Zornum And Roax

February 4, 2009
By Kaitlyn Rice BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Kaitlyn Rice BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Part i
Zornum: Hey what's happening, man?
Roax: Oh, nothing much at all, I'm just randomly trying to figure out why I'm younger. Man.
Zornum: Oh, man you're still on that? You know you need to see Jacoby. Anyway we need to visit him, man.
Roax: I guess you're right' I'll go.
At the island of Paradonia Zornum and Roax set off to find Jacoby, will they find him or not? Continued in next part'
Part ii
Previously, our teens Zornum and Roax were on their way to find Jacoby.
On their way they stopped in Landison to sleep for the night. While they were there, they ran into some old friends; Jakko, Miko, and Anita. They told them how the city has been run over by little creature, that are like a mix between a black cat and a black widow.
Jakko: Will you help us defeat them? It's our job to protect the city, and the new guy has already died trying. We did give him credit for his effort, but he is not material for this kind of stuff, you've done this before.
Anita: Yeah, it may have been several years ago, but you still got it; Jakko here can help get you back into shape. Please?
Zornum: Hey man, we need to do this, you've done stuff like this before, and I've done sword fighting and boxing since I was young. Anyways, I know this crazy old wizard guy who can teach us a few things in magic. Man.
Roax: Ok, I'll do it, but I need a weapon.
Miko: I was hoping you were going to say that.
Continued in next part'
Part iii
Now'The story continues'
Miko: Alright, here are the new weapons. They've recently been updated.
Roax: Ok, what's a good color for me?
Miko: Depending on your height, you waist size, and your eyes I would say, green.
Roax: Green, why would it be green?
Miko: For one your eyes are blue, green makes your eyes pop out. Secondly, your 6 feet tall, green looks good on a tall guy.
Roax: Oh, sounds good then. But what weapon do I use if I'm wearing green?
Miko: You should use the Emerald Blade, nice cut. If that friend of yours teaches you magic, the blade has a spot to shoot the magic.
Roax: Ok, that's my choice, but what about Zornum?
Miko: Bring him in, I'll check for a good color.
So they sent in Zornum.
Zornum: So, I heard that you wanted to see me. Man.
Miko: Yes, I'm going to check your color. Let's see. You're quite a tall guy aren't you? Not too skinny either. So I will go with the simple black and red. And, for the weapon, I'll say The Mine Blade.
Zornum: What does it do? Man.
Miko: When you come close to attacking someone but miss, you press a button and a chain with a mine at the end comes out. The mine stabs the person and explodes inside.
Zornum: That's cool, is at great as Roax'? Man.
Miko: No, yours is a beauty but Roax' can do great things if he is the correct human for it.
Zornum: Oh, but I think mines better. Man.
Miko: That's a good thing; tell your blade that you like her.
Zornum: Ok'I like you, and you're going to be my blade. We will do great things together. Man.
Just then his blade shined, beautifully and seemed to tell him something that only he could hear. Zornum's face lit up.
Zornum: She talked back to me! This is so cool! Does that mean I get to keep her? Man
Miko: Yes, you can keep her.
Zornum: Do you want me to buy her from you? She is so worth it.
Miko: No, you're a friend.
Zornum: Thanks Man.
Part iii
So Zornum and Roax were sent to Jakko. Jakko was undefeated in those parts. He had beaten everyone in the Blade Challenges.
Zornum: What if these little black widow freaks are undefeated too?
Jakko: that's why I'm going to teach you to be undefeated.
Roax: Yeah, I want to beat them!
Jakko: Good because I have one for a pet. It does everything on command.
Zornum: So we are going to fight him?
Jakko: It's a girl, but yes.
Roax: Bring it out then.
Jakko: Don't be so hasty it takes time to beat something like this.
So Jakko taught Zornum and Roax all the techniques' of their blades.
Part iv
Zornum: Man!
Jakko: What?
Zornum: I see one, one of those little dudes.
Jakko: Let's get him; show him what you're made of!
Zornum: Herrrrrrrrrrrrr! I will get you!
To be continued'

The author's comments:
This is a story my friends an I worked on.

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