Angela's Adventure

January 6, 2016
By BlueDaisy SILVER, Springville, Utah
BlueDaisy SILVER, Springville, Utah
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In a world known as Beau, there was a beautiful place called Palasia. Palasia, with its trees, mountains, and rivers was a sight to behold. Despite the beautiful landscape, the people there aren’t what you’d call normal. Sure, they have their politics, religion, sports, you know, the usual, but there were two groups of people in particular that had a difference so large that they usually couldn’t get along. The Magie (magical folk), and the Ordinaire (folk without magic). That is to say most of them couldn’t get along. This was a time of magic, and almost anything can happen when you put your mind to it.
Our story begins on one Magie girl’s 13th birthday, a girl by the name of Angela Feather.  Angela had been waiting for this birthday all of her life. The Magie aren’t allowed to have magic until the age of thirteen. Crystal chains are what gives all of the Magie their power, but if the crystal chain gets taken or lost, the chain loses its power until returned to its original owner. When the Magie are born the crystal chain forms, and each chain is unique to show just how much power it holds, or in other words how much power that particular Magie has. The brighter the color, the more power it holds.
Angela slumbered with a smile on her face knowing that when she woke she would get her very own crystal chain from her mother’s cedar chest, which is where her mother hides them until her children are thirteen. A blue tunic and jeans were lying on her desk, so that when she awoke she could be a magician in training right away. The blue stood for calm, because it was imperative that you have a clear head while you perform magic. You don’t exactly want to blow up your grandmother’s favorite vase for example. (Which somehow is a very common thing to do when you lose your temper.)
A crisp breeze blew through Angela’s window, and she shot up. It was as though someone had whispered, “Wake child, not all is as it seems.”  She couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was right outside her window, but she hurriedly got changed, the smile on her face growing wider and wider. Angela heard her mom shout for her to come down for breakfast. She ran down the stairs and saw her siblings waiting for her. David, her older brother was looking longingly at the biscuits and gravy sitting on the stove.
“I’m starving! Let’s eat!” David said.
“You know, just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you have to act like you’ve never eaten a meal in your life,” Trisha, Angela’s younger sister,  jived. Mrs. Feather threw Trisha a scolding look. After saying a prayer, they ate their biscuits. Just as they finished eating, there was a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it, why don’t you go up and get your crystal chain from the attic?” Mrs. Feather said as she left to open the door. Angela was so excited that she left her plate on the table, and rushed up to the attic. Angela opened the cedar chest and pulled out the little box with her name on it. When she opened the box she was disappointed to see that her chain was as clear as glass. Then she remembered that until she touched the chain it would remain colorless. She reached into the box and grabbed the crystal chain.
As soon as she touched it, a warmth blew through her body that had nothing to do with the heating spell her father cast every winter and spring. The crystal chain  glowed all of the colors of the rainbow and then became a brilliant diamond color. Angela was shocked. She had never heard of a diamond-colored chain before. Red was supposedly the highest color, then came orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  That is how the employment system ran, reds got first pick, then orange, etc. How was she supposed to fit in, if her chain looked like a really glittery, clear, white, crystal?
Angela suddenly noticed that there were raised voices coming from downstairs. She threw the diamond chain around her neck, and silently ran down the hall. She peeked around the corner, and looked down over the banister. Her parents were just outside the kitchen door shielding Trisha and David from the view of a cloaked figure. Angela realized that he was a man, when he screamed, “Where is Angela Feather?!”
“We’ll never tell you Méchant!” Mr. Feather shouted.
“Silence,” Méchant hissed, “I can sense her.” Angela stopped breathing as Méchant said, “I know you can hear me Angela, give yourself up.” Angela didn’t move a muscle. His voice was so cold that she just stood there, frozen. Méchant knew that she would not come, so he said, “Have it your way.” Méchant held out his hand, broke Mr. Feather, and Mrs. Feather’s shield charms and put Angela’s family in a blood red bubble. Trisha shrieked as Angela held back a sob. Méchant stepped backwards into the shadows and disappeared along with Angela’s family. She didn’t know what to do. What could she do?
Angela ran outside and whistled. Artemis, Angela’s montage-rapide, came speeding around the corner.  A montage-rapide is a large, kind, lynx like creature. Angela patted Artemis on the head and hopped on.
