February 1, 2009
One late night, I was deep asleep; my usual nightmare began taking over my mind. Creatures of all shapes coward down at a bottom of a hill. Then I see myself, eyes black as night. My short, choppy charcoal hair surrounding my face. My cheeks glowed a deep red, but my face was pale white. I was holding up the heart shaped necklace my father gave me a year before he died. A mysterious girl was standing next to me. We were hand in holding my necklace high in the sky.

Before I knew it, evening faded into night, and I awoke to the awful sound of my alarm clock. I felt different this morning very different. Time slipped away from me, as I slowly began looking for my clothes. I rushed down the stairs of my two-story house. I flew out the door, before my mom could mention another tardy meant detention. I looked down to my cellphone, and the black digital numbers glowed evilly as they switched form 7:59 a.m., to 8:00 a.m., making me once again, late for school.

I arrived late enough at my locker, to see a new student, with a locker adjacent from mine. When she shut her locker door, revealing her face, I was baffled. The new girl had sea green eyes, and dark blond hair, just like the girl in my nightmare. She must have caught my gaze, because she shyly turned around. I walked up to her and taped her on her shoulder, I had to know her name, if I had dreamed about her before.

She introduced herself as Kayla and politely asked if I would mind helping her out with her classes. As Kayla finished speaking, Danielle peered around the corner. She walked by us and scoffed, Danielle and her friends were to good for the school, and everybody in it. She was certainly not nice to anyone, but she was so beautiful with her long flowing auburn hair, big round innocent eyes, and plump lips, everyone wanted to be her. Not only was she pretty, but very rich. Danielle got every single thing she wanted, no doubt about it. So when she found out I liked Jason, she went straight for him.

The bell sounded for lunch. The once so peaceful hallways of Jefferson High, were once again filled with gossip and laughter. I headed to the table that I usually sat at. Which was the table right next to the overflowing dumpster. Kayla came out of the building, and hurried over to me. Just as Kayla pulled out her brown paper sack lunch, Danielle and Jason came out, hand in Hand.

"Sarah, Sarah, are you alright?" Kayla asked.

"Yeah, I just saw someone," I responded.

"Oh do you mean them?" Kayla once again asked.

I looked to where Kayla had been pointing. The weird thing was that it wasn't at Jason and Danielle, but at these two ghost floating toward us. When they came into plain view, I saw that there once so full of life bodies, now floated limp and helpless. The dreary gray of their skin gave me shivers. Their faces revealed many half chewed bones. The black wholes where their eyes should have been, sent me trembling. There was two of them, a male and female. The male had and axed in his head, and the female had a rusty butcher knife thrust deep in her chest plate. For some reason they seemed to be following Jason. As they finally fully passed by, their tight jaw bones moved to "mouth help us" to me. The bell rang as Kayla told me she had thought of a theory involving the ghost. We agreed to meet at the library after school.

The last class lasted forever. Jason and Danielle were both in that class; the ghost were still floating around Jason, and he didn't even seem to sense anything. The ghost seemed very timid of Jason, keeping their distance, but still staying close to him. His flawless face, as innocent as can be, with Danielle. I was angry at her, that should be me right now with Jason not her!

After class, I headed to the library. I found Kayla in the back corner with an impatient look on her face, and a big book clutched in her hand. As soon as she saw me she forcefully grabbed my arm.

In a frantic voice she spoke," I know the answer, it's him, Sarah. Jason is the cause of everything!"

"What's everything?" I asked.

Kayla had developed a theory based on the book she had with her. Her theory was that Jacob was really something else, not human. She believed he had a plan to destroy Earth. He lived in a different realm called Vesmeer. Vesmeer is full of magical creatures according to the book, and in the book was a portal spell to Vesmeer. Kayla was convinced she was right, because her feeling was so strong, and I admitted to myself that it matched my nightmare a little.

Kayla and I headed to the park, I was already scared. The fog was down all around the swings, the moon now full had raised high in the sky. Everything about this night was ironically eerie. But I had to stay, to prove to Kayla she was wrong about Jason.

We both took a seat on the swings. I waited patiently as Kayla flipped through the book looking for the right page. A screeching sound forced me to look to the side. A little girl with long pigtails appeared. She was seated on the swing, sing "Ring Around the Rosy" her head was titled the opposite direction from us. When she felt our eyes on her, she stopped singing and slowly turned her head. The horror I felt was completely unbearable. Her skin the same dark dreary gray color. She had scars in every direction on her face. The deep gaping black holes started us down.

In a haunting voice she spoke, " Beware, he doesn't care who you are, or how old you are, you mess with him and he will KILL YOU!"

She violently started shaking, lightening stroke the sky, and then, she was gone. I've always been shy and afraid and now I was far ready to go home, but now we were in to deep. Kayla unfazed by the girl, had now found the page.
She grabbed my hand and we both repeated,
"We request upon you tonight,
Powerfully and ready to fight,
Open the portal with a light,
To lead us on a magical flight."

Kayla and I forcefully repelled away from each other. A light appeared in front of my face. I started to back up, but Kayla tightened her grip on my hand. She thrust me forward into the light, she followed close behind. Kayla and I were free following through complete darkness. Nothing but black in every direction. When it all stopped moving, we landed with a thud.

It smelt very musky, and the air was hot and dense. A lantern glowed in the distance, The light footsteps grew closer and closer. A green goblin looking boy came to me and grabbed my hand. I tried my best to jerk away, but his grip has to strong. I grabbed for Kayla's hand, and let him lead us.

We finally came to a small rusty shack. I couldn't help but wonder where we were, and if we were in Vesmeer. There was dark forest in every direction,with dead grass, but the thing that grabbed the most attention, was the tall castle on top of the steep cliff, that had a long waterfall down the side.
The boy reached for the door to the shack, and two worried older goblins appeared in front of us.

