Clash Of The Celestials

February 3, 2009
By Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
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His swift, feathered white wings flew through the air like magic, and they turned with the utmost elegance. The skies were a powdered blue color with few, if any clouds in sight; only the warm, dwindling sun rained down upon earth's grounds and many waters. Jeremiah maneuvered his way upwards, feeling the rushing air against his young face, and the enlightening breeze around his body. Soon he'd be arriving to the greatest paradise in the universe, heaven.

Jeremiah just spent his entire day, from dusk to almost twilight, patrolling the countries borders and the never-ending gamut of people down below. He was an angel, like many who call upstairs there home sweet home, and his job wasn't special or intelligent to say the least. He traveled around the world documenting evil deeds and vile people, and keeping an eye on them. Of course, he'd report his findings to God and Jesus, who would put those people on the naughty, not getting into heaven list. For the most part, Jeremiah's job was short and simple, with personal flights and certain benefits. Jeremiah wanted to achieve the highest rank for an angel, God's royal appointee. He wants to travel the universe, and make the big decisions with the big man, and live in the greatest suite in the world, God's quarters. Great that'd be.

He thought to himself carefully, as he began to see the huge invisible gates, made of the finest crystal and magic locks, with royal god warriors on duty. Although he was close with God, and Jesus was one of his best friends, he still couldn't accept that they weren't bias about anything. No, he had to work his way up to special angel, and prove to the big boys he had what it took to be a top dog.

"Identification number please?" one of warriors suddenly asked Jeremiah. So, in that light, he stood up and punched in the code that was his personally, 11122. The crystal built gates swung open slowly and gracefully, revealing the monstrous land inside, Heaven.

When one walked right in, the whole world unfolded before ones eyes, and all worry and suffering, all viciousness and cruelty was left behind, because the sight was so magnificent, it tamed even the coldest hearts. On Jeremiah's right was the view of the never-ending towering mountains, standing as a symbol of mystery and adventure. Sunlight gleamed off the rock, and lush forests were visible inside the many crevices and spots along the ridges. Turning his head to the left, he admired the golden kingdom of God, and the sheer size of such a metropolis.
The sturdy, platinum walls stood four hundred feet tall, and the biggest castle could be seen from thousand miles away. It stood like the moon in the sky at earth's night, and shined on all the surroundings that praised its utter perfect being. Up high in the different worlds of heaven, several other kingdoms and organisms lived. This was were the dead and deceased risen lived, and where the good people were transferred to if they were good souls on earth. Nevertheless, the entire place was an inspiring haven that few had the pleasure of.

Jeremiah was done for the day and decided to go up to his small home up in God's kingdom, or more specifically, the biggest castle in all the land. His quarter was not huge, but decent sized, complete with its own wish tunnel and pretty stylish furnishing in every room and every corner.

He furtively found his front door, and slid on through to his living room. Unfortunately, Jeremiah wasn't home one minute when the magical buzzer rang loudly in his ear and he forced himself to fly over so he could answer it. The last thing he really wanted to do was talk to some babbling retail fairy or corporate magic man, but that was the bleak part of heaven; even magical creatures felt the need to make themselves useful through completely useless jobs and projects.

Slowly, he pressed the little button and a voice boomed over the intercom. Alas, it was God. And he wasn't happy. Didn't seem it anyway.

"Father?" Jeremiah asked hesitantly. He was partly apprehensive.

"Jeremiah, my son; we have a problem we need to discuss; I need you to come to the tower room at once!" he said angrily.

"I'll be right on my way," the small angel spouted frantically, and the next second he was out the door and flying into the sky, aiming for the highest tower in heaven.

Jeremiah came to the giant, golden doors at the highest tower and they automatically disappeared, revealing only God, and no one else.
"Thank you Jeremiah, for coming. Forgive my rather defiant voice; this is no time for anger. This is a time for solutions, and speaking. Please have a seat." God hovered above the angel, and looked down at Jeremiah's body, waiting for him to take a seat. He sat down abruptly...