“Take me to Mr. Question please,” she whispered in Artemis’ ear. Artemis shot off like a bullet, Angela clung to Artemis’ fur with her hair flying out behind her. If anyone could help her, the librarian, Mr. Question, definitely could. They arrived at the library, a very large, stone building that always reminded Angela of a castle. Angela stood in awe for a moment and then remembered why it was so important for her to go in. She marched right up to Mr. Question, Artemis following close behind for dramatic effect.
“My family has just been taken by a man named Méchant. He was looking for me. Why?” she asked in a strained voice of forced calm. Mr. Question looked up from the paper he was writing on. A mingled look of shock and fear flashed on his face for just a moment. He gestured for Angela to follow him. Mr. Question went to a bookshelf covered in dust. As he searched for what he was looking for, Angela brushed off the dust covering the label on the bookshelf.
“Prophesies! Why are you looking for a prophesy?” Angela said disappointedly,”My family is trapped in a bubble, made by a psychopath!” A definite note of hysteria rising in her voice. She was about to start shouting at the old librarian, but he raised a hand in the air and handed her a volume that’s cover was too worn to read. Mr. Question handed her a note that said, page 378, use it well. She flipped through the pages and found 378. She read it silently, 
The diamond chain, power of a heart so pure, Méchant will take all,  to be stopped,  a band of four, one shall lead, sacrifice of the heart, takes you back to the start, sacrifice of what you most desire, the transformation will transpire.
Angela tried to make sense of it. She thought to herself, The diamond chain around my neck was obviously what made Mr. Question go straight for this prophecy, it must be about me, and it is a relief to know that the crystal chain isn’t white because I’m stupid. Sacrifice of the heart, takes you back to the start...hmm. My heart longs for my family back maybe that’s what it meant, but what was the start? Sacrifice of what I most desire… Not my magic! I don’t even know how to use it yet.
“Urg!” she said under her breath. Mr. Question walked over to Angela again, and pointed at the word start. He shuffled down one of the vast aisles of books. Angela decided it was best to just follow him without saying anything. He probably wouldn’t respond anyway.  He pointed his finger to another aisle and nodded, then he walked away. Angela was bewildered, but she walked down the aisle that Mr. Question had pointed out. As she walked she heard voices and a girl giggling.
She stepped into where the voices were coming from, and found Nicole, a 17-year-old Magie girl, kissing Jake, a 17-year-old Ordinaire. Angela knew them both, and was holding back the urge to laugh. She coughed quietly instead. Nicole and Jake both looked up. The Magie and the Ordinaire had both agreed that their societies shouldn’t mix, and so Magie and Ordinaire weren’t supposed to date. Nicole and Jake blushed and then stood up.
“What are you doing here?” Nicole asked.
“I was looking for help in finding my family. They’ve been taken by Méchant,” Angela said.
“We’ll help you. Where were they taken?” Jake inquired.
“I don’t know,” Angela said. A small boy with jet black hair came around the bookshelf.
“I couldn’t help but overhear you, and I think I might be able to help you. Oh, and my name is Liam,” the boy said.
“How could you help us?” Nicole asked. Liam smirked and said, “I know how to get to Méchant’s castle.” No one said a word. Angela nodded.
“Lead the way,” Angela said. They all walked out, into the main library. Angela whistled for Artemis who was still following Mr. Question. She hopped on Artemis’ back, and Artemis trotted out the front door. Nicole, Jake, and Liam called for their montage-rapides, and they all set off with Liam in the lead.
They traveled for 3 days only stopping to eat the food Nicole had transformed, and to sleep. When they did stop Nicole showed Angela a few magic charms she thought might come in handy. Saying the spells was easy because all you had to do was say what you wanted to have happen backwards. For example if you really wanted a drink of water then you would say, “naelc retaw ni a puc esaelp emoc.” But you need to have a clear mind while conjuring or the spell will be all messed up.
After the hard 3-day ride, a dark mountain covered the horizon. Angela knew that Méchant would have put his home on the most menacing, overpowering place he could find, and she shivered at the thought of what was happening up there to her family. They rode up the mountain and Liam signaled for them to stop at the mouth of a cave.
Angela had grown to admire Nicole and Jake. Even though they both knew the risks of being together, they were determined nonetheless. Liam still kind of creeped Angela out. They all got off of their montage-rapides. Artemis tried to follow, but Angela told her to stay.  The group inched toward the cave, with Angela in the lead. It seemed only right to have her go first, it was her family after all.  They all inched forward bit by bit into the dark cave. Angela had an idea, she felt stupid for not thinking of it before.
