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February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

What a Strange Dog
Walking to school was always something fun I liked to do because I got the chance to talk to my best friend Tony. Tony and I would always talk about things if it was serious or not, he could always make me laugh and that was a good way to start off the day. He can help me get away from all my problems at home but he still doesn't understand how hard it is. Being a 15-year-old gets really hard sometimes. With stress of homework and parents fighting things get in the way with everything like failing tests or not doing good in a basketball game. Tony still is a very good friend to me.

On one bright shiny morning in middle may, Tony and I started walking to school as normal. As we were about to turn the counter of the end of the block we saw a little black dog that was sitting right in front of us. It startled me. It came out of nowhere. I have never seen this dog before while walking to school or anywhere around. Tony and I kelp walking along and then a sound came from behind us. 'Hey! Come back!' Turning around shocked I could see no one but that dog. 'What's the matter?' Tony asked. 'Oh nothing, I just thought I heard something.' I replied. 'Well hurry up, we are going to be late for school.' Tony said while pulling my arm to keep walking. As we got to the school I was thinking about that strange dog all day. When I looked into his big brown eyes I lost my breath, something about him was so weird and I wanted to find out what it was. And then hearing that call that only I could hear.
Walking home from school I was looking for the strange dog the whole time not paying any attention to Tony talk about Millie, the most popular girl in school who Tony was crushing on. When I got inside I started on my homework right away. I told myself I needed to start working more on my math and stop worrying about that dog. I didn't know why it was getting to me so much, I mean it's just a dog. Right?

Found you
Daytime went by fast and the moon was up. I went to bed and fell asleep right away. I started dreaming about that dog. He was flying and doing all these amazing things in my dream it was so crazy. I knew that that dog was magic. He was a special dog. I just had to figure out how to prove it. That day I told my mom I was sick and didn't feel well. After she went to work I went out looking for that dog. I finally found it sitting on the playground down the block. 'Come here boy!' I called. He came right away. He stood a little below my knees. I played with the dog for a while. I couldn't find a tag on him so I decided to give him a name. 'I'm going to call you Jizzy.' He barked and smiled at me. He loved his new name. I brought Jizzy home with me and got to no the new dog more. He was very jumpy and loud. I turned on my TV to have something to do. 'Jake get me something to eat please.' What was that? I thought. I looked around to see who said that. Maybe I was just hearing things. 'Mom?' I called. No answer.

He talks!
I went back to the living room to get Jizzy and he was in the kitchen going threw the cabinets. 'Jizzy! What are you doing? You're making a mess!' I yelled. 'Well what do you got around here?' Jizzy asked. 'What'?' I asked confused. I was so confused. I had all these emotions going threw me. Freaked out. Scared. Confused. Worried. Happy. Shocked. Frightened. Everything you could name. I tried staying calm. Jizzy just sat there staring at me with his big brown eyes. 'Well do you?' Jizzy asked?
'Jizzy you can talk?'
'You can hear me?'
'Loud and clear.'
'Well then could you get my something to eat? I'm kind of hungry.' Jizzy said.
'Hey it's not everyday you pick up a dog who can talk.' I told him.
I got Jizzy something to eat and we went upstairs to my room to talk. Witch was weird for me. Talking to a dog.

Jizzy told me that most humans couldn't hear him and it was weird for him to know that I could hear him too.

I finally asked Jizzy a question that I have been wanting to ask him.

'Jizzy, can you fly? Do you have like'.super powers?'

'HAHAHA. Jake I know I can talk but I'm not a super hero.'

'How do you know? Have you ever tried?'

'Well no but that's impossible.'

'Well alright, I was just wondering because I had a dream about you last night and you were flying in it.'

'I wish I could fly.' Jizzy said with a sigh.

'Me too Jizz.'

Believe Me

When mom came home I asked her if I could keep Jizzy. She said yes in a heartbeat. She fell in love with Jizzy just like I did. She loved his soft fur and big brown eyes. I knew it was going to be fun having Jizzy around here. When dad came home he didn't care much for the dog. Actually didn't care at all. I told Jizzy not to worry about my dad because he was just a mean person.

The next day on my way to school I told Tony about Jizzy. I told him that he could talk. 'Jake? I think you're going crazy. There's no way a dog can talk.'

'No really Tony, he can, I swear! I can hear him. My mom and dad can't hear him but I can! I know it's really weird, but he really does talk.'

'Okay Jake. Whatever you say.'
We didn't talk much after that on the walk there. I knew that Tony would think it was weird. But he's knows I couldn't lie about something like that. It does sound a little weird, a dog that talks. But Tony is my best friend, I thought he would believe me.

Fly Jizzy fly

At lunch I went to go sit by Tony and some of the other guys.
'Hey Tony.' I called to him. He looked at me gave me a nod and turned away laughing with the other guys. I went to go over there and see what was going on and it looked like they were all talking about me. They would look at me and then start laughing. I didn't know why Tony was doing this. Even if he was my friend or not. It made me so mad. All of a sudden something happened that I didn't expect to happen at all. Tony stood up on his chair and called out, 'Hey everyone! Can everyone please look this way?' Once everyone in the lunch room has their eyes on him he began. 'My friend Jake has new dog named Jizzy and he has super powers!' Everyone was laughing at me I was so embarrassed. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Jizzy flew in into the lunch room! Jizzy was flying!

To be continued

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