Even after the millionth time, he could not marvel more at the pure beauty and grace that God carried through and with him everywhere, while doing anything. His head was almost ghost like, perfect in essence, and his white beard hung down two feet, nicely combed and polished. His torso was big and robust and his two legs were as strong as golden spears. His mere stature was so big, measuring ten feet, with no inch to spare. Although God had no feet, his bottoms were like swirls of cloud that whirled around to wherever he went. Light illuminated his entire body and he never walked, but hovered like a spirit. In all of his infinite forms, he never touched ground. Jeremiah made eye contact with the mist filled orbs with golden pupils, and anxiously waited.

God now arose from his position and started hovering around the room. He blocked out the windows and soundproofed the area with a charm. Then he sat down once again, but this time he spoke. "Jeremiah, are you familiar with the UMA?"

The angel thought about it hard. "No, I don't recognize that name father."

"It's the Universal Magic Agency. They have been regulating and controlling the mass of worlds for over millennia. In other words, they're the government, of magical affairs." He spoke in a bitter whisper, and his eyes were hard. Jeremiah shivered.

"But, I thought you were the supreme. Don't you control all business with magic?"

God relaxed into his chair, withdrawing his hard eyes. "Yes, my son. Unfortunately, I watch over the solar system; the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. My authority is limited because it is the UMA who put me into power here. They're mad, Jeremiah. That's my concern." He now looked intensively at the angel, trying to anticipate his reaction.

Jeremiah couldn't believe what he was hearing. God was put into power? He doesn't control more than nine masses? How can this be? The angel's silent fury showed on his grimacing, disbelieving face. He spoke madly. "How can this be?? How can this be true??"

"Jeremiah, you must understand my word is not but a mere influence in the vast affair of the universe. It is the way is it and it shall not change. Now my son I know you're confused, and frustrated. Perhaps the letter will help?" God spoke soothingly, obviously trying to relieve some of the angel's stress upon the subject. Jeremiah looked at him curiously, and cautiously.

"Le-Letter?" Jeremiah inquired.

God moved to the far edge of the table and picked up a red, velvet looking letter. On the front was a peculiar emblem, one with the four elements displayed, with a golden symbol in the middle. An aura permeated from the opening, filling the thick air with a sweet, rosy scent. "Universal Magic Agency," was exquisitely labeled on the front, done in a fine golden calligraphy. He gently placed it into his massive hand and paced swiftly to Jeremiah.

"This is a letter from the agency. Of course, I have already read it. It will explain the problem and maybe you'll see more clearly about the situation." He smiled approvingly, and handed the angel the velvet, red letter. Jeremiah, quickly, took the magic parchment out and unfolded the creases, revealing a letter from the UMA.

Dear council of Earth affairs,
Only a few thousands years ago, our agency put an order of magical specimens on the premises of Earth, and its surrounding space. Looking upon the land so many times, we feel it must be changed, or destroyed to better suit our standards, as well as the standards for living in any universal system. Observing these past years, the condition in which creatures live on earth has worsened.
We have counted several deaths, countless destruction, misery, and it is in all, an unstable environment.

Affairs have gotten worse and potentially barbaric in your order. Your authority has failed to show leadership, and your word has been shot down by the very creatures you were assigned to control. Earth is of the utmost hazard to the well being of our universe and as of immediately, it will be terminated indefinitely. We feel this is the best option for the survival of order, and things are only going downhill. This is an unfortunate happening, we wish it was different. Nevertheless, your operation has receded to an uncontrollable level, and it shall be shut down soon. To the council, we are dearly sorry we could not have Earth live, and we are even sorrier you did not meet our expectations. At noon, July 4th, 2010, Earth will be terminated. Our agency would be happy if your order did not participate in our affairs. A force will be sent on that day, and your council will be transferred to one of our smaller, reserved locations. Thank you.


the Universal Magic Agency
Jeremiah froze as he finished the last, deathly sentence. He could not move his lips; he could not form the troubled words he wanted to speak. He let go of the letter, letting it fall harshly against the cold floor. His mouth opened slowly, and he spoke the unspeakable words he dreaded saying.

"Oh my god," Jeremiah whispered.

God hesitated for a moment, and he walked over to Jeremiah's side. "They're going to invade Earth, and vanquish it from existence." His serious voice was in tact, and he stared blankly into the angel's eyes.

