart with you bare hands.? As he finished Megan let out a shriek that made them all jump. Tidas looked at the quivering form under the blanket and then looked at Calvin raising an eyebrow. ?Wha??

?She had a vision?of great importance and I was just getting ready to go tell the king about it.? Calvin said, ?Oh and?? Tidas shouting cut him off.
?Great importantance then why the hell are you standing here and not telling your father about it. You blundering idiot! He?ll have my head for this get your ass moving. By all the ice in hell man hurry up!? Calvin began laughing as Tidas laughing shot up the steps a kick aimed for Calvin. Calvin quickly scooted out of the way and ran to his wardrobe. Which he threw open and began rummaging through it. ?Oh by the ice, man your not going to a bloody ball grab some pants and a shirt and lets go. Now! I?m not getting in more trouble because you?re trying to cheer up the walking crystal ball.? A scream of rage came from Megan as she threw the blanket down leaping to her feet.

?I don?t need cheering up I?m fine!? Megan screamed at Tidas. Calvin winced as he pulled up a simple pair of satin pants. He pulled a shirt over his head as Tidas and Megan began their usual battle of words. Why can?t they just get along?would it kill them not to be at each other?s throats every time they see each other? He turned and walked toward them.

?Both of you quit it your carrying on like a pair of three year olds. I mean really your mother raised you both better than that!? Calvin yelled at them. Tidas and Megan spun on him and began shouting at him.

?You stay out of this Calvin! This is none of your business!? Megan screamed at him.

?Yes stay out of this.? Tidas agreed. Then they turned on one another and the screaming began anew and with renewed fury. Calvin shook his head and walked past him motioning for the other guards to follow him. Calvin grabbed his sword from its peg beside the door and quickly belted it on and set off at a half trot. Fathers going to be furious about this I should have gone straight to him? He could still hear them screaming at one another but it was getting fainter and fainter. ?You can?t take up all his time like this! He?s not always going to be around to baby you like this! You need to grow up and let him do his job first! Not crying and having panic attacks because you had one of your little visions!!!? He heard Tidas roar.

?I don?t let him baby me! I would have been fine without him he could have left at any time! I wasn?t stopping him!? She screamed back.

?Like hell you weren?t! We could see the scratches on his arm he tried to get out of bed and you damn near tore his arm off to get him to stay!? Calvin looked down at his arm and for the first time noticed the long red scratches running down his arm blood trickled from a few spots. The rest of the argument was lost as the hallway door was shut behind them. He heard a sigh from the guards behind him and one muttered something and one of the others laughed.

?Sir, should we leave a man down here to make sure they don?t kill each other.? Said a guard with close cut brown hair and a rather large nose. The other guards laughed. Calvin joined in laughing as hard as they were for he found it rather funny. His sides were shaking so hard it hurt.

?No Marsh I think it would take all of us to break them up. Besides they?ve been at each others throats for weeks now?this might finally get them to lighten up,? Calvin said with a false grin. The guards didn?t seem to notice after all Tidas and Megan were the only two he knew who could read him. And to make matters worse it was easy for them to read him. Lying to them was impossible.

?So does anyone know why they?ve been growing so tense lately?? The question brought Calvin out of his thoughts. There where mutters but no one answered. Calvin looked at the man who had asked the question. His name was Gilbert a huge man of about 6? 6?? foot even. A thick flat face and close set brown eyes. His brown hair was thick and curly and matched his full beard. Gil had never been a smart man but he wasn?t stupid and he was one of the strongest men, Calvin had ever seen. It had probably been him that kicked down the door. ?So does anyone know?? His voice was deep set and this time he spoke loud enough everyone was sure to hear. Calvin looked around his eyes meeting theirs for fleeting seconds before they looked away. Finally a rasp of a voice answered.

?Tidas doesn?t mean any offense?its just that he?s been extremely worried about the three attempts on your life in the last couple months and he?s starting to tear apart at the seams. Then she keeps having these visions that could mean you life or death or the kingdoms survival. And then she has her panic attacks that take your attention away from doing your duty and reporting them right away. And Tidas is the one who gets into trouble when you fail to report them immediately.? The guard named Finch or Finchley, as was his full name. Calvin spun on him feeling both hurt and angry.
?What! What do you mean its Tidas that takes the blame for me taking so long?!? The guards took a step back unease playing across all their faces. Finch was the only one who kept that look of calm matching Calvin?s stare. Calvin looked Finch up and down waiting for an answer. Finch was a man of about 5? 6?? and very wirey built. His skin was taunt and drawn with: his once brown hair is streaked with more grey than brown. Deep clear ice blue eyes stare out at him from under thick eyebrows. He has a beak of a nose and a heavy mustache completely gray. He was the oldest guard in Calvin?s revenue but also the most experienced by far. He had served in Calvin?s father Dimitri own personal bodyguards. Finch was an exceptional soldier and a brilliant strategist. Finch had always been fair to Calvin and always pointed him in the right direction. Finch began speaking in a tone that suggested that he believed that Calvin should know why.

?Calvin you know full well your father would never punish you for something like that. You?re the prince; Tidas is your whipping boy of sorts. So next time your pretty little wench needs someone to hug her give her a damn teddy bear. And save Tidas a few lashes!? Finch finished shaking his head. Calvin stood there open mouthed staring at Finch. My father has had Tidas whipped because I was slow delivering a message to him, I can?t believe he would do that. Calvin was shaking with rage, and then spinning on heel he stormed towards his father?s chambers. He moved down the many hallways and corridors past many servants who bowed as he past. It took about five minutes to reach his fathers hallway. Two scores of guards were lounging around in the little sitting area outside of the huge 8 foot high doors. The guards were all wearing the green and black livery of his father. They jumped to attention when he came into view.

?Prince Calvin. What can we do for you?? Said Russell the captain of Dimitri?s guards. The guards saluted and then relaxed returning to they?re original positions. Calvin said.

?I need to see my father NOW!? He said speaking harsher than he actually meant to sound. Russell turned swiftly on foot and approached the large bronze doors; lifting the knocker he brought it down hard on the door with a thud. No sound came from within and Russell knocked three more times. Calvin could barely contain his temper his hands became fist and he locked them at his side. He stood his entire body shaking with rage. Then he said in a near shout, ?GIL! The Door!? Gil stepped forward shoving Russell out of his way grabbing the knocker he raised it and brought it down with such a force that the door shook under the impact. BOOM!!! The sound echoed like a thunderclap. There was a man?s voice shouting for the guards. Gil opened the door holding it open for Calvin to step through. Calvin stormed through the door. ?FATHER!!! We have to talk and now!? Calvin bellowed at his father. There were six guards wearing black outfits that had come out of their hiding places around the kings room weapons drawn. The king sat upright in his bed blankets pulled up to his waist a short sword in hand. He saw Calvin and said with a laugh,
?Ah Calvin to what do I owe your visit at so such an early time?? It was obvious by his tone and matching scowl that he was not pleased. Calvin looked at his father. His long golden hair hung loosely to his shoulders, his beard was neat and trim. Calvin could see large bags under his father?s eyes. He hadn?t slept anymore than I have?but no, I can?t excuse this! His eyes locked with his father?s clear blue eye. ?Calvin what is so important that you woke me up for??His father said coldly.

?What is the meaning of punishing Tidas for my failures!? Calvin nearly shouted. His father looked at him shocked and then he began laughing hard enough he shook the bed.

?So you finally found that out. You?re not a very observant person are you? I mean its only been happening since you were little. And it?s not like anyone else failed to notice. So who was it that told you? Because I doubt you figured it out on your own.? His father said in a harsh mocking tone. ?It was you Finch wasn?t it?? He finished looking at Finch with a piercing glare.? Calvin was silent, his body trembling but no longer in anger but in shock. Since I was little?there?s no way I could have missed that?how could I have?am I really that blind?why?how?why wouldn?t Tidas have told me?why didn?t I figure it out on my own?He was interrupted in his thoughts by his fathers laughing. ?What?s the matter, Cal? Cant figure out how this all happened right under your nose. I have to say I didn?t try hiding it. It was more a test than anything to see how quickly you were able to discover it. I guess fifteen years isn?t that bad a record. I mean it only took me three days to discover my father was doing it when I was five but still good time.? The king applauded, Calvin felt the blood rushing to his face as each of his father?s insults struck a cord. ?So I thought you wanted to talk? What?s the matter cat got your tongue? Or in your case maybe a kitten? Or a fluff ball?? Calvin felt himself going a deep shade of red. He saw the mocking smile of his father but he could not meet it. Then a voice broke out.

