Threw The Devils Eyes!

January 13, 2009
By Alejandra Maldonado, Logan, UT

What is a perfect combination of human nature I asked my self? Would it be a human or a demon and a human a combination mixture? Right there besides each other comparing a demon with a normal human kid, there's always a quit difference between them. Be aware there is such thing as a (Demon). Most people don't see them very often, there out there and the worst part of all is that no one knows who the demons go after when they choose there victims. In a silent matter of seconds they enter your body without a sound or a scratch. Although keep in mind that once a demon takes over your body the person whom the demon is in can no longer control what they do or say, they start behaving very rude their manners go away. Usually the family members find out something strange about there loved one and they most always, come down, to their conclusion. Its not a surprise that it comes up that a demon has taken over. There are very few ways to get rid of a demon but it takes guts and bravery to achieve this. Taking the demons body to a church is the First and most important part of trying to get rid of the demon. Notice I say getting rid of the demon because a demon can never die unless something stronger than the devil can over come them like (GOD). Whom he is the most powerful man ever! Demons!!!! Sh sh sh sh....Never say they don't exist because you could be the next one.
Chapter 1
The Beginning!

It all started along time ago in a place called “La Huacana Michoacán”. It takes place in Mexico. The streets where pitch black. Not one person was seen outside passed 10:00p.m. There was said that the devil revolved around the darkness. A crazy man who didn’t believe there was some demon out there decided to go and find out for him self. Everyone in the town thought he had the guts to do a wild thing like that. This man walks all over the place getting drunk and sleeping on the cold streets of La Huacana. No one knows what ever happen to this man some say he is possessed by the devil (Demon). Others think he is just traumatized by what he saw but till now no one knows. One early morning some little kids were playing out side in the front pavement of their home when they saw a mysterious man almost died. They thought they decided to take him in there home not knowing who this guy was. They showered him and dressed him up with clean clothes, and even cut his hair and mustache. Soon this old man no longer looked old but he was a very young guy, like in his twenties. They also, fed him and soon by the time they realized the man gave out his name for the first time. His name was “Paco Rodriguez De Leon the 3rd”. The kids asked him what happen to him why he was in those conditions he was in. The children whom there parents name “Juan Pablo, Luis Manuel, Maria Jose, and Jose Luis where asking him all sorts of questions. Paco didn't really feel like talking as much he was getting a head ace. So he asked the boys if they wanted to hear a story but they couldn't tell anyone else about it. Of course the boys accepted replying yes like a million times. Once Paco was about to start his story they hear a noise, they get scared. Finally, they see that someone is opening the door and it's there mom. “Juan Pablo, Luis Manuel, Maria Jose, and Jose Luis present their mom to Paco, she replies “Hi” my name is Margarita? Paco “Hi.” Finally, the boys were very anxious to listen to the story of Paco. Paco has to leave leaving the story for another time. All you can hear is the boys yelling at Paco that he was a liar for not telling them the stories. Paco with a blank mind not knowing what comes back and he starts telling the boys story that happen in his ranch. A very dark night Paco was coming back from cutting wood. It was getting darker by the minute he walked. When suddenly Paco hears voices from far away of laughter he stops looks around and it’s no one so he keeps walking faster by the minute. The faster he walks the louder the laughter gets. Paco freaks out; the wood he is carrying goes down them muddy hills. Crying with fearless tears coming down his soaked face. Soon scram! He see's a little guy running; laughing one after another he notices they are running really fast with rapid speed. Paco screaming, yelling, shouting finally he catches up with them he sees their about 32in. He shouts! AAAWWW!!!! Bawling all the way home. He gets home with the scariest look his family has seen on him ever so frighten and cold. His mom "Linda" is crying begging him to explain to her what happen. But Paco is in shock! he passes out.

Chapter 2
Duentes on the Loose!