Jeremiah was so infuriated, and sad at the same time, he began to tear at the rims of his eyes and he let out a disturbing shriek as he spoke"Wh- why w-would you tell me...this?"

"I know it's hard to fathom, and take in at the moment. I told because you are one of my best angel's and if were going to save Earth, I will need you by my side." His voice was valiant, and proud.

"A fight, father? Since when do we fight?" He was more confused now than ever. His tears dried on the edge of his face. He looked up at the bearded, perfect face.

"Yes, I suggested it to the council earlier and it was anonymous. War is the only way to defeat the corruption of the agency. You see, just because one makes a mistake, doesn't mean one should be destroyed. And just because a nation falls, doesn't mean you should stop it from ever getting up," he explained as he paced to the other side of the room.

He talked as if he was the only one there, shying away from Jeremiah. "The agency has long been in power. They crave order, and in turn, that leads to control, and steering many nations' fates. It has gone too far. Jeremiah, I'm telling you this because government's control, but they abuse it to the point of unstoppable. Those structures must be torn down and formed new again, before they take over and form an empire." God turned to Jeremiah once more and his lecture was just about over Jeremiah could see the tiredness of his eyes.

"This war is inevitable. We will do what's right or we will fight until the death. The agency must break down."

"And what do you want me to do?" Jeremiah asked curiously. His mind was turning every other direction with all the information, he couldn't think of what else to say.

"My son, it is time for you to go home. We have spent too much time here today. You'll know soon enough. For tomorrow, I called a meeting for every soul in heaven. When you arrive at your home, there will be a message waiting. Until then, get some sleep.' God opened the block on the windows and unsound proofed the room. He took the letter and it disappeared in his palm. Jeremiah walked to the door.

"Something will be done, Jeremiah. Our quest is not over." God flashed an "it'll by okay," smile and Jeremiah just shrugged. The angel stepped out the two sturdy doors and turned his invisible- shield on. He flew freely through the cool, warm air, making for the decent sized house he owned just a mere distance away. Home would be good for him. Yeah, he finally decided home would be the best thing.

He flew through the breezy warm air freely, and in a few moments he arrived at his doors. Immediately after coming in, he heard the ringer go off, and he heard the message:

Attention: All creatures, report to the central plaza tomorrow at noon. When everyone arrives, the meeting will proceed as planned. This is urgent: try your best to show.
The ringer clicked off and Jeremiah felt worn out from the day's adventures, and the day's shocks. He sluggishly made his way to his quarters and rested down in the bed. He closed his eyes slowly, and recollected on the thoughts he had, and the words God spoke to him. Easily, he drifted away into sleep, leaving all the rest of the world behind.

It was exactly noon, on July 2nd, 2010, at the central plaza in heaven. The place was crowded with all vast arrays of specimen, and all the creatures hovered in the air. There was barely enough room for one fairy to fit inside a space. The plaza was outlined with a small creek that was edged with fire and white thorn flowers. Eight pillars stood high on the bank of the river, and a small house was located to the west. The ground was covered with a strong, elegant golden color, and the great tree in the middle arose high in the air. Eight medium sized portals ambushed the tree, and two bridges stood over the small creek. God stood upon the giant gathering, high and mighty in his place, with his council by his side: Kirsh, the Fairy. Montour, the God Warrior. Lorayna, the White Spirit. Zorn, the Angel. Merbell, the Royal Guard. And Alannis, the Great Angel: God's royal appointee. God finally silenced the noise and rose above every head, holding the letter virtually hidden in his hand.

'Creatures far and wide, close and distant, I thank you for coming to this meeting. A day ago, I received a letter from the Universal Magic Agency. It stated that Earth would be terminated effectively in three days. That's July 4th, 2010. This means heaven, also, will be terminated.' God sighed and lifted his head to spy all of his fellow beasts. The reaction was disastrous. Some creatures started shouting, some began crying, and others flew around in crazed circles. The entire crowd was going sour.

'Settle, please! We need to set the best solution possible in gear, and being calm is of the highest value at the moment,' he said over the frantic, erratic voices. His words seemed lost in the perpetual havoc that was displayed in the plaza.

