Lore The Lovely

February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

There once lived a fairy, she was small and quite bold. She lived in a forest both deep,dark, and old. Her name was Miss Bug she loved lots of bugs. She loved beatles tadpoles, crickets and more, but her favorite bug of all was lady bug named Lore. Lore was lovely in all ways but one, she didnt like visitors none, none, none. Miss Bug was out walking one day in the sun when she Miss Lore out having some fun. She asked if she could play, but it didnt work that way. Lore the lovely said it outloud, I dont like visitor none, none, none! Miss Bug kept on walking she stayed in the sun. She hopped with the crickets and bounced with the beetles and even swam with her tadpoles in her vast pond. Lore the lovely was sore, she had no friends, none no more. Lovely Lore was hopping to the store, it was her birthday but no one came up to her door. While she was hopping she heard a happy song, she heard it in the bushes while she hopped right along. Out popped the beatles then, came the crickets and what do you know even Miss Bug. They sang a sweet song and it went like this, Miss Lore is so lovely when it comes to her birthday. She wishes for a friend and here I am, we love you Lore even if your sore. So be happy with us and dont shove us anymore. Its time to have fun with Lore the Lovely one.

The author's comments:
This story that i composed about a year ago is my favorite one. I wrote it one day when i was full of imagination and thoughts were bursting through my head. I actually wrote it in about 5 minutes. It was amazing! Lore the Lovely I published in my town newspaper and was even asked to read it at the local library.

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