Moonlight Throne

February 4, 2009
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The cold, crisp grass crunched, the moon shone as if it had seen Heaven and was smiling down on the mountains as the cats began to head for Moonlight Mountain for Chace's promotion into Moonlight Throne. Moonlight Throne is a group of cats that rule over the land. There is one cat that rules over all, His name is Zac.
'Hurry up mom, were going to be late for the meeting.' Chace said.

'Did you wash your ears?' Mrs. Paws asked.

'Check.'Chace answered.

'What about your paws, are they nice and clean?' Mrs. Paws asked.

This time rushing through her hair box, searching for the hair brush.

'Well wash em' again.' Mrs. Paws said.

Chace went off the restroom and washed off his paws.

'You know mom washing your hands too much can make your hands start to deteriorate.'Chace said while rinsing his paws.

'Yeah and complaining to much can make your butt start to deteriorate.' Mrs. Paws replied.

Chace asked confused.

'You keep complaining I'm going to spank you.'Mrs. Paws replied.

'I'm too old to be spanked.'Chace bragged.

'Ask your brother when he got spanked last.'Mrs. Paws said.

'Aey bro. when was the last time you got spanked?'Chace asked

'Uhhhh'yesterday.' Heath replied.

'Point proven?' Mrs. Paws asked.

'Yeah, whatever.'Chace said.

'Don't yeah, whatever me, buster brown.'Mrs. Paws said.

'Mmm...Can we leave now?!'Chace asked.

'Heath, honey, are you coming?'Mrs. Paws asked.

'Yeah mom after I drop off Kate.'Heath replied.
The meeting that Chace was getting ready for happened to be the meeting that would change his life forever, he doesn't know that yet though. The meeting was to promote Chace into the Moonlight Throne. When they arrived at Moonlight Mountain, Kortney was there waiting for him, Chace.

'Hey Chace are you ready for the promotion?'Kortney asked

'Sort of, but a little nervous too.'Chace replied.

'That's a good thing, that means you're ready,' Kortney said.

'Thanks Kortney.'Chace replied.

'Mr. Chace, come back here so Zac can start the meeting.'Andreas said.

'Kortney, come back with me, I need a friend to talk to before the meeting.'
So they went back to the back and waited to be called out. Andreas is another member of the Moonlight Throne, Kortney is Chace's 'best friend' they call each other that, but they think of each other more than that, and Zac is the leader of Moonlight Throne King Zac.

'As you all know we are here for Chace, and his promotion, but first I need to discuss a few important madders that have popped up, not that Chace isn't important but yeah. Ok first of all the Dark angels are sending out spies, so be on your guard. Second of all, there was an attack at one of the Moonlight Throne member's house. Luckily Boots wasn't home; he was with an old friend. We haven't found who the attacker belongs to but we do know it was an orange cat.'

'No, Flame.'Chace said.

'Flame, who's that?' Kortney asked.

'He's a friend of mine, or was my friend. About a month ago he left and said he was back in business, I didn't understand what, but I talked to his mom and he used to an assassin.' Chace said.'

'That's scary.'Kortney said.

'Yeah, the Dark Angels can call him at any time to kill one of us.'Chace replied 'I have to tell Zac.'

'Hey did I hear you say you know the killer?' Andreas asked.

'Yes sir.'Chace and Kortney replied.

'I'll get Zac for you.' Andreas said.
So Andr'a's walked on stage and whispered into Zac's ear.

'Chace knows the attacker.'

'Excuse me; I have some business I need to take care of.'
So Zac went off the stage, and went to the back.

'I hear you know the attacker, is that right?'

'Yes sir, his name is Flame Tails. He's an assassin.

'We need to get this guy out, gone, dead. Let me tell the people.'
Zac walked back on stage.

'People we have news on the attack, it was a male cat in his teens, he's an assassin. If any of you have any word of where he is please, let me know.'

'I saw Flame a couple of days ago he was at green tree hollow, I was up there doing my normal stroll when I saw him, I asked him what he was doing. But he only looked at me and laughed. Then he walked off. 'One of the cats in the audience said.

'Does anyone else have any info? Anyone? No? Ok then, welcome to the stage Chace! Welcome Chace, how are you?'

'Nervous, but at the same time exited, but mostly nervous.'Chace replied.

