InkPen: Point

February 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Point was a student at the Williams college till he got kicked out because he made an invention which would make you a whole lot taller and stronger. But when he brought it in his Chemistry class and tried it out, it went completely wrong. After that, Dr. Stein kicked him out of the class which made him mad and made him destroy the half of the bottom of the bottom floor in the college.

He then got kicked out of the school by the principle of the college. He then made a promise to the people who went to the college and worked in the college that one day he will destroy it and become what the college and the teachers could not help him become.

He would become the most successful man in the world. But that never happened because a couple nights later after he was done gathering his inventions and was done fixing them, he tried it on himself again.

He then sat down in the chair and pushed the green button and started the machine. He then after it started up, attached some sticky patches to his chest, and each side of his head which would send electric shocks to every moving part in his body. It started poring rain out side, thunder and lightning started.

Suddenly the power in his whole house, which blew out the power in his invention because it was plugged into the wall out let. Just then the power in his house turned back on and then turned back off really quickly again. This happened four times that the power went on and off again.

This then screwed up his invention even more and started making the machine going out of control. He started screaming like he was getting murdered and still being in the chair. He was shaking all over the place in the chair.

All the electricity filled his whole body. Just then it stopped and he fell out of the chair with his eye's wide open. When he woke up on the ground in the middle of his living room, he was very muscular, and really tall. He was around seven foot nine. He got up and walked very slowly to his mirror as if he was stiff.

When he looked at himself in the mirror, he realized that the machine he created when it went out of control, changed his skin color. He was now dark purple and his hair was much much longer and spikier, and above all, it was bright orange. He tried to find a cure for this, but couldn't.

He then got even more mad and decided to not only destroy the Williams college and every one in it, but the whole world. His new goal in life was to do bad things to his town.

The author's comments:
My name is Michael, I have been writing since I was thirteen years old in 2006. I'm planning to be a know kids book writer and movie writer when I get older.

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