Nal's Tail

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a magnificent king named Itza. He was a very bold and intellegent king. He ruled over the city of Kal. He had three sons glorious. Kalinchi was the first born. He was a great hunter and warrior. He would always help out his father and provide food for the family. His next son was Palun his second sun. Palun was a skilled artist and writer. He drew hieroglyphics on there palace and wrote many amazing writing pieces. He also helped his father with trade and treaties. His youngest son was Nal. Nal didn't have any special gifts like hunting and writing but he was an amazing leader and speaker.

Itza didn't appreciate his son Nal but Nal would always try to get his father's attention but it never worked. One night Itza went up to Nal's room with his 6 loyal guards. They knocked out Nal and took him to the lake of Itzamna. This was supposedly the place were Itzamna a great mayan god was born. They tied him to a rock and pushed the rock and him into the lake. Nal sank slowly down to the bottom of the lake. Nal woke up and was losing air fast. He didn't have much time to get back to the surface. He found a sharp rock and started to cut the rope of which he was tied with. Just as he ran out of breath he got to the surface. He wondered who did this to him.

Back in Kal Itza the King was having trouble with three surrounding tribes. Itza just couldn't make peace with the tribes. So the three tribes he was having trouble with made a treaty with one another to take down Itza's nation .Itza told his people they were going to war. Itza made his son Kalinchi head General of the 3000 man Mayan army. Kalinchi went to war with the tribes. One day the Itza got word that his son Kalinchi was killed in battle. The king was very angry and went to fight in the war as well. He and his army of 3000 were killed and the city of Kal was taken over. The new ruler was a dictator the head of one of the 3 tribes and his name was Warko. Warko killed Palun because he didn't want any son of the old king Itza to live.

Nal went to the city of Hencholin. He talked to the king of Hencholin, Arkan. Arkan said that he would have to be blessed by Itzamna. This is the only way Arkan would help. Nal said he would go to the lake and be blessed by the almighty god Itzamna. The way he would have to get his blessing is by getting the seal of Itz this was a golden scroll saying the word of there ancestors and was said to be written by Itzamna. Nal went back to the lake of Itzamna. Nal stayed at the lake for 50 long days and 50 restless nights. Finally on the last night Itzamna came down and talked to Nal. Itzamna told Nal to go back to Arkan and give him my seal. Then go back to your city and take back what is yours. Avenge your family and bring peace and prosperity to your land. Itzamna gave Nal his seal.

Nal went back to Arkan and showed him the seal. Arkan said he would pledge them him his army. Nal was ready to go back to his city and take back the throne. So Nal an Arkan's army of 10,000 strong marched to the city of Kal. Warko was there waiting for Nal with an army of 20,000. Nal was not afraid. They fought for many weeks. Finally Nal had only about 200 soldiers left. Warko had about 5,000 soldiers left. Nal was not going to give up. So he asked Itzamna to help him. Itzamna brought back Nal's men from the dead. The next day Warko and Nal went into an all out war. Nal killed warko and his army and becomes victorious.

He was king of his father's city Kal. He found out that his father was the one that tried to have him killed. He was fine with it. Nal became Kal's greatest king. Every season Itzamna would give Nal's people maize and cacao. He would teach them advanced writing and art. He would also help Nal with decisions and heal his people. Nal ended up dieing later and became a god. His son Kin took over his nation and followed in his fathers footsteps.

The author's comments:
This is about a king's and how he gets help from a god.

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