January 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Diary,

So here i am on my bed and i found this book. It doesn't make any sense, but i don't want to ask my mom or dad about it. If i did that they would get pissed cause i was going through their shit again. This book is really odd though I looked all over for an author but couldn't find one, and the title is just a bunch of numbers. Maybe it's something top secret that has to do with the FBI. But that's pretty unrealistic. Ha oh well maybe i'll figure out how to ask my parents about it without being suspicious.

Well it did not work. My dad got pissed off and my mom just said 'drop it or i'll slap you into next week.' I tucked in my sister, made sure my parents were sound asleep, took the book and hopped in my car and oh how i love the sound of My Chemical Romance's 'Mama' I need to go to a place just for me but where is that? Maybe Hawaii..no i dont think so...or France. I took french 1 last year and am halfway through french 2 now. I know enough to ask questions, order food,and talk about music & movies (which are my favorite subjects). I love rock and punk music and horror movies too. Sometimes i see a chic-flick that isn't completely lame as well.

I am only 17, 2 weeks till 18, so after i thought awhile I didn't think going to France was such a good idea. So instead i went to the one local place that helps...Dairy Queen. I ordered a butterfinger blizzard and came home. For some odd reason i was still hungry after the ice cream. So i went to KFC for a famous chicken bowl. Well shit that seem like a lot of food maybe i'm PMSing. No wonder i was so pissed at..well nothing.

I think that book was written in another language but i'm sure as hell not asking the parents about it again. Hmm... I did write down the title or barcode..whatever it is. Maybe I'll ask my friend Nathan to look it up for me. He's kind of a dork but in a cute way. Guys with abs and brains aren't very common.

It's my birthday today! Finally 18! It's also the last day of school and a half day, which is good because I couodn't sleep last night. The sun seems super bright this morning too. I hope it will be a good day. Graduation is tonight...

The author's comments:
Please comment. if you have any suggestions for a title or any reccomendations. or just want to say if you like it or not.

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