The Prophetess

February 3, 2009
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The Prophetess
Chapter one
There once was a witch; not just a witch, but Sarah Froset, mother of Cassandra Froset, the number one fighter of the Southern Witches.
Sarah was a good witch, otherwise known as southern witches. Anyway, Sarah was trying to destroy the Northern Witches and stop them from dominating the world. She had stopped many witches before, but she promised Seth, her husband, she would take it easy until the baby was born. Nine months later they were at the St. Louis hospital in Missouri and Sarah had given birth to a girl and the doctor had left.
'Sarah, what should we name her?' whispered Seth.
'Cassandra. Seth, I have one last mission.'
'What! No, Sarah, it will be fine . . . '
'No! Seth, I will use the last of my strength to help the Southern Witches, you, and Cassandra. The North Witch Capture Squad is on their way and you know I would only slow you down. I can't even walk; I'm too weak.'
Seth shook his head.
'This is how it has to be. I have seen it; Cassandra will save the world,' and though she hated to lie to Seth said, 'and I won't be around to see it.'
'But how . . .?'
'I am a prophetess and I couldn't tell you for safety reasons. This baby girl will be called Cassandra or 'the prophetess of doom'.
'Take Cassandra and go far away from here. Go!'
With that said Sarah cast the most powerful spell she could think of. As her body fell limp the lights went off long enough for Seth to get out of the hospital. A Northern Wizard burst into the hospital and grabbed the nearest nurse by the arm.
'Where is Sarah Froset?!' he growled.
'I am sorry, sir, she is dead.'
'Well,' said the wizard 'that took care of one problem, but where is the child and the husband?'
'Gone! Left hours ago; could be anywhere by now.'
'Julian won't be happy about this, but at least Sarah is dead!'
Then the wizard was gone as fast as he came.
Chapter two
Thirteen years later Cassandra lives in Rouen, France; a city not too far from Paris.
'Cassandra! I am going grocery shopping! Do you want to go?'
Usually when Seth went shopping Cassandra would go to the clothes department, but today Seth had a bad feeling. Then Cassandra had a vision; a whole North Witch fighting squad was on its way . . . to Rouen, France. As if on cue a girl the same age as Cassandra materialized from thin air.
'We have to get out of here. The Northern Witches are in Paris and coming to get you!'
'We could catch the next plane out of here,' said Seth.
'No, we will have to time-port.'
'To where?' asked Cassandra.
'Austin, Texas.'
Pop! Pop! Pop! Then Cassandra, Seth, and the other witch were time-ported to Austin.
'So, What are we doing in Austin?' asked Cassandra.
'Going to the safe house for South Witches.'
'What is your name?'
'You can call me Marcella.'
'And you can call me Casey. Cassandra is such a long name.'
'And of course you're Seth,' said Marcella.
'Of course,' said Seth, 'so don't we need to get to the safe house?'
'The wind blows out of the South!'
` Then a building the size of a football field appeared in the empty space across the road from the neighborhood.
'Won't someone see?' aked Casey.
'No, humans can't see it.'
So Casey walked in. She had a vision of the near future, but something was wrong. Everyone wore the same clothes and walked in straight lines and nobody smiled.
'Dad I had a vision! It was terrible! Everyone wore the same clothes and nobody smiled.'
'Hmmm. I don't know what it could mean, but we will find out in the future.'
'O. K. Hey, Dad, I am going to go play.'
'All right, but don't leave this building!'
Chapter Three
Casey walked around for a while, but then she saw a boy and a girl in the distance. Then she had another vision. It was Casey and that boy and girl and they were talking together saying, 'We sure beat these witches.' So Casey decided to make friends with them. She walked up to them and said, 'Hi, my name is Casey. What is yours?'
'Mine is Renee and his is Grey. So the North Witches were chasing you?'
'Yes, big time and . . .'
'You're Cassandra Froset!'
'Yeah, so?'
'So! Your mom was the greatest witch of all time and you're a prophetess!'
'Shut up, Grey! Just because she is a prophetess we shouldn't treat her differently. She would probably like it if we treat her the same as everyone.'
'Oh, sorry.'
'It's all right,' said Casey.
'So, you going on a mission soon?'
'Yeah, to get that stupid healing plant even though they have a whole room full of it!' said Casey. 'You guys want to go with me? I don't want my dad to go with me. That would be weird!'
'We will go unless you want someone else to go with you.'
'O.K., that's cool.'

