Forbidden Fate-An Untold Future

January 28, 2009
By SkyTheAngel92 BRONZE, Fayetteville, Georgia
SkyTheAngel92 BRONZE, Fayetteville, Georgia
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In a moment's time I was destined for death. A deep voice rang throughout the chamber as I lifted my head from the floor.
'Come,' it rang. 'Come, my dear child.'
I couldn't help but to stand. Without even remembering a step, I was walking to the door of the room. I looked through the barred hole and saw a man standing. He stared right through me. I felt a sudden urge to open the locked door and go to him, only realizing it was him. He was entering my mind. A spell, I thought. He's taking over. I closed my eyes and shook my head.
'No.' My voice was hoarse and low. 'Get out of my head!'
He chuckled and stepped forward. I stepped away from the door and looked at my bloody wings.
'Where am I?' I whispered.
He smirked, 'Here. You're home. My sweet Lyra, you're home. Your real home.'
I back into a wall as tears stung my eyes.
I whispered low, 'no'no'no, I'm not'where am I?'
He chuckled and stared at me. I ran my hand along the ridged wall, staring at the blood covering my arm. It was my own blood. I turned towards the cold stone, hiding my face. He stepped through the door without even opening it.
Magick, I thought. He's using magick. While mine is being drained of me. I sensed him coming closer. His deep laugh echoed in my mind, though all was quiet about me. My eyes closed tight. I kept close to the wall. I walked along it until I was trapped in a corner. I felt his cold, dead hand on my shoulder and flinched away, resisting the desire to look at him. He started to growl as I fought back in my mind.
'Do not FIGHT ME!' he yelled.
I jumped a little and his thin, bony fingers wrapped around my arm just beneath my shoulder. He swung me around quite easily and slammed me into the wall. I cried out in pain and nearly fell, held in place by the strength of his grip. I was trapped, pinned against the wall. I closed my eyes as a warm tear ran down my cheek. The only warmth I'd felt in a long time. I could feel him staring right through me, at my eye lids as I avoided his spell.
His grip tightened and I opened my eyes, only to be caught by his stare. I froze and soon felt numb, feeling dizzy and as if the world was falling from beneath me. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to a different room. I obediently closed my eyes. I didn't move. I couldn't. Not that I would dare to. His cold hands worked around me as he put my hands in chained braces that hung from the ceiling. My body weak and my mind empty, he let me hang there. Tears stained my cheeks as I began to gain feeling. Thoughts of pain kept flooding into me head and I suddenly felt like a child deserving a punishment not yet received.
I lifted my head and looked around. The room was dark, cold, and smelt of death. I noticed the man standing in the corner, staring at me. In his pale hand, a thick, leather whip. He stared into my eyes again. This time he was just staring. No spell? I thought. What is he planning? Why do I feel the need for punishment when I've done nothing? He smiled and I suddenly felt another cold hand on my back. I tried to turn away but it only hurt worse. I tried to move my wings, but it hurt terribly. I looked up and saw a hook connected to the walls by a chain in each one. They tightened and I screamed in pain.
I let my head sink and didn't fight back as they tore open the back of my dress, exposing my own pale back. I hung there, my knees barely touching the floor, my feet pinned to it. He stepped forward and stood in front of me. He lifted my chin and stared into my eyes.
'My name is Sebastian, though you shall call me father or master. You will learn not to fight me, for it will only make the scars you receive greater in number. Do not fight and I simply will not punish, my child,' he said in his deep voice, an accent on his breath.
I didn't move or make a sound, silently praying for help. Another angel would've been perfect. He chuckled and dropped my head. I jumped when I heard him snap the whip towards the wall. He laughed again and swung it in my direction.
I screamed the moment it hit my back and sobbed breathlessly. He swung again, and again, hitting me once. Twice. Thrice. I hung there, sending forth silent prayers and curses with little breath. At that moment, I thought, God, some help would be perfect at this time.
Sebastian stood before me and kept his eyes on me as I lifted my head.
'Have you learned obedience?' he asked.
Silence was my response.
'I said, 'HAVE YOU LEARNED OBEDIENCE?'' he shouted.
Just then, the door slammed against the wall and the room was flooded with light. I looked at the door and Sebastian hissed. A tall winged figure, a man I presumed, stepped through the doorway, pointing a long sword at Sebastian, and said, 'Release the chains.'
Sebastian hissed again and shouted, 'NO! She's mine.'
The man snapped and I looked him full in the face, noticing a difference between me and him. His wings were solid black, and mine, white.
'Lyra Faith, get up,' he said in a commanding voice. I stood with ease, my pain, a numb throbbing. My hands fell to my sides and my wings closed around me. I blinked and looked at Sebastian. I began to giggle, then laugh, feeling victorious. I was laughing at Sebastian. He looked so shocked, angry, and weak. I just laughed. The man smirked and stared at Sebastian.
I finally spoke, my laughter gone, 'Yes. But my obedience'is to my creator, who has defeated you. Goodbye, Sebastian.'
Sebastian growled and came at me again. I raised a hand and shook my head, looking at the man.
'I'm sick of this place. Get me out of here,' I pleaded as Sebastian flew into a wall.
The man nodded and picked me up, carrying me as he flew out of the nearest exit into the night air, delivering me safely home.

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