The Moon

January 28, 2009
The Moon'

With a flash of golden light my candle comes to life. Suddenly the darkness becomes lightened by a soft glow, and long shadows are cast upon stonewalls that surround me.

The flame that burns before seems to avoid a menacing encounter with its worst enemy; the invisible cloud of my own breathing that threatens to take away, forever, the only existent light of such infinite darkness.

I look around; stone steps curl upwards and into darkness, leading to the great tower above that is my destination. My gentle footsteps echo through the walls, the halls, the rooms, and the very stone the castle is made of.

My breathing becomes heavier as my journey seems to be farther away. My small legs ache from the long journey, sweat beads adorn my face, and beads of wax slowly harden as they drip down the candle, reminding me that soon, darkness will win. My candle will be no more.

I hurry on. A narrow hallway appears as I take the last step, at the end of this hallway a door awaits, I hurry towards this door where neatly carved upon it are emerald vines, silver thorns and gold roses. I run my hand over the roses, tracing its form with my fingertips, wondering'

I pull the cold, golden handle; the door creaks as I slowly open it, slowly . . .
With a last flash of light the flame of my candle dies, a cold, cold wind has rushed my way swallowing the last light of the night. I am left in deep darkness. Twice I blink . . . darkness... I feel my way around this strange room, my hand feels a cold stone wall, I follow this wall until my hand touches something soft . . . velvet . . . a curtain . . . gently I pull the heavy curtain aside . . .

The wind starts to dance with my hair as my eyes start to adjust; I take in the view that lies before me.

A forest, giant oak trees stand tall and strong reaching forever toward the heavens where giant branches are sprinkled with white dust' snow.
Snow is falling lightly from the same heavens the ancient branches always reach to.
Small mounds of snow are starting to gather, the earth welcoming and holding on to the frozen water.

As I stand there, a red, red, bird appears gliding through the trees, the snow. Its gracious wings extend in flight'oh what a wonderful sight' through the white snow and the bare trees bellowing in the furious wind. this Red Bird dances towards me, I extend my hand toward this bird, lightly it lands, graciously on my finger, I smile, in return the red bird seems to gaze into my soul, its wild gaze deep in my own.

The spell is broken as, his gaze flickers towards a glow in the darkness, a glow I had never seen before, a glow that was once hidden behind dark clouds, a great sphere suspended in the night's heaven'glowing'glowing like my candle aflame, the Red Bird's eyes, the stars in the sky, my heart, my soul.
As I stand there my dream, the Red Bird sings a melody to me'

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Christina M. said...
Feb. 25, 2009 at 11:45 pm
The description is so VIVID that it is as though I am walking/experiencing what the words account...
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