'That's good, alright all in favor of accepting
Chace in the Moonlight Throne, say I.'Zac said.
All but 7 cats said I, coincidently one of the cats was orange. Chace looked over at Zac to see if he saw the orange cat too. Zac looked suspiciously over at the orange cat direction. Chace was surprised to see what the next vote looked like.

'All apposed say I.'
Only three said I, Chace looked at the other 5, the orange cat wasn't one of the one's to say I.

'Why have you 5 not voted?'Zac asked.

'It's not up to us to vote, were visitors to see Chace's ceremony to get in Moonlight Throne.'The orange cat said.

'And, who are you to Chace?'Zac asked

'He and I were good friends, when I heard he was moving up I wanted to see it.'

'Were you here for the whole meeting?'Zac asked.

'No, we arrived fashionably late.'The orange cat replied.

'What are your names lads?'Zac asked.

'Mines Flame and this is West, Luke, and Jessica.'Flame replied.

'Well then, Flame what is your vote for Chace?' Zac asked

'Move him up.'Flame replied.

'Then it's settled Chace is the 4th member in Moonlight Throne. Flame and friends you are welcome to stay for refreshments.' Zac said

'Yes sir we'd love to.'Flame replied.

'Well then, Chace I present you this mark of distinction for your valor and elegant spirit. You will be sitting next to Andreas and Boots in Moonlight Throne. Boots is your partner you are to keep watch on him and he is to keep watch on you. You are to be good friends 'Zac said. 'Boots come and welcome your partner.'

'It is an honor being with you Chace, I may be the youngest Moonlight Throne member, but you and I are going to be great together.'Boots said.

'So how old are you Boots?'Chace asked

'I'll be one in six months, how about you?'Boots asked

'I'll be one in two months.'Chace replied

'If your only six months old what! Are you doing in Moonlight Throne?!'Flame asked.

'Like you said it's not your place to vote, it's not your place to judge me by my age, you have a problem with me able to take down four dogs at a time, and then take it up with someone who cares.'Boots said.

'Alright, cough, cough we don't want hissy fits with Moonlight Throne members.'Zac said. 'Alright before we get anymore disagrees with Boots lets close, goodnight everyone, and do stay for refreshments.'
After the meeting Chace went right back to Kortney.

'Stand next to me for the rest of the night; I don't want you getting hurt.'Chace said.

'Mr. Chace, is that your girlfriend?'Boots asked

'Girlfriend?! What do I say to him?'Chace whispered

'Tell him what you think is true.'Kortney replied.

'Not yet, ask me again tomorrow I'll let you know.' Chace said.

'Ok Mr. Chace, buh bye. Oh! I almost forgot, can I be your little brother, 'cause you know I don't have a house and all?'Boots asked.

'It's fine with me, but we have to talk to my mom, I'll take you to her and we'll talk about it.'Chace said.
Chace and Boots went over to Mrs. Paws, with Chace close to Boots and Kortney.

'Aey mom, Shorty...'Chace began

'Boots!'Boots said

''Sorry, Boots wants to know if he can live''Chace said before Boots interrupted.

'Be Chace's little brother.'Boots said.

''Yeah, he wants to know if he can be my little brother''Chace said

'Since were partners.'Boots said.

'Well, isn't that cute,' A voice said 'Looks like itty-bitty baby can't live all by himself.'
Chace turned around and saw Flame.

'Leave him alone Flame!'Chace said.

'Hmm it looks like we have two babies.'Flame replied

'I don't see you in Moonlight Throne.'Boots exclaimed.

'There won't be a Moonlight Throne!'Flame replied

'Is that a threat?'Another voice asked.
The cats turned back around to see Zac.

'Oh you bet it is!'Flame replied.

'Andreas, you and your buddies take this assassin down to prison cave.'Zac said.

'You think you're smarter than me Zac, you better watch out, 'cause I'm gone.'Flame said.
Just then Flame disappeared.

'Alright explain again.'Mrs. Paws said.

'I want to be Chace's little brother.'Boots said.

'Ok, I don't see why not.'Mrs. Paws replied.

'Awesome, so is my last name Paws now?'Boots asked.

'Yup.'Chace said smiling.

'Chace? Last night what did you mean by not yet?'Kortney asked.

'Well what did you think I meant?'Chace replied

'You said not yet, so I guess that means that you plan on asking me out, then you told Boots to ask you again tomorrow so I guess that means you planned on asking me out by today.'Kortney replied.

'Yeah, your right, so will you go out with me? My mom said I couldn't go out with anyone until I got promoted.'Chace said.