“I deen thgil,” she whispered. Her chain started to glow right away. Then she gasped. She was alone. Where had her friends gone? She heard a muffled yell, a thud, and then silence. All of a sudden, the ground disappeared, and she fell through the empty nothingness.
“Noisuc llaf!” Angela shrieked. Then as if the wind whispered it to her, she thought she heard stay calm.
“Noisuc llaf,” Angela said. The effect was immediate and just in time. Her face was a foot from the ground, as soon as she exhaled the spell broke and she fell. Gasping for breath she realized in her efforts not to become flattened by the fall, her light charm had broken. She was too shaky to try again, so instead she whispered, “Nicole, Jake, Liam, anyone?”
The whole cavern suddenly lit up, and was filled with malevolent laughter. Angela spun around and the first thing she saw was Jake, Nicole, David, and her parents all paralyzed in separate cages hanging from the ceiling. She abruptly noticed Méchant, still cloaked, behind the cages standing on a raised platform with a throne, holding Trisha in front of him, a knife at her throat.
“Give me your chain and I’ll let them go.” Méchant smirked. All she could see of him was his smirk and his obsidian chain, but then she realized how short he was, and how familiar that smirk was.
“Liam?” Angela asked.
“Yes it’s me,” Méchant/Liam said throwing off the cloak, “Now stop stalling, and give me the chain, or your little sister dies.” Trisha whimpered.  Angela was so frightened that she did what Méchant commanded and handed him her chain. He threw Trisha on the ground and sat back in his throne. Méchant flicked his hand. Angela felt a searing pain in both of her legs, and screamed. They were broken!
“Now that I have your chain no one will be able to stop me from taking over Palasia! Mwahahahahaha!” He screeched joyously, as he threw open curtains on the other side of the room. Behind the curtain, a pulsing pile of chains lay in a circle. He set his and Angela’s chains down, completing the circle. Méchant stood back as the crystal morphed and shrunk into a ringlet of twisted black and gold. He placed in on his head and laughed. Angela couldn’t believe it. With that ringlet, all he would have to do is think of something, anything, and on a whim it would appear, disappear, or change. Angela signaled to Trisha not to speak. Angela crawled towards Méchant. With all of her might she lifted herself up onto her knees and snatched the ringlet off of his head.
She shrieked and writhed in pain. The ringlet was so corrupt that it was tearing her apart from the inside. She couldn’t feel, see, smell, or hear anything. She was nothing, but a brilliant light. The brilliant light faded, the broken ringlet and a moonstone the size of a robin’s egg fell from the light. Angela had become a moonstone! Trisha picked up the small stone, and said to Méchant, “Look at what you’ve done.” She fell on her knees, and began to cry. Méchant was weak, and drained of power.
“I’ll be back!” he shrieked. He slunk into the darkness and vanished. The cages vanished, and everyone was able to move again. They gathered around Trisha and the little moonstone. Trisha set the moonstone on the floor, and it began to shake. Everyone stopped crying and watched the little moonstone shiver and shake. A crack appeared on the stone. It broke in half, and everyone was engulfed in light and song.
When the light and song had faded, a spiral of smoke lifted from the egg and solidified. Angela stood there before them with wings that glittered like stars. She collapsed onto the floor.
“Are you alright?” they all clamored around her.
“I’m fine, don’t worry. Where’s Liam, I mean Méchant? Did he escape? Is everybody alright? Why are you all staring at me like that? What happened?” Angela’s questions all flowed out in a jumble. Trisha was the first to speak.
“Méchant did escape, and everybody is alright, but um… well, you kind of turned into a moonstone, which cracked and you popped out and collapsed,” Trisha said the last part in a rush.
“You also have glittery wings sticking out of your back,” David said bluntly. Jake punched him in the shoulder.
“What?!” Angela exclaimed. She looked over her shoulder and said in wonder, “Oh, they’re so pretty.” She flexed the muscles on her back and was surprised at how easy it was to flap her wings. She flew around the cavern once or twice, landed, and then bowed. Everything seemed so much happier now that she was back with her family.  If I’m a fairy, that means I don’t need a chain any more, Angela thought. She picked up the pieces of the ringlet which only tingled in her hands. Angela crushed the pieces in her hands and whispered, “Sniahc emoc kcab.”
The ringlet melted and out came 6 separate chains. 2 reds, 3 oranges, and 1 chain of intertwined obsidian and diamond. The two reds flew to Mrs. and Mr. Feather, the 3 oranges flew to David, Nicole, and JAKE! Jake looked bewildered.
“I’m an Ordinaire I can’t do magