The Forbidden Love

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

A while back in the royal kingdom of New York there was a boy. His name was Ryan. He had shaggy brown curls that hung over his emerald green eyes that sparkled like green pixie dust hit by the sun. He had pale skin & pink cheeks, captain of the South High Squirrels foot ball team. He was slim but buff. Tall, but not towering. He was perfect.

Also in the kingdom there was a girl, not just any girl she was a princess. Her name was Julianne. She had long blond hair that hung on her back like a silky, golden robe of curls. She had blue eyes like no one had ever seen before. Her glossy pink smile could light up the room. She had the perfect tan with rosy red cheeks. She was perfect.

It seemed as if Ryan and Julianne were perfect for each other. But they came from two different kingdoms. Ryan was lord of the jocks and Julianne was the absolute princess of the drama club.

'Julianne, snap out of it!!!'

'Out of what Zoey!'

'You were totally staring at Ryan again' replied Zoey

' I SO WAS NOT!!! And any way why would I like him he is a bone head football player,' Snapped Julianne

'I cant believe we are sisters!!' replied Julianne.

As she looked over at him just to see his beautiful face once more she realized he was staring at her too! She flashed him one of her priceless smiles and turned quickly to face her girlfriends.


'OOOHHH Shut Up!!' snapped Julianne.
. . . . .

Julianne whipped out her pink jeweled cell phone and as fast as you could say bam she had replied to Ryan's text.

Do you want to hang out some time???

Yea, more than anything but won't your friends be mad?

Yea probably but you are worth it!!: )

OK then when do you want to hang out???

How about tonight???

That would be perfect!

How about dinner and a movie? Say 6ish, I'll pick you up!!!

OK it's a date!
. . . . .
DING DONG!!! After Julianne got home that night she added another entry to her diary:
Tonight was the best time I have had in a long time. Ryan is so sweet to me and everyone. I wish I was more like him!!! I am so lucky to have him for myself!!! We went to a movie. When it was over he took me to an Italian restaurant and we both had spaghetti! We have so much in common it is crazy!

The next day at school wasn't the best, because Ryan is a football player and Julianne is the drama club leader so they had to pretend they weren't going out. That very day they found out that the senior dance was coming up soon and the guys would have to start asking to ask girls to go to the dance.

'You know we can't go together, don't be upset please.' Said Ryan trying to hide his frustration.

'I know that but why did you ask the prettiest cheerleader in the whole school to go to the dance with you!' replied Julianne.

'Why do you care who I go to the dance with? You know I would never do anything to hurt you!'

'Ryan! You asked my sister to go to the dance with you!'

'Do you trust me?'

'I guess,'

OK then, don't worry'

The night of the dance Julianne was in her room getting ready to go. She had gotten a date with a guy on the football team. Actually it was with Ryan's best friend who had had a crush on her that started in the 2nd grade. Then she heard a knock coming from the window. When she opened it Ryan was there. He came in and told her he wanted to see her before the dance.

When Blake arrived at Julianne's house and they left for the dance. When they walked into the cramped gym Julianne saw something she never in her wildest dreams expected to see what she saw. There pressed up against her sister, Zoey, was her Ryan! Then he leaned in and kissed her.

'What are you doing?!?!' Julianne almost yelled.

'UUUGGGHH, she was all over me!' He replied.

'What that is not the truth!' said Zoey.

'Julianne, don't you trust me? Or do you trust her?' He said.

'Who do you think? I saw the whole thing and so did Blake!'

'And I did trust you, how could you do this to me? I trusted you' I said, now I was crying.

' Please give me another chance!' Ryan begged.

'For what so you can break my heart again?'

'I love you, I don't know what I was thinking!'

'Well I do and it wasn't about me!' I yelled tears streaming down my face.

'I don't ever want to see your horrible face ever again!!!' I yelled.

He didn't come after her, he never did. Perhaps he realized how bad he hurt her, perhaps he was just shocked at her or himself. They spoke for about once a month and Julianne ended up falling for the guy she went to the senior dance with. Blake asked her to marry him after their last year of high school and they had the most beautiful wedding anyone had ever seen, and guess who was there, Ryan. Two years later they had their first girl, Liza then one year later they had Josie. After 3 years they had their 3rd and final baby, an boy, Beau.

In the end Julianne realized that broken hearts only make you a stronger and better person. Julianne also realized that forbidden loves are forbidden for a reason.
They lived happily ever after in a cute little cottage in the woo

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