?Your highness that?s enough Calvin came to you because of a vision Megan had and because he just learned that his father is a drunk arrogant bastard, who cares for nothing but himself, and those few people wealthy enough to afford paying their taxes.? Calvin couldn?t move to see who was talking his mind was barely comprehending anything. His entire body felt numb; he looked up at his father who was scowling so fiercely Calvin feared for the speaker. His father moved the blanket and stood his arms straight at his sides. His clear blue eyes shown like daggers, boring into the speaker. Than he spoke.
?Finch?I suggest if you value your life you will hold your tongue before I hold it in my hand. If you remember clearly in your old age you were thrown from my honor guard for your last such outburst. This is your last warning you may have saved my life once?but were are now even?? Then he turned to Calvin and said in a much nicer tone, ?Now son what is this about a vision Megan had and why didn?t you tell me sooner? And where by my own name is Tidas?? With the change in his father?s tone Calvin started to relax. He looked at his father still afraid of more rebuke his eyes met his father?s eyes which were much softer now. He began speaking his voice trembling,
?Tidas is with?Megan?They?re having one of their fights again?but you?ll not lay a hand on him.? Calvin finished in a firm voice some of his previous anger returned to his body causing him to stand straight. Then he continued in a more normal tone, ?Yes. Megan had another vision. But this one was much worse than any of the others she?s ever had. This one was a warning about the end of humanity. Have you ever heard of EverDark?? His father seemed to recoil at the news, a shocked look in his eyes. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he finally found his words, then he said shakily. ?The end of humanity? Why didn?t you tell me this right away? Quickly tell me everything!? Calvin told his father the story giving all the detail he could remember. His father listened intently as did all the guards. Everyone leaning in closely to hear what he said. Slowly looks of shock spread out over the faces of the guards around him. Calvin finished and exhaled while he waited for his father to speak. There were mutters coming from the guards as they discussed the possibilities of what the prophecy implied, and what the creatures could be. He caught snatches of their conversations
?Ice in hells mate hat do you suppose are those creatures or people are? Move like the wind?tear apart castles with their hands?rip a horse in two??
?Sounds like something out of the old stories it does?
?Aye the old stories?but what were those creauters called??
?Those are naught but childrens stories used to scare the little?uns into staying indoors when it?s dark out.?
?It wouldn?t be the first time something out of the old stories was true.? They cut off as his father spoke addressing them all.