3:00 A.M. early in the morning Paco woke up. A loud noise came from the kitchen he woke up headed to the kitchen. He notices something strange, that there is a big mess in the kitchen. Paco is surprised and he stays in a shocked moment, falling into his deep shock moment he began to have flashbacks of what happen to him yesterday. Remembering what happen to him the night before, made Paco start feeling scared once again. Like everything was so weird, Paco had doubts. But this time he went back to the rumors that the residents had been saying lately about staying up and outside so late. Like Paco never believed what the people were saying. Even though he thought about everything that was going on Paco decided to go back to sleep. Finally the arise of the sunshine morning came up at 7:30 am. Paco was directing himself to the kitchen like a normal day. He was going to serve himself some coffee when he notices the sugar was spilled but the jar was not there. Paco didn’t really pay much attention thinking it could have been one of his little brothers. So he continued to prepare his coffee with the sugar that was left behind, he then wanted some bread with that and he comes to find out that the bread basket was not only barren there was crumbs left behind. Paco thought that was way out of the ordinary for the fact that his parents always had purchased bread and hardly anyone would eat but him. As he reached to grab the money jar which they keep there money Paco didn’t see it, he started feeling way confused and scared that he decided to ask his mom “Linda” about the rumors that was going on in town about the devil in the darkness. By this time Paco is very dramatized and he has no clue what’s going on in his life by this time. Linda “Paco's mom” started telling Paco about this so called The Devils eyes at Night. It all started along time ago around the 1800's. There was a family whom their children were very UN behaved, very rude and obnoxious. The parents couldn’t handle them no more. In fact, the whole town new they were the meanest, scariest, and disrespecting kids anyone could ever have. If they could imagine who the real parents were they would have said those kids are the “Devils.” “Paco is very frightened by this time he can barley make a noise”. These kids were named “Lucifer, Adan, and Guanamar.” Their eyes were dark brown that they almost looked bright red that was freaky. Lucifer whom was the oldest child had big dark black eyes that were so strong and powerful no one dared to stare at him at all. One night the parent’s of theses so called the devils kids were getting ready to go to sleep when a strange, funny smell comes to there sense. They run quickly outside to find out what’s going on. “Oh No” said the children’s parents. They see that their kids wanted to burn them inside there own room. The three little devils were planning on turning them on fire. The poor parents panic in a commotion that they didn’t know how to react. They couldn’t take it no more they decided to leave. Leaving everything behind including their demon kids. “Lucifer, Adan, and Guanamar.” Laugh of joy! They decide to burn other people’s homes so that they would also get scared and they would leave.

Chapter 3
The Disaster's (beginning)

“Lucifer, Adan, and Guanamar.” finally achieved what they wanted. They took over the ranch there parents were soon memories same with the villagers who lived there. They started making the place a mess. The restrooms were anywhere they wished and where they ate was also up to them where they ate it or what was going to be their next meal. Even the animals that the villagers used to own were no longer theirs, they had to leave everything behind or else the demons “Lucifer, Adan, and Guanamar.” Lucifer was the oldest one of all. He was the one in charge of everything that was going on. Adan and Guanamar could do what they pleased but with Lucifer's permission. There were hardly any herds and animals that lived there. They were either eaten or they ran away. This was a horrible place that was once a nice and safe place to live. The pavement was cracked in some cases they were destroyed not even if there was a sign of there ever being something there. The trees were almost all dead for the fact that there was always a fire going on in the ranch that they would get catch on fire. This case was so bad that no human could ever live there again or could last at least one day here, not even nature; the climate was very dry and humid.

