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February 11, 2009
By Alex Duncan BRONZE, Cumberland, Wisconsin
Alex Duncan BRONZE, Cumberland, Wisconsin
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Everybody adores wishes. People desire the feeling of making a wish with anticipation that it will come true. This story is about Alex Duncan, a young, vibrant, student whose imagination and dreams include mysterious characters and action packed predicaments. Although the following story is make believe, it becomes alive in young readers' minds.

It was a beautiful, calorific, sunny, summer day as Alex was playing with his best friend Ben. They were playing catch with a football and baseball and enjoying a friendly competition of Rock Band. After Ben left, Alex had to clean up all the equipment they used outside. When Alex was cleaning up the baseball bats, something shiny caught his eye. He trotted through the lawn to investigate. Alex found an old lamp resembling the magical lamped used in the movie Aladdin. The lamped may have looked like a magic lamp however; Alex was in disbelief that such a lamp existed. Curiosity got the best of him, and Alex slowly began to rub and buff the shiny lamp. Suddenly, there was an explosion! BOOM!!!!!!! As soon as the dust cleared, Alex couldn't believe his eyes. There was a horrendous sized genie dressed in fine, crimson colored, satin clothing.
Alex questioned, 'Hey I'm Alex. What is your name?'
'Huey!' The genie bellowed.
'Do I get three wishes now that I freed you', Alex asked.
' Of course Alex, haven't you seen the movie Aladdin,' the genie responded.
Alex looked up to the heavens and began thanking god for this wonderful surprise. However there was one problem, he didn't know what to wish for.

Alex spent the next few days thinking of the perfect wish. Then finally, a wish popped right into Alex's head.
' I know what I want!' he hollered.
' What!' Huey answered.
' I want a 7 story mansion!' Alex exclaimed.
All of a sudden, an explosion went off. When the smoke cleared, Alex couldn't believe his eyes. Standing right in front of him was a 7 story, indigo colored, brick mansion. Courageously, Alex slowly traveled inside to investigate. The mansion had a game room, 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, an Olympic- sized swimming pool, and movie projectors in every bedroom.
' Oh my gosh, Huey, thank you so much!' Alex gushed.
' No problem, so what else are you going to wish for'. Huey asked.
Alex began to ponder over the second wish. He spent most of the night thinking of what to wish for, but at 12:00 midnight he thought of the perfect wish.
' Huey I wish I had an NBA sized basketball court in my backyard.' Alex exclaimed.
' All right-y then, here we go.' Huey answered.
Then the explosion came. Bam! Because Alex was familiar with the Genie's tactics, he patiently waited for the smoke to clear. When the smoke cleared and the NBA basketball court was revealed, Alex became overjoyed with excitement and ran outside to play basketball, forgetting he was wearing his PJ's. The court was beautiful. The stadium lights illuminated the entire neighborhood, allowing Alex to play throughout the black of night. Along the sidelines there were 3 racks full of official sized, collegiate basketballs and the hoops were electronic allowing them to lower to just the right dunking height for Alex and his friends. In the center of the court on the floor, there was an engraved emblem of his name.
' Oh, thank you so much, Huey!' Alex exclaimed.
' No problem,' Huey answered.
As each wish was granted, Alex became stumped with thinking of the next wish. He already had a mansion and a NBA sized basketball court. What more could a young boy dream of. Over the next few days, Alex contemplated his 3rd and final wish. However, he did not realize his archenemy and neighbor, Rufus, had been watching the past two wishes and plotting Alex's final wish.

Rufus knew exactly what he wanted to wish for. He wanted to rule the world. Rufus knew he had to distract Alex long enough for him to make the wish. If Rufus did get his wish, the whole world would be his.

Finally, Rufus visited Alex's house. Alex thought Rufus's behavior was peculiar because he had never visited in the past. (Alex didn't even think Rufus liked him.) Alex cautiously allowed Rufus to play at his house. After Alex and Rufus played for a couple hours, Rufus invited Alex over to his house.
Alex said, 'Sure'.
'Perfect' Rufus thought, 'This is my chance'. 'You go first, I will be right behind you.' said Rufus.
As soon as Alex walked through the front door, Rufus locked it.
' What are you doing!' Alex yelled.'
'I need that wish!' Rufus replied.
Alex had been tricked! However, what Rufus didn't know is that there was a spare key under the doorstop. Alex seized the key and sprinted up the stairs where Huey was sleeping. Alex made it just in the nick of time. Rufus was about to make his worldly wish. Alex interrupted,
'Huey, I wish Rufus was thrown into the middle of a lion feeding frenzy.' Alex commanded.
Then, there was an explosion. Again, Alex waited for the smoke to clear. When the smoke cleared, Rufus and Huey were gone.
'That was a close one', Alex thought.

Alex realized his greed almost ended the world, as we know it. He vowed to himself to never want more than he already possessed and to be thankful for all he had. To this day, Alex keeps uses his imagination for enjoyment purposes only and Genies for the movies.

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