Trapped in Elevator

January 14, 2009
By Tyler Weber, Pewaukee, WI

As the door of the rickety elevator opened, at the 20 dollar a night hotel Travis Pastrana back flipped into the elevator. As the creaking elevator goes up to the third floor Brett Favre is thrown in by Kermit the Frog. “It’s not easy being green!”
Brett Favre then says “it’s not easy getting old, and now I’m stuck with a frog as this elevator is stuck.”
“How about you and the dumb frog lay down on the floor while I practice jumping my new dirt bike in here” Says Travis.
“As you get older, you look at things differently. I’m thinking this is a bad idea.” So the old quarterback Brett said.
“You don’t see Kermit complaining about my idea so shut up and let’s just do it, we have nothing better to do.”
“I guess your right we can try it, but you better not land on my shoulder I need it for the big game Sunday!”
“Brett if we don’t get out of this elevator there will be no big games Sunday” mutters the little frog in the corner.
“Just lay down and let me jump you guys, and I’ll let you throw me around like a football, and you the little green thing I’ll let you jump on me like a lily pad. “Here I come close your eyes, yes I made it!”
“You’re lucky you made it Travis, because my whole career revolves on my shoulder.”
“It’s not easy being green; today it was since I just hid under the jump since I’m so small”
“Brett sees the targets I painted on the wall of the rusty old elevator?”
“Yes I do Travis, what are they for?”
“Remember I said you could throw me like a football because I jumped you?”
“Yes I do Travis. Now roll into a ball and here goes nothing.”
Back flipping threw the air Travis screams, “I think this was a bad idea” Bam into the door, causing the door to open and let them out of the elevator.

Kermit says, “I guess that wasn’t that bad of an idea since we finally got out of that in closed elevator. How about we go to the pond down the road?”

“How about not I got a big game to practice for, it’s already Saturday!”

“Sounds good Brett, I’m going to go practice my next big trick for the X games. Maybe I will talk to you guys later.”

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