Chapter 4
New Life

Year's past more like century's the three demons disappeared there was no sign of them anywhere. There parents ended up going back to see how their children were doing they saw nothing but a destroyed ranch that seemed like there was no living there ever. Unfortunately, the parents found three bodies that were burned. Margarita the mother of the children burst out in tears and the father didn't even bother for the fact that he knew the children were not called humans but the devils children. Margarita couldn't believe her eyes she prayed and prayed for them everyday and night. Soon after a whole day and night of tears margarita stopped because she saw a spark! The father did not see margarita saw. There in the very bright light a rare person’s face appeared talking to margarita. Telling her everything is going to be OK; that the son's she thought were her kids weren't they were possessed by the devil before they were born. Their weren't hero’s and that she will be expecting children soon. Her real children that will be nice and well behaved toward her. She started crying thanking God for all he has done. God finally made the parents realize what the true facts are. So the years went by and the ranch that was once destroyed was getting better by time and of course with the help of the villagers who came back was also very happy to know that everything was just a very scary dream and that it was now in the past. This new family were now expecting new children in fact they were triplets and she named them “Maria, Jesus, and Andy” they were very happy but even though they had new children they still consider them their children even through the hard times. Well only margarita, because Don Jose margarita's husband was very relieved to know that they the demons were not his kids. A mother is not the one who bares them but the one whom take care of them and give them all the love that they need, and margarita is one of them. Even though the demons didn't appreciate what she had done for them. The life of the happy family was now complete and so of the residents whom also had to leave for the reason of the devils children. Everything was back to normal and it seemed that finally after years of no rain it was starting on coming down. Which of course God is the one who granted everyone’s wish and began helping them out a lot. Now the children that were growing up with the three demons were now big by this time and some of them were if fact married and with children. There present children would always ask why did their parents move away and out of a sudden they decided to come back home. So they decided to tell their children the story. Soon this became a story that people just thought they were making it up, half of them didn't know or have ever seen what ever happen to the family “Gomez”. Years went passing by the new “Gomez” family have had their knew children they were very happy, they were all grown up in fact the oldest daughter had gotten married and now has kids. The two younger boys’ they had no fiancée’s yet but they were planning on having a family of their own sometime just not soon. Maria has a little girl of the name “Rosalinda” her first and only child for now she thought. She was married to a man named “Jose Manuel Biagomez” and he was known as a farmer who took care of his parents crops. One late night Maria’s daughter was heading to sleep when she herd a weird and scary noise she was panicking and was in a stage of shock. She calls her mom, Momma!!! Over and over again as Rosalinda half asleep runs toward her. What's wrong Maria? She replied, someone is here and there are watching me. Rosalinda looked around and she saw nothing. As she was telling Maria to go back to sleep because there was nothing around there it was a man standing in front of the door. She also yelled and soon her husband came with a gun in his hand. What's wrong he replies? The rest of the family wakes up, Rosalinda trying to talk, with that weak sound of her coming out like a weep. She can't talk it seemed she also went into a stage of shock! Maria passed out of the scariness she was in. No one knew what was going on, everyone panicking because they didn't know what was going on.

Chapter 5


Maria woke up the next morning she thought that it was all dream what had happen that night. Rosalinda was still not over of the shadow that she could of swear n there was a real person roaming the house. Maria went looking for her mother to tell her about the dream she had. When she was finished telling her mom the dream her mom replied, mija it was not a dream. Maria freaked out and shouted QUE! Yeah, it was no dream because she was also present during the time that they saw that person by her door. They started talking mother and daughter, Maria asked Rosalinda that if she has a clue who could have been that person? Rosalinda said, it could have been one of my mother's old kids. In other words she was talking about the demons. Rosalinda started telling Maria about her mom's first children that they were possessed by the devil and that they caused a lot of damage to her grandma and grandfather. Also, before they were born “Rosalinda” and her other two brothers the ranch which they live in now was taken over by the children of the devil. If there was ever life there they have moved on because the demons did everything they could so that the only ones who could manage the ranch were only them. And for that reason they all moved far away and years passed by and her grandparents decided to go back and see what had happen to their children and that's when they found out that “Lucifer, Adan, and Guanamar.” were not their children that they were Lucifer the “Devil”. In addition, to that God came down from heaven to reveal the true story and that’s when “GOD” blessed the Gomez and gave them triplets when “Maria, Jesus, and Andy” where born, that’s why they came out way nice and noble like their parents.

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