The dream of life

January 31, 2009
By , new port richey, FL
the dream of life

"sir...sir...sir...what is it sirr??Are you unwell??"the voice was overwelmingly annoying.
"ellis i havn't fainted im just relaxing.Have you heard from emily, yet how is she?is she ill??
tired??overwhelmed???dang it why wont you answer me??"My thoughts are all jambled..Who cared about the wedding??
Who cared about anything except that stupid crown???"Emily why wont you come back...the young sir need's your
help..he is overwhelmed..he wont even talk right..."I could hear ellis speak too everything is soo messy.

A bright light flashed........"Kenny...Kenny...are you up? what's going on...speak to me kenny...."Emily's voice trailed off..
All that was left was in thought...both physically and mentally..I felt unterrly this supposed to
be a paradise if so then I don't very much like it...more like a realistic..A dream, yes a dream...let us wake now.
Shoot that didnt work...okay 1..2..3 up....


"Melanie...are you okay?"My mother's voice sounded like a drum in a rock band....loud and sudden...jesh you'd think i was dying
by the way she sounded."humph"was all I could manage to say..."melanie im sorry you feel that way but you have to tell us what you saw."
yeah my mom said "saw" but not like you see the sky or the road infront of you...I am melanie emily dianna adkins. The very first in my family too
have 'magical powers' as my parent's called them. I can see parts of the future.."mother there's going to be a war."I saw that startled look
on mothers face that always appeared every I tell her this stuff.I could not hold back the smile or the laughter that came after.
mother stared at me in surprise."your not lying are you?What an awfull thing to do to me melanie.
I almost had a heart attack."my mother hid back a smile for she
thought that she had got me to feel bad."Mother of course not, and even if I did it would be because every time I fall asleep you think im
seeing something and feel the need to wake me.There is going to be a war and the king shall know about it.I feel no sorrow in telling the truth.
though this distrust you have in my words never fails to amuse me, now please just relax and think."Mother actually almost passed out when I mentioned the king.
ha...thats what she gets for doubting me...My mother hated the king.He was a kind-hearted fifteen year old boy.To others he is king kenneth
the great who assended the thrown at the simple age of twelve, after his father passed on at the age of eight-hundred-and-thirty-three,
he never fails to serve his people in the most amusing way possible...ha...if only they knew.To me though he is kenny, my best friend, secret
lover..though he dosnt know that part yet..and most trusted suporter.Mother fails to see whats so special about him..I could have all the
guys in the world but I choose him..those are mothers thoughts ...ugh yeah I could have all the guys in the world but only because you pay them too have me
none of them know me for me like kenny does...Its secret and I could never reveal my feeling's because he is king kenneth the great while I am
melanie desendent of queen elaine..My mother..yes I am royality of another country but my faith resides with kenny. "Melanie why do you like
him so much..he's a senceless king who is way to young to rule a country of such size.I mean hes not even of age and he has yet to have
a girlfriend or even go to a mariage conference.arogant kid said 'I have no use a women that is of lower rank then my best friend.' Who is his
best friend?Must be a guy of course, did the poor kid go must be hiding something .his gardian laughed without restraint at
those words right in front of they were all in on the joke except me.Its barbaric."At those long words a large smile appeared on melanies
lips as she said."yes mother very barbaric."then she let out a silent laugh.ha...thats what you get you overprotective naive women, You would never
understand our relationship in a million years. A thanks was in need to both kenny and gerrath ,his gardian, for there words to my mother.
Even though gerrath was strongly against my disliking to my mother at first after meeting her he had once let it slipp how he had highly agreed
with me that my mothers actions were utterly repulsing.I was nothing but a tool to her.She has never been conserned about me only about
my gift.My gift was my advantage.I saw when she came and knew how she reacted weeks before we even had this conversation. "mother I plan on sleeping
now please ask ellis to arrange a meeting between us and king kennth, What ever time suites him. Im serious about this war and we need the king as
our allie too win it."that said melanie drifted off to sleep.

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