The Princess and the Pea, The Pea's Side of the Story

January 21, 2009
(Puppet Show)

Narrator (voice): One day there was this small little pea, who lived in a vegetable basket, in a big castle! But this little Pea was never treated nicely. There also was a Princess who was going to get married, and a Dinosaur who lived in the castle too.

Pea (walking around castle): Why is this castle so big? Why doesn’t anyone talk to me? (Makes sad noise) (Stays on stage)

Princess (walks in and sits next to the pea): Hey little Pea! Did you know that you are my final test?

Pea (confused): What do you mean?... ARE YOU GOING TO EAT ME!?!?!?!!?!?

Princess: No silly! You are going to be put under my mattress. The king told me.

Pea: But why would they do that to me?? I could get squished.

Princess: Because princesses are sensitive. And if I can sleep while you are under my mattress, then I can’t marry the Prince!

Pea: (pea begins to cry)

Princess: What’s wrong little pea?

Pea: No one cares about me. WAAAAA! I’m going to be made into Soup! WAAAAA!

(Princess exits)

Narrator: So the pea was sad, and didn’t know what to do, so he asks his friend the dinosaur for help.

Dinosaur: RAWR!!! Little pea where are you????

Pea (Sad): Hi Dino…..

Dinosaur: I heard you were sad. And I’m here to help you.  Now tell me, what is making you sad?

Pea: Well, the princess is going to put me under her mattress, and I’m going to be squished.

Dino: It’s going to be okay, don’t worry.

Pea: I think someone is coming…RUN TO THE KITCHEN!!!!!

(Dinosaur and Pea Exit)

(Princess Enters)

Princess: Little Pea! Little Pea! Its time for our test!!!!! Where’s the Pea?(Ask the audience) Have you seen the pea? Have you? Ok. Well, I’m going to check the kitchen.

Behind Stage:

Princess: AHA! I FOUND YOU!!!


Dinosaur: RAWR!!! Leave the pea alone!

Princess: But I need him for my test!

Dinosaur: Well, you are not going to use him! He is always being pushed around.

Princess: Pea?

Pea: Yes Princess?

Princess: I’m Sorry… I promise to be nice, and I won’t squish you. Maybe I’ll use an orange, or a little boy and girl.

Dinosaur: See, I told you Pea, there was nothing to worry about.

Pea: Thank you Dino, You are a true Friend.

Narrator: The princess decided to use an Orange, and it worked!

Princess: Dino! Pea! I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!!

Dino: Yes Princess?

Pea: Yes Princess?

Princess: IT WORKED! I’m going to marry the Prince. The Queen wasn’t too happy about it though.

Pea: Congrats! Now Dino, You, and I Can be three-peas-in-a-pod

Dino: We will live in this Castle Forever!

Pea: I have to go talk to Orange; he isn’t doing too good, bye guys! (Skips off Stage)

Princess: I have to go too; I have a wedding to plan! (Runs off Stage)

Dino: So they leave me here alone? (Walks off stage)


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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
May 15, 2011 at 5:52 pm
I'm glad I get to comment first, because... I LOVE IT!  It's so cute.
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