?This is an urgent matter and we must discuss this with the counsel. Quickly rouse the counsel have them assemble within half an hour. Do it now!? Guards shot away at dead runs, quickly rounding the corner and disappearing from sight. ?Calvin meet me in the counsel chamber in fifteen minutes.? His father said to him and than disappeared through a door in the side of his room. Calvin turned to his guards and said.
?Thank you Finch?? was all he could manage to say.
??No your highness the pleasure is all mine.? Finch said trying to suppress a huge grin that had appeared on his face. ?I?ve been wanting to tell him that for a long time now. And it was the perfect time, I figured. Oh And I?m sorry lad?you just met your father for who he really is not just the front he puts up to appear all pretty in court.? Calvin kept walking for his room not really listening; his mind numb. He could hear them mutter but he wasn?t able to catch or understand. He finally came out of his numbness; he was standing in his room. Tidas and Megan stood looking at him.
?Calvin are you ok?? Megan asked. He could hear the concern in her voice. He looked at her his mind once again starting to function.
?Yes?Megan I?m ok,? He looked from Megan to Tidas and then said to them. ?So are you two done fighting now? Or should I leave again?? They looked at him and began laughing, Calvin couldn?t help himself and he began laughing too. It felt good to finally let out all of the pent up stress by laughing. Tidas thumped him on the back and said with a grin.
?Yes Calvin, were done, I swear. And we weren?t fighting! We were having a talk.? Calvin began laughing harder. Megan nodded in agreement, and then flashed him a mischievous grin.
?More like a screaming match, we could hear you in my father?s chambers.? Calvin shot back at Tidas. Tidas flinched at these words and stopped chuckling. Megan?s laughing died too, they both turned to face him. They both had guilty looks on their faces.
?Calvin?we?re really sorry?we didn?t mean to let it go that far?it was out of line?and we apologize.? Megan said, not meeting his eyes. Calvin had stopped laughing and looked at them, he gave them a small grin.
?Don?t worry about it, you two. Your both worried, and you both have the right to be. I mean there has been three attempts??He was cut off as something flashed past his eyes thudding into the chest of one of the guards behind him. The guard gave a shout as he dropped to the floor, dead. Calvin started to spin toward the balcony but Tidas crashed into him bearing him to the floor. They crashed to the floor as three more dark shapes whistled over where his head had been moments before and thudded into the wall. Calvin heard Megan scream as he landed hard on the floor with Tidas on top of him. Tidas rolled off of him and then they both rolled behind the bed. Calvin turned his head to look around; the guard Trevor lay dead, a cross bolt was deeply imbedded in his chest. The rest of the guards moved into cover; the few with crossbows of their own had them held at the ready; staring out into the darkness trying to find their attackers.
?I think they?ve gone, John you and Russell you go out the door grab another two-score of guards and go search for them.? Tidas ordered. Russell and John stood up and made for the door. John made it to the door first. Then suddenly there were several clicks from outside and a number of bolts whistled through the balcony and buried themselves into the back of John and thudded into the door around him. John fell with a scream and lay convulsing and then shuddered one final time and lay unmoving. Russell dove back behind a pillar as two bolts thudded into the wall where he had been seconds before. ?Damn?? Tidas swore. Calvin and Tidas eyes met and they knew there was nothing they could do they were pinned. They would all die if they tried to run. Calvin surveyed the room and he finally found Megan hiding under a large sofa in an alcove set in the wall. Good at least she is safe, for the moment. Now what can we do to get out of this? He surveyed the room looking for something to use when his eyes fell upon his hunting horn, which was hanging on a pillar near the center of the room. It was about twenty-five paces to the horn. I?m the closest one to it?no one else will even get close? maybe I can make it?Tidas will never let me?but I wont risk his life? He made his decision turned to Tidas.
?I have an idea.? He said. Tidas looked at him relief in his eyes. Then he said.
?Well what is it?? Calvin tried to put on a brave face but Tidas suddenly grew worried looking. ?Wait what are you going to do?? The Calvin spun and launched himself in a roll toward the pillar. He heard Tidas shout no and a bunch of other guards yell. He heard the clicks of multiple crossbows, and thuds of bolts striking the floor behind him. He felt one clip his leg as he finish the third roll and made it behind the pillar. He stood using the pillar as a shield and grabbed the horn. He saw Tidas fling himself back down a scowl of fury on his face. Calvin saw the other guards settle back into place.
?Calvin if you ever do something like that again?ill kill you myself? Tidas said to him. ?By the hells man you could have been killed, you daft son of a boar, by the ice man.? He cut off as Calvin showed him the horn. ?Oh?? He said.
?Calvin don?t you ever do something like that again? He heard Megan start to yell but cut off as more bolt crashed into the pillar and flew paced it. Calvin turned slightly and realized a warm liquid was running down his leg. He looked at the stain that was slowly spreading. Than he looked up and raising the horn to his lips he blew. The sound reverberated through the room and out into the castle grounds. Heard shouts outside and curses, hen suddenly he heard footsteps on the balcony. He peeked out around and saw roughly fifteen men charging. They all wore black and bore swords in hand. Tidas stood wiping out his sword as he yelled.
?Protect your Prince!!!? With this he stood charging at the men in black, the other guards drew their weapons and ran to meet the foes. Tidas clashed with the first one and there was a ring of steel. The other guards collided with their assailants, soon the room was full of the shouts of men and the ring of steel. Calvin drew his own sword and called to Megan.
?Megan to me,? But she was already at his side. They ran for the door and flung it open. Calvin barely managed to shove Megan back and parry the blow that would have decapitaded him. Megan screamed as Calvin parried blow after blow as a full fist of men in black streamed in the door. Calvin was sure it was over he danced side to side, his blade moved as fast as he could move it. But he knew he wouldn?t be able to stop them. Suddenly Finch was beside him, He stepped forward stabbing one of the men in the chest. The man fell with a scream, but was replaced by more. Calvin and Finch fought with all there might and manage to kill two more but Calvin knew they were going to be overwhelmed. He felt the sting of cold steel as a blade slashed his leg. Then there was a roar and Gilbert bull rushed into the mob; his huge axe cleaving into his opponents. And Then Tidas appeared laying about him with his long sword. And what was left of the guards crashed into the assassins. Calvin stepped back and blew the horn again. And then he saw the doors at the end of the hallway flung open and King Dimitri himself came rushing through followed by a full three fists of guards. The king was the first to the engagement and he laid into the assassins with his broad sword, with a bellow. The rest lasted a matter of seconds as they finished them off. Calvin started toward his father he took a quick look around and saw only six of his original twelve men had survived.
?Well done my son you survived? His father said to him embracing him. ?Now let us leave this place we have a meeting to attend?

