Devil Spawn

February 5, 2009
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Desdemona was no ordinary child; in fact, to call her a child was a bit of a stretch. Desdemona, better known as Desa, was the daughter of Satan. Although she aged slightly over the years, she had been thirteen for as long as she could remember. For the first twelve years of her life, she developed just as any normal human child would, but for some reason, when she reached her thirteenth birthday, the aging process stopped. She spent her days trying to assuage the pain of the pitiful mortal souls that had been relegated to hell. Although Satan was her father, something told her that letting people suffer so wasn't right. Every day when she was alone in her quarters she would cry, letting the tears tumble relentlessly down her ivory cheeks. Desa knew that she was never truly alone although she longed to be. Day after day her father would shout at her, 'no princess of Hell should cry over the fates of contemptible mortals! If you cannot learn to control your hapless emotions then you are no daughter of mine!' Her father was always watching her and some days she wondered how she could be his only daughter.

Desa longed for a playmate, someone her age to play with, but no children ever went to Hell. The only thing about her that even vaguely resembled her malevolent father was her appearance. Evil seemed to emanate from her very being. Desa wasn't an ugly child, but the beauty that she had was not a kind, loving beauty; it was a cold, cruel beauty like that of a diamond. Her eyes were a deep, wicked violet paired with ebony hair and chalky, white skin. Every day her father would also tell her that if not for her appearance, he would never claim responsibility for her. This was how the days dragged on for the past five hundred years since her birth.

This day, however, was going to be different. This was the day that Desa had been waiting for. Once every century, an angel messenger dropped in from heaven to take the long tormented souls back with him so they could finally rest. It was the day that Desa looked forward to, but also dreaded. When all the souls were gone, she was truly alone, save her nefarious father. When they were gone, he also saw it as an opportunity to try and fix Desa: to take all the goodness out of her and replace it with empty, cruelty. Her father had never let her see the angel before, but today Desa was determined to see it, no matter what it took. She knew that if she could get behind his throne while he was overseeing the taskmasters, she would be set for the angel's arrival.

Desa had been waiting for over an hour when finally the door to her father's throne room swung open. 'You're late.' Her father's voice sounded strained as if he was trying to be cordial. When the figure stepped through the doorway, the room was flooded with an unnatural amount of light; Desa shielded her eyes as the brilliance of the light stunned her. She had never seen anything as spectacular as the being before her as she stared out from behind her father's throne. It was a woman, an extremely beautiful woman who seemed to exude kindness from her every pore. It was almost too much kindness for Desa to bear. A little kindness was one thing, but this woman seemed so nice it made Desa feel sick. Nevertheless, she was still curious as to what she had to say.
'I see you never change Satan.'
'You don't seem any different, yourself, Charity.'
'My sister wants her daughter back. The five hundred years are up Satan, Angelica has rights.' Charity crossed her arms and looked disapprovingly at my father. Desa's hair stood on end. They were talking about her mother! She had hoped this day would come, the day when someone besides her hateful father would claim her. However, this was not how she envisioned her rescue, but she would take what she could get.
'Tell Angelica that if she wants her daughter then she can come and claim her, herself.'
'We agreed that I would be the messenger for this exchange over three hundred years ago. You will have Desdemona back in five hundred years, now hand over the girl.'
'I will do no such thing, I intend to keep her here with me, for the rest of eternity.' Desa's breath seized in her throat, he wanted her forever? She couldn't even stand him for another decade let alone sempiternity. She had to get away, but she didn't want to go with this woman either. There had to be somewhere that she could go where there was equilibrium. She did want to meet her mother, there had to be a way for her to get to heaven without being the captive of this saccharine woman.
'Let me at least see the girl so I know that you haven't killed her.'
'Don't be ridiculous, Charity, even if I wanted to I couldn't kill her, she is immortal as you should well know being that you are immortal yourself. Anyway she's right behind me. Desdemona get out from behind my throne this instant!' Desa shuddered and reluctantly crawled out from behind her father's throne. She stood hesitantly before the scintillating angel looking at her aesthetic face in awe. The next thing she knew, she was enveloped in a brilliant beam of light, and then everything went black.

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Lector S. said...
Sept. 21, 2009 at 4:50 pm
So awesome! Are you going to write more, becasue I really want to know what happens next in this story.
fairyfreak replied...
Sept. 21, 2009 at 5:18 pm
I never really continued this piece, but I'd be glad to look into it and post anything I write.
Amber D. said...
Mar. 4, 2009 at 10:57 pm
WOW! I'm a teen writer myself, but I'd have to say that you have to be one of the best. You had great word choice, and an imaginative story! AWESOME!
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