'Of course I'll go out with you, we've been friends forever.'Kortney replied.

'Hey, Kortney, I wanted to tell you something.'Chace said. 'I've seen all of the Moonlight kings of the past before.'

'No way, are you serious only Moonlight kings get to see all of them.'

'Well, I saw about 100 kings of the past that day. All of them fell from the sky, all at once. I saw Moon Stars, Moonlight Knights and the Moonlight Throne Kings' wives.'

'Really what were they doing?' Kortney asked.

'They were doing some kind of meeting, it was something about the death of one of the Moonlight Kings, yes, and it was Boots' father, Senior Anthony. They were talking about who killed him; I think they said Jason was involved.'Chace replied.

'Who's Jason?'Kortney asked.

'One of Flame's buddies his right hand man, another friend of mine before he decided to turn.'Chace replied.

'What is it with you and picking the wrong friends?'Kortney asked 'Now continue with the story.'

'Ummm'the one leading it was Yen-shoo, you probably don't know who he is, but he's the one who started Moonlight Throne, he was the first Moonlight King. He made all of the rules, and he founded this land. Pretty special huh?'He replied.

'Wow'you lost me at Moonlight King, sorry.'She said.

'Well, well, well, what do we have here little Miss Kortney and Chace what a lovely couple. But still, I think that you and me made a better couple, don't you think?' a voice said.
Now I bet we all know who this is, the same guy who's always stirring up trouble. Don't let me tell you Chace will do a fine job.

'Flame!'Chace yelled 'What do you want?!'
See, what I told you, Chace and his big mouth.

'Well, I'm glad everyone seems to know my name, ha!'Flame said.

'Get away from here! You have no right to be in my family's house!'Kortney yelled.

'No right? I have ever right!'Flame yelled.
Why does Flame have every right to be there? Will this lead into the next chapter?

Flame finished discussing with Kortney and Chace his plan and ducked taped them to the wall and ran off. Chace struggled to get out, but it just wasn't working. Then he looked over at Kortney,

'You're a girl; do you have like some kind of thing you use to sharpen your teeth or your claws?'

'Don't worry about it of course I do, what'd you think I wouldn't have one? Pshhh'boys.'Kortney replied then laughed.
Then she cut through the tape and started to clean herself.

'Oh, what, I'm not good enough to be rescued?'Chace asked.

'No, not at all'of course you are, just that the damsel in distress always has to wait a while before being rescued.'Kortney laughed.

'Oh, so now I'm the damsel, I see how it is. I'm not the one who lives here.'Chace said.

'Oh don't cop an attitude buster brown.'Kortney said.

'As you can tell I am orange not brown!'Chace yelled.

'Are we going to sit here and argue about your color or am I going to release you?'Kortney asked.

'Release''Chace replied.
So Kortney un-duct taped him, and they both went to look for Flame. One splitting for one direction and the other spiting the other way. Kortney went toward the library to see if he was looking for the code to crack the Moonlight Code and break the Great Moonlight Throne. Chace went the other direction, to Zac's study to see if he was there to pry information out of him. When Kortney got to the library she looked for the book, when she found it the page was ripped out the page with the code. For your information the code was JNE13NNETN95. Now you're probably like what's that for, its'the year the Moonlight Table was made, June 13, 1995.
Chace went down the hallway to Zac's study. When he was right in front of the door, and it was broken down. Chace panicked, he went to the library to get Kortney. She told him about the 'code'.

'I, already knew about the code. It isn't important. But Zac's office is broken.'Chace said.

'So Flame already got to him?'

'Maybe' he said 'But we need to look around first.'
Chace and Kortney looked around for him, when they heard a crash. They ran into Zac's Living room, Flame and Zac were fighting.

'Stop!' Chace yelled. 'Do not try to kill Zac!'

'Oh, and what are you going to do about it?' Flame asked while still fighting.

'Enough, Stop now!'

'You will do nothing.'

'I will do everything to stop you!'

'Do you want to bet on that?'

'I don't 'bet' I just 'do'' Chace yelled 'So fight me!'
They began to fight. Hitting each other one after another. Flame came up with a strong hit, and just when he was close to his face, Zac came in and took the hit. It hit him right at the right angle to break his jaw and make it bleed. Zac, laying on the ground could not take the impact, he called Chace over and gave him a charm.

'Here'I want you to take'this'become the new'leader of Moonlight'Throne,' Zac said, and died.

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