The meeting had been long and dull. Men yelling at one another, Arguments broke out everywhere, even a couple fistfights. Dimitri had barely managed to keep the peace. The counsel was frightened witless by the prophecy and then the knowledge that one and a half full fist of men had manage to move around our castle unnoticed. It is one thing when a small group of three or four gets in but a full forty-five was an unheard of number. So it took Dimitri forever to get control of the counsel and I had to retell both the prophecy and the story of my attempted assassination over and over for the council to ponder. The prophecy is what had scared them the most. But it was easy enough to understand, a man must be found to save them. He was the one as the prophecy called him; and finding him meant they would find the protector also for the protector would find the one. And then randomly out of the blue counsel member Riley Came up with the notion that Calvin was the protector and it was his job to find the chosen one. Calvin thought this notion was crazy but the other counsel members quickly ate up this idea and so to Calvin?s horror did his father. His father grabbed the idea and ran with it. He went on and on about how since Calvin was the royal Prince of the strongest nation in the world. And how proud he was to have the protector for a son. And how Calvin should start looking for the chosen one immediately. Calvin remembered looking up at his father standing on the dais, shocked. But Calvin?s father kept going working the counsel into frenzy. And Calvin had no idea what his father was doing because he was sure he wasn?t the chosen one. Then Finch had leaned in and informed him his father was just trying to get rid of him. Calvin was appalled at the though of his dad trying to get rid of him. Everything had been going his father?s way till the counsel member Lord Hurion had asked his father why then if his son was the chosen one, why would he put his faith in someone who can?t even show up to a counsel meeting without pissing himself. At this the entire counsel had grown quiet, then looked at Calvin and began laughing. Calvin?s father looked at Calvin himself rage seemed to emanate from him. Calvin had to leave the room for his father to get control back in the room. After his father came out and walked by without so much as a glance but said coldly as he passed by.
?You leave in the morning.? Calvin stared after his father.
?But father why??? Calvin had managed to get out weakly. His father kept walking, seeming to ignore Calvin. Then when he reached for the door at the end of the hall he paused. Then looking over his shoulder he said coldly.
?I want you out of my palace?I want you gone from my sight. You are both an embarrassment and failure on my part...And if you survive maybe by the time you get back you have grown some balls.? Then he turned, grabbed the doorknob, turned and left. Calvin stood there knees shaking.
Calvin could recall it all so vividly in his minds eye. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he remembered his father?s words but suppressed them. He could hear his father talking now giving a great departure speech to the mass of peasants and nobles. Calvin and nine others were sitting on horse back surrounded by a mass of people listening as King Dimitri told them of the prophesy and how his own son the greatest prince of all the world was journeying to find the man of the prophesy and save the kingdom. All his words are empty lies he doesn?t mean any of them? Calvin knew in his heart the only way to prove himself to his father was to find this man of prophesy. I will find this man?I swear it upon the grave of my mother?I will not stop until I have found him. Calvin looked around him at the other nine people with him. Megan sat astride a beautiful roan mare, Tidas was beside her on a large silver warhorse, Finch was the on an old gray charger, Gilbert was up one his huge Clydesdale. Russell, Boris, Trevor, and Mark were atop Warhorse much the same as Tidas. While Rachel sat atop a white mare much like the one Megan sat on. Calvin sighed he would have preferred to leave Megan here but his father had ordered it. Which meant that Rachel, Megan?s handmaiden would be accompanying them. Dimitri closing statement was met with a dull roar. Calvin looked up at his father?s smiling face and grimaced. His father was sending him out with the hopes that he?d never return. Or was it all a test to discover Calvin?s true potential. The thought hit him like a thunderclap. It?s a test to prove my worth. That?s it! I knew he didn?t want me dead?I knew he didn?t want me to leave?he really does care he just wants me to prove my self in the eyes of the people. He just wants respect and honor for me. He does care?I can?t believe I ever doubted him. What was I thinking? The king raised his arms and motioned and the city gates began to swing open. Calvin kicked his horse into a rear and then spinning his mount he rushed for the gates. He raised his hunting horn high and blew a mighty call and with his entire company into broke through the gates at a run. He could hear the people cheering as they pounded up and over the hill.


