the danger

February 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The night dawned slowly and the moon was waxing as a young human slipped away,glancing swiftly at the house as she left it. Under her arm she carried a map, a compass, and a flashlight, clipped to her waist was a silver dagger. "Pure silver" she thought as she glanced uneasily behind her, she was in the woods and she had the feeling she was being watched.She had long dirty blond hair with some of it worn up, a blue rays t-shirt, and black wind pants. It was pretty chilly in the autum night and she was starting to wish that she had brought a coat. Taking the flashlight out from under her arm she let the beam drift across the forest floor and what she seen made her gasp with terror. A young wolf was slowly approaching her, a wolf, with the eyes of a killer. The girl stumbled backwards, her hands groping for her dagger, she chanced a glance down to unstrap her knife. When she looked up again she could see that the wolf was almost pure white, its fur seemed to be made of moonlight, it had a silver muzzle and black tipped ears which were pressed flat against its head. The wolf bared its teeth and snarled at the sight of the silver dagger and it circled around the girl looking for an opening. It didnt find one so it howled a call out to its kin calling them in for the hunt. Almost as soon as he began he stopped, for another wolf had stepped into the clearing. They could almost be identical twins the girl realized exept that this new wolf was pure white and seemed to trap more moonlight than her brother and she had golden eyes to her brothers black. She glanced at the human and a look of recognition came upon her, for she leaped at her brother and tore his throat out in the time it took the girl to stab the body to make sure it was dead and turn to the other wolf who was, at this point watching the girl with a look of disbelief and awe on her face. A shimmer enveloped the wolf and when it cleared a girl slightly taller than the other stood were the wolf had been. The werewolf was about two years younger than the girl. The girl let out a sigh of relief and bent to put the dagger away when the werewolf spoke "Mallory what are you doing out here in the dark?" she asked, "and keep you knife out it could come in handy again". Mallory looked up sharply, "Lupin your not coming with me" she snarled as lupin studied the ground. "Why would I want to come with you when i could go terrorize my friends, the ones that like me with them in the dark realms to protect them from my brother like I did with you" lupin pointed out turning to leave. "im sorry lupin" mallory muttered,"i'm just a bit shaken up after watching you kill your brother to save me" she said looking at the blood drenched body. "aww its no problem mal" she teased looking at her friend in amazment "i knew you would come around and exept my help even if its only werewolves, vampires and demons out at this time of night" lupin mused. "you dont know how right you are kid" a unfamilier voice jeered. But whatever it was it terrifed lupin and baffled mallory. " now how about dinner honey" the vampire said. "ohhh i'd love some" a voice replied from the other side of the clearing. Instantly where lupin had been standing was a wolf, lupin glanced at mallory who nodded, sheathed her dagger and scrambled atop lupin. The vampire smiled and wispered somthing only lupin could hear for she flattened her ears against her head and let forth the most horrid growl mankind has ever heard, tensed her muscles and mallory was just able to flling her arms around lupins neck before lupin leaped at the man knocking him over and launching herself at the woman who charged out of the woods at the first sign of a fight and toppled her over. then the werewolf ran. Lupins wolf had a broader back then she appeared to have and lupin also had the silkist fur that mallory had ever felt. lupin was not the theropy dog that she appeared to be, she was a even more ruthless killer than her brother that she had killed a short while ago. after a couple of seconds where lupin set her full pace they led a chase through the most darkest forests and through the largest ditches and valleys that they could find. Eventualy lupin slowed to a trot which was still faster than a cheeta could run and she stepped out on the sea side.mallory pulled her map out and seen to her dimay that the land they had gone through was uncharted, it didnt suprise her in the least because that night she had also found out that what she thought were farie tales were really true. Lupin came to a halt and looked around wearily before pressing her paw on a rune etched into stone. instantly a doorway opened in the rocky overhang, mallory slid herself off of lupins back and lupin led the way into the cave. the cave itself was like a five star hotel, the walls and roof and the floor was made of marble. the floor was covered in small poofy chairs and long bed-like sofas, but what caught mallorys eye were the people sitting on the chairs or laying on the couches. "looks like lupin found another one" a short man in a pinstriped suit said. "this is kyle" lupin grinned introducing mallory to him, "and im guessing that you will know everybody else" mallory turned to the rest of the room and gasped,for everyone in the room were her friends. Lupin disappeared in a shimmer and once again in her human form she went over to a couch, frowned and pulled a string, the couch reformed itself into a bed and everyone piled on top and around lupin exept for five people. a tall girl with long hair snorted, turned to mallory and smiled "hey mal we all missed you", "talor why are you here?"was mallorys reply.talor started to answer but a shorter girl who had been watching the werewoves with longing in her eyes answered. "we perfered the life lupin offered us rather than the life our parents offered us."

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