Later that day it was announced that Casey would be going on a mission and she was going to choose one or two people to go with her.
'Renee, Grey! You guys are the ones for the job!'
'This is going to be so cool!' said Renee excitedly.
The next week they left to go get the healing plant.
'So this is a small mission, huh?' asked Casey.
'Yep, small and boring,' complained Grey.
'Would you guys mind if I made it a bit more exciting?'
'How?' aked Grey and Renee.
'By not going to get that week at all. They have plenty of it. Look, the Northern Witches are up to something and we have to stop them!'
' How are we going to do that?'
'I haven't figured that out yet.'
As soon as she said that she had a vision and saw an army of mind-controlled people transformed into monsters she had only seen in movies and they were perfect for fighting.
'Noooo!' screamed Casey.
'What!? What is it?' asksed Grey.
'The Northern Witches have an army! Five thousand people turned into fighting machines!'
'We can't beat that!' said Renee.
'But we can weaken it!' said Casey.
'O. k. it is in Michigan, right? By the south end of Lake Michigan?' said Renee and Grey.
'How did you know that?' asked Casey.
'Well, we found that out last summer.'
'O. k. let's go; we better time-port.'
Pop! Pop! Pop!
'Wow, I have never seen Lake Michigan. It is really pretty here. Too bad we are going to die close to here! Let's see. I want my coffin to be black and . . .' said Grey.
'Stop it! Face it like a man! Let's go, it's half a mile form here.'
Chapter Four
Once they got there it looked like a normal house, but as they got closer they walked through and invisible bubble and they saw a field full of the mind-controlled army.
'Hurry, outside the force field!' called Casey.
They got out as fast as they could.
'O. k. we need a plan,' said Grey.
'What is a good, powerful spell we could use?' Renee asked herself.
'I know what we could do, a combining spell! We each do two spells, then we combine them so we can do all of them at the same time. Plus it makes all the spells twice as powerful,' said Casey.
'Yeah, that would be great!' said Renee.
'O. k. so I will do the mind-unlocking spell and the anti-force-field spell,' said Casey.
'And I will do the spell so whoever is watching them will still see mind-controlled monsters standing there and I will also do the transformation spell,' said Grey.
'And I will do the combining spell and the calling spell in case we need help. Start your spells!'
The words that followed were enough to make anyone say 'Huh?', but for a scarey moment nothing happened. Then a small light was seen that grew to the size of a house and there was a sonic 'Boom' and everything went into confusion. Fifteen to twenty Southern Witches came from nowhere, the monsters turned back into humans, and everyone was screaming and running in every direction. The North Witches and Wizards heard the screaming then spells went flying from both sides.
Renee was hit by a stunning spell and fell to the ground. A witch call Sulan dodged a killing spell; then everything stopped and Julian, the leader of the Northern Witches, came to the front.
'I challenge Cassandra to a duel!'
Casey shouted at Julian and a burst of light shot from Casey's wand and hit Julian full in the face. Julian screamed and then Julian the Menace melted to the ground never to rise again. The rest of the Northern Witches surrendered and the Southern Witches took them captive. Amoung them Seth found Sarah, Casey's mom.
'Sarah! I thought you were dead!'
'No, but I had to say something. Otherwise you never would have left that hospital. After that I was going to come back to you, but they took me captive even though they didn't know who I was. They thought Sarah was dead so they eventually let me 'help' with the army, but really I was tearing it down and I delayed the army a whole year!'
And so Casey, Seth, and Sarah were reunited as a family.

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sierra T. said...
Jun. 30, 2009 at 1:01 am
This is one of my first stories! I wrote it when i was 11!
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