A small knock on the door brought him to his senses. He had been awake but only just; he sat up the first light of the morning made the dagger in his right hand glint. He stood surveying his room, it was simple; his large bed was against the wall a small desk was against the far wall. A couple candles, a large stack of parchments, and a number of maps were open all with small figures and other such notes written on them. A single window was in set in the east wall, through it could be seen the inner wall, and beyond the rooftops of the city. And farther off the outer wall was visible. A large oval mirror hangs on the wall. He was wide-awake looking for anything out of place finding nothing he shook his head. Standing he starts to the door. He reached for the door, the dagger held lazily at his side. He swung the iron door wide.
?Vince,? said an elderly man wearing the servant?s clothes of Vince?s own livery.
?Vex, my friend what is it?? Vince replied a small smile playing across his face.
?Your uncle Sy would like a word with you.? Vex said, he returned he smile.
?And why would that be?? Vince asked knowing that Vex would know.
?He wouldn?t say it was a need to know basis.? He said and his eyes flashed in humor.
?Well then I?m sure you found out what it was about? Because if anyone can find out anything that they shouldn?t know it?s you.? Vince said with a laugh. It was true Vex always knew what was going on no matter how secret it was suppose to be. Vince could never figure out how he did it but Vex always did.
?Why sir do you really think that I would pry into your Uncle?s business like that. I mea really its not right for a servant to make a point to know other people?s business.? Vex said a perfect look of innocence on his face. By the nine hells how does he do that?a perfect look of innocence if I didn?t know him I?d believe him?no matter how hard I try I just can?t master that much self control?but he said I?m the best student he?s ever taught?if that?s the case they really must have been horrible. Vince laughed. Vex looked at him his face betraying nothing. Not even the faintest trace of a smile touched his lips, nor his eyes. By the ice how does he do that?
?Well then ill just have to ask Ray for the information, I?m sure he would know,? Vince said with a small smirk. And He pushed past Vex. Vince grinned as Vex grimaced as his words stroke a cord.
?Ray! What would Ray know he is as good as finding information as a blind badger in the dark,? Vex nearly shouted.
?Well then are you going to tell me? Or do I have to go to Ray?? Vince said looking at him, Vince knew that he had won, but he hadn?t exactly played fair. He had used Vex?s twin against him. But it didn?t bother Vince, Vince never played fair.
?Your father?s assassins have failed?also there has been another Prophesy by Megan,? Vex stated still with a fire burning in his eye. Ah so this is what Uncle wants?one of Megan?s?pretty little visions?I wonder what goose chase he?s sending me on this time? Vince looked to Vex and nodded.
?Thank you Vex. Now if you will leave I must get ready.?
?Your father instructed me to make sure you don?t take to long,? Vex said with a smirk.
?Ill be there shortly no need to worry friend,? Vince said a sly smile forming on his lips. Vex face softened and Vex looked at him with a light in his eyes Vince had never seen before.
?You know Vince?we may just make a prince out of you yet?? Vex said. Vince looked at him he had never seen Vex like this before. Vince realized that for the first time in his living memory he could read Vex?s face. He could see the emotion; the passion, the joy, the pride, he seemed like a father looking at his son. Vince would have thought this the case had Vex not been looking at him. Vex seemed to catch the slip and his face resumed its usual mask.

The author's comments:
This is the start of a story thats been building in my head for a long time and i would love for you guys to tell me what you think of my story. And hey im a blunt person and i would perfer if you were blunt with me. TELL ME THE TRUTH!!!! Thank you. Your comments are appreciated

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You logged off before I finished reading this. It is good though... besides the grammer problems, but I am used to that. >^.^<

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