'What do you suppose we do, father?! We can't run! We can't hide! They'll destroy us all. We're doomed!' The same arguments and comments came by the hundreds, and hell broke loose in heaven. The council members tried to contain the majority, but there attempts failed. A black horizon had been set over the paradise.

God remained calm, he did fluster, he did shout. His mood was not enraged, or barbaric, but serene and revolutionary. The only thing he spewed from his mouth was one word. 'War,' he replied.

The masses stopped in there tracks, wings stopped fluttering irregularly;
stampeding feet calmed, and the worried faces went completely blank. Everyone stared upon God, with his last remark in there mind. No faint echo could be heard, until that of a small voice could be heard from the silence.

'Yeah! We can overcome there power. We're stronger,' the angel exclaimed. He flapped his wings and rose into the air. An outbreak of screams and shrills filled the air, and people hollered for war. They wanted war. The war like mood permeated the entire gathering and soon everyone joined in.

'We will go to war in approximately three days. We need everyone to help us defend our home, and the home of billions of humans. The agency cannot simply walk over us and go on like they're saints,' god shouted over the strident cries and loud voices.

Jeremiah quickened his flying strides until he mustered enough speed to catch up with God. He came up to his side and made eye contact with him.

'You told me you were going to tell me what I'm going to do,' Jeremiah muttered quickly.

'Ah yes; you are going to fight alongside me, in my squad. I want you to fight with me, Jeremiah. With great force, we'll conquer the corruption.' God looked at him warm hearted and impulsively turned his head back towards the huge formation. He smiled, and shot magic sparks in the air, or what was better known as fireworks.

'I would be honored, father.' Jeremiah felt amazing; he was going to fight alongside God. The effect upon him was huge from the crowd; his mood was patriot like and his vision hungry. God, beside the council and Jeremiah, with a march behind them, lead the way toward the giant, moon like castle.
UMA Headquarters: Milky Way: Executive Base Sector A
12:30 P.M. July 2nd, 2010, Earth Time.

Ramoon and Zyier sat in an executive sector, watching over the happenings on heaven and earth. They saw that God was going to declare war against the agency.

'It doesn't surprise me Zyier. Though were unstoppable and supreme, leave it up to 'God,' to actually try to stop us. Well, what do you suppose then?' Ramoon questioned, while staring outside into space.

'I say we go early, and obliterate earth so they'll get caught off guard. They'd have no idea. '

'Idiot, this isn't just about earth. We've seen our fair share of corrupt planets. It's about taking its power, and destroying God in the process. We can take his power too. And all the other miniscule creatures too.' Ramoon was delighted at his own words. World domination and violent destruction went well together.

'So we are going to kill the entire area and take the magic, and use it for our own selfish needs?'

'Yes, of course, and after we gain the power, we'll kill this pathetic agency. It'll start there. Can you see it now? Our power, our reign?' His smile turned into an evil snicker.

'And isn't it 'convenient,' that earth is so bad right now; we have complete authority to destroy it?' Zyier barked back, laughing at his own comment.

'Yes, yes, but no doubt that fool knows our ways. We'll just have to go early then, get a head start of him.'

'Shall I call the president and let him know? Shall we also send for help, perhaps draft in the SpaceCorps?'

'Very good, Zyier; take care of it all. We have things to do,' Ramoon said happily.

The next two and a half days were a hectic frenzy to say the least. The majority of heaven had no idea how to prepare for war. Many buildings were open for training, that is to say, magical training. Other institutions were set up for creatures to volunteer and help aid the war in some way, whether that be fighting, healing, or replenishing magic powers. Those days were consumed with business and the population was hard at work, pushing for an experienced force to beat the agency. Fairies prepped there wands and wings, and practiced tricky offensive and defensive spells. Warriors wielded there golden talismans and magic scythes and swords, and learned how to effectively use them. Spirits harnessed the power of nature and mastered the forces of wind, fire, water, and earth, as well as light. Angels harnessed there magic and maneuvered while using offensive spells and charms. The masses were ready to fight. Those two and a half days were amongst the busiest they ever had, and now, with all the preparation, war was imminent. War was nearing.

The night faded into the start of dawn. A thin layer of fog transcended the cool, biting air on the morning of July 4th. The creatures were drifting out of sleep and the army squadrons and groups were getting ready. God came forth and looked over everyone's preparation. All was going well.