"Ah, welcome dear friends, welcome to Vesmeer, you two are the prophet."

"You have come to save us, and set us free," cried the eldest goblin.

"Yes we are, but would mind explaining what is going on here?" Kayla asked immediately seeking answers.

"Well you see, The Dark One has broken free, of the curse that was set upon him but the one who wore the heart necklace, and now he has his powers back, and is using them for evil once again," called the other goblin.

"He is using all the creatures as his slaves, he cut off the unicorn's horns and used them to make swords. He stole the pixie's magical dust, and has done plenty more than to the rest of us, but his last greedy plan was gone to far. He is getting materials to make a smell to wipe out the creatures that are good and innocent here in Vesmeer and the only thing preventing him from completely doing it is the last part of the curse, that he has yet to break," the eldest one said with much despair.

When they finished informing us, a booming voice was hear. Kayla and I stepped outside, and we saw them. Lines and lines of creatures, only a child's imaginations could come up with. Fairy and pixies no longer sparkled, the once so pretty unicorn, looked like a regular horse. The Werewolves were chained down, and the old creatures were locked in a cage. When I looked away from the distressed creatures. The Dark one caught my eye. He was standing and watching as each creature moved one by one up the hill, heavy chains were strung from each ankle of every creature. He wore a long black cloak. The collar was up, blocking half his face.I was so intrigied by all these magical creatures, I didn't realise Kayla was gone, until a sharp scream was hear in the distance. I looked around, and near the end of one of the lines, Kayla was locked up with the heavy chains. I came out from my hiding spot to the middle of the rode. I heard foot step getting louder and louder, and then heavy breathing in my ear. I didn't dare look around.

"Hello Sarah, glad you could make it," breathed The Dark One.

I took a jump back landing my self, in another cage, now I was forced to look at him. His lips parted revealing a white smile with two very sharp shining fangs. The moonlight shined directly on his face. His eyes glowed piercing red, and then I saw it. The resembles was to exact. He was Jason. His sharp eyes where now on my heart necklace, the only thing stopping him from taking over Vesmeer. My own heart was beating frantically.

"Your a vampire?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"No I am a goblin, of course I am a Vampire!" He shouted sarcastically. Aw Sarah don't look to sad, we can still be together, I know how much you liked me, and I need you I really do." Jason said laughed.

My eyes beamed with tears, but I refused to show any pain.

"You know Sarah, you wouldn't be in this right now, if you stupid father didn't set this curse on me, and then I wouldn't of had to kill him, and then you you have your happy little life," His eyes beamed with pride.

My stomach hurt, all around, but I was not giving this fight up, he took something more than my feelings now. He took the part of my life I have always wanted, my father. Now I was determined to get back at him. Embers flew from behind me, and landed in the corner of the cage. Jason was still so pleased with himself, he didn't notice when I grabbed one.

"Sarah, focus, I need you to take your dumb necklace off, and hand it over to me, so I can undo the curse that your father had but on me years ago," he said commandingly.

The ember was tightly gripped in my hand as I continued to ignore him. I felt no more pain, I struck the ember over and over again against the metal cage. The spark caught and lit up, and stated to melt the cage. I crawled out of it, and sprinted away. Jason looked up, his eyes growing more fierce and red then before. He was faster than me, but I was closer.

I reached Kayla briefly before he did, her chains were easier to melt off then, the bars of my cage. Jason approached us. I didn't know what to do, my hear dropped to my stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kayla moving.

Within a flash a hot ember was released from Kayla's hand, and hitting the unexpected Jason in the face. He fell to the ground screaming in pain, as Kayla and I ran away.

Now calmed, as we reached the shack, I new exactly what to do. It was time for all those nights of not being able to fall asleep, because of that nightmare,to come to and end.

We stood at the top of the big hill, and waited as Jason appeared. He seemed a little different now, bigger more powerful up-close. He raised both of his hands, his eyes glowed blood red. The sky seemed to be darkening all around him. The faded night sky went black. Showers or lightening came down and began zapping his raised hands. Now they glowed a hot blue. Jason pointed a finger at Kayla, and lightening shot from it. The lightening pierced her leg, and she went down with a thud. His other hand did the exact same to me.

His laugh rang throughout my ears. My body was unable to move with the electric currents passing through my legs. I felt paralyzed. I heard a voice, and my eyes moved upward towards the sky. A blurry image of what seemed to be my dad was telling my I had to move. I had to move now, and open the necklace. I tried my arm, but it wouldn't budge. He got angrier and was yelling louder.

This time I put all of my effort in to. At first nothing happened, but then I felt my right hand fingers move. Then my arm. I inched for the necklace. I flicked it open. A light brighter than the a sun beam, came from the necklace. Jason was being sucked towards me, into the light. And then he was gone and so was the light.

Kayla and I could freely move again. I reached for her hand. We both watched in amazement, as the once dead looking Vesmeer, sprang back to life. Wild flowers sprang form the ground of the dark dead grass, the pixie's glowed, and flew around with the fairy's. The unicorns had there horns back, and everyone was freed.

Another light appeared. This time we were being sucked into it. We were once again following through complete blackness, and when we landed, we were back in the park. The eerie night had faded to an early sunrise as Kayla and I walked home together.

A year had soon gone and went. Many things had changed. Kayla had moved to a different school. but I am still here to finish out my Senior year. The bell sounded as another day of school ended. The dark winter days made it seemed later then it was. I walked past the library when lightening hit. My heart sunk to the floor. I hear a rustle in the bushes, then out he jumped.

"Did you miss me?" Jason evilly laughed.

I fainted, and the world went black.

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