Shannon's last homecoming

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Shannon is a seventeen year old girl that lives in a small town right outside of

Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s called Sweet town. Shannon’s boyfriend, Josh lives in Cincinnati

and goes to Cincinnati University College.

It’s January 2003 and there was just a really bad snow storm. Shannon wants to

go see Josh but her parents don’t want her driving with the roads that icy. “That’s okay, I

don’t feel good anyway” Shannon said, “ I think I’m going to lie down in my room for a

little bit.” Shannon went to her room but she wasn’t going to lie down. She quietly snuck

out her window, ran to her car, pushed the car up the road so her parents wouldn’t hear it

start, and drove to Cincinnati to see Josh.

Shannon arrived at the college and to her surprise Josh was studying with some

friends. Josh said bye to his friends so he could spend some time alone with Shannon.

Shannon asked him why he was studying on a Friday night. He explained to her that his

grades have been slipping and that where he use to have “A’s” he now has “C’s.” If they

drop anymore he wont be able to be on the football team anymore.

Shannon got upset and Josh asked her “what’s wrong?” She exclaimed “Why

wouldn’t you tell me something like that?” Just like any guy Josh said “You don’t need to

know everything about my life.” “You’re right” Shannon said, “ I just thought you would

at least tell your girlfriend!” Then Shannon stormed off extremely angry at josh. She

went home regretting not listening to her parents.

Shannon was always looking for the Brightside of things. So what is her

boyfriend was a jerk? She knew homecoming was a week away. She was looking

forward to it just being her and the girls.

The week seemed to being going really slow but Shannon was still counting the

days until homecoming. Finally, Saturday came, all Shannon’s girlfriends came over

really early so they can go get their hair done. After that, they went back to Shannon’s

house, hung out, then around 4:30 they put their dresses on and did their make-up. Their

limo picked them up at 5:00. They went out to eat and got dropped off at the dance.

Shannon and her friends looked beautiful; when they stepped out of the limo

everyone stopped and stared at them. Shannon walked very carefully to the school in her

black, strappy heels. Shannon walks in pays for her ticket and goes to walk into the

gymnasium. She then loses her balance and starts to fall. Her friend Jenny tries to catch

her but only makes it worse by accidentally punching her in the face. It was the worse

night of her life.

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