'Today, my creatures, we defend our home and earth. We shall show-'
BOOM! BOOM! An explosion flooded the thick air.
God stopped in his tracks, knowing full well what was happening.

'The agency has come early,' God roared over the forming groups, and the practicing magicians. 'We must go now!' and with that, a stampede of feet and a charge of brutal force hurled itself toward the gates of heaven. The barrier was erased, and thousands of creatures filled the cool, warm earth air, spying the invading army that flew with searing velocity towards Earth. They cut through the awakening atmosphere viciously, flying aerodynamically towards the large, blue planet; the blue planet that was getting pummeled.

'Spread your positions! Pick them off, and stay together!' he roared, flashing across the sky eyeing the mass force ahead of him. Several Angels maneuvered to the right, trying to undercut the black looking warriors in there sight. The God warriors split to the left, heading straight for the front squadrons that sped forward. All the different groups were on there own now, with there own tactics and lethal offense, and they had to figure out a way to defeat the tyrannical agency.

God headed north to the exclusive combatant team in the troposphere. He concluded that he had to hit a direct attack upon there leader there. Jeremiah trailed quickly, shooting flames and freezing charms at oncoming opponents. In a mere grain of time, the teams came face to face. God, and the council pulled head first, and the agencies elite got into blocking positions.

The God warriors let loose a wind blast that soared through the sky and it pulverized the space troopers they were battling. Ten of them drifted away, spouting erratically through the breeze, but not before the other twenty countered with a blocking spell. The wind floated around the force field, hitting into the near angels that fought. Several of them lost there balance and tumbled into a different position, still aiming and firing magic missiles upon the demonic flyers. Few of the warriors left took off rapidly and caught the wounded troopers off guard, and they hit the troopers head on, knocking them into a confusing daze. The troopers tried to swing there ray guns around and shoot, but the layer discs spewed irregularly, disappearing into the endless beyond. Raul, the lead God warrior, slammed his cunning, swift blade into three trooper's bodies, killing them instantly. A flow of rainbow light rushed out of a trooper's stealth wand. The bubble propelled the God warrior's squadron into the air, trapped with the last troopers on the left air field.

The angels and spirits bunched closely to God's combatant team, and picked off flying targets wherever they could. God halted to the front of the agency, analyzing the creatures before him.

'We did not need this to happen'' Ramoon said down wind to God. The rest of the leaders huddled around him, staring at the enormous figure shadowing there presence.

'Your corruption will not continue. Heaven will not be taken away.' He said softly, pulling out his triton and hitting Ramoon in the head. Jeremiah sparked a battle spell that crashed into the rest, sending him back a ways into another area. God pulled him back into the loop and the agency sent a water wave flying through the now colored, thick air. It repelled off to the west, where it busted the flying bubble. Ramoon quickly recuperated and sped straight for God. Zyier followed, and he launched an electricity spell. Jeremiah rammed into Ramoon's side and he went tumbling the other way, but the small angel was hit with the electricity, shocking him into unconsciousness. He floated around the black, thick battleground limp as a dead creature, causing no stir.

The below scenery of Earth's city New York City was ruined and black in frame. Smoke rose from the old material that was the skyscrapers and busy metropolis. Bodies sprawled the bombed zone, and litter escaped into the atmosphere, seeping to the sky war. A light show dazzled the hideous skies, with colors of red, blue, black, and white shooting like stars in perfect motion, while explosions and charms were sent back quickly, and accurately. Injured souls wandered to the frames of war continuing, and magical blasts created a bleak aura on the pale afternoon. God fought alongside his council, destroying the mere meek forces that confronted him.

'Take the flank, and go stop the below combatants that are trying to terminate Earth!' he shouted over the commotion that was drowning out all voice, only allowing frightful sounds and magical booms. The agency was weakening, and the troopers were completely gone from sight. The demonic flyers still succeeded in picking off heaven's troops, sending flaming ravages and dark whist's of cursed smoke into the opponent's vicinity. The flyers fought the spirits with pure power, with the battle evenly matched, several still stood fighting proudly. Snares and Binds were cast on the spirits, and the spirits maneuvered worm like out of the freeze, shaking a white cloud of light into the midst. The flyers vanished.

The council flew discretely throughout the sky, disabling flyers and space guards in view, although there fatigue. The afternoon dwindled into a hazy horizon, blackened with the pure evil and hate of the agency and the struggle that God was being put in. The leaders of the UMA copied the council, trying to annihilate them from the sky. But there ability was too strong, and there magic ancient, and powerful. As they flew, and the grey fireworks consumed the old blue space, the sun finally began to set, and the war was growing more silent. Casualties fell to Earth's ground and waters, and the black color dissipated with absence of warfare in some parts. Only a few remained engulfed in battling, and fortunately, Earth was not badly damaged. Raul eliminated the elite ops that were destroying the planet. A mere hundred populated the entire war zone and the agency and council were fighting heatedly.

Jeremiah was still lying unconscious in the middle of the magic spree, and God made him invisible for no one to attack him. He gave Jeremiah some of his powers, and turned his attention to Ramoon, who was waving his talisman around.

'We will not be killed! You will suffer!' he spouted in an insidious fury while he hit God in the head with the talisman.

You will not conquer! We do not fear you!' said angrily, and Zyier backed up behind him.

He turned to Zyier. 'And you! You didn't kill Zorn, or Merbell! Pathetic fool!' Ramoon turned and cast a curse upon him, poisoning his heart and leading him to a slow and painful death. Zyier wandered away into the oblivion. Ramoon broke down every soul in his path, spewing curses among the skies and cursing God in his path. His form changed slowly as he trudged on, his body turned flames and his talisman was gone. A black mist trailed behind him, and his demonic, red glowing face lifted up.

'Lucifer...' God said agonizingly. He transfixed his eyes on the horror of the souls being and looked up at his former comrade, disbelieving the shape that was presenting itself.

'You didn't think I'd not take a chance at crushing you finally, did you? Did you really think the agency was all good? Of course not. I have been plotting my assault on heaven for years. And now, you will die,' he said pleasantly as he lifted is black, filthy hand. He surged his entire force into his hand, and held God down with an iron fist. Eyes looked upon the scene, and the council was peering at the imminent truth. The agency was vanquished, but Lucifer stood mighty and dominant.

'You will never win'' 'You cannot'' God spilled slowly out of his tired mouth. His power was being sucked away by the Lucifer, and his hand's spark grew intensively. His finale was coming.

Jeremiah stood a short distance away from Lucifer and he conjured up a light missile. He was awakened, and in all of his hatred, and anger, and strength, he launched the powerful missile at Lucifer's body.

'ARGGHH!' he screamed, as the beam hit him and consumed his dark spirit, and he was warped into a vortex of light, that dissolved with a passing moment. Jeremiah stood weak and blank eyed; the angel dropped cold in his tracks, falling to planet Earth.

Jeremiah drifted into consciousness, and he stared dazedly at the golden ceiling. God stood before him, noticing his awakening. Jeremiah's wings were strong, and healthy, and his energy was replenished almost immediately.

'You saved me, Jeremiah. I thank you, my son.' God smiled happily, admiring the angel's strength.

'You gave me the power, father, that's how I did it. That's how I did it.' His eyes closed and opened widely. Around the vast room was many.

'Yes, follow me my royal appointee. We have a parade to attend to,' God said taking the angel's hand and leading him out.
'Royal appointee? Wait, did everyone make it out okay? Did we win?' His questions were asked quickly and God responded surreally.

'Yes, you are a hero. We healed the damage on Earth and the many that were injured. We have taken in the harmed opposition to us too. They are doing well. Now come, you have a celebration in your name.' God strolled out the door, with Jeremiah by his side, in all his glory and stature.
July 4th, 2010 ended with Earth's sun faded into the darkness, and the moon shining brightly against the gates of heaven. Jeremiah drifted into his new, cushioned bed in God's quarters. He finally received what he wanted: he was the special angel, with luxurious home benefits of course. That's all he wanted, and that's what he had. He closed his eyes thinking of his full heart of happiness and heaven, and how God finally picked him, out of all people. He fell asleep with an accomplished goal, and he slowly drifted into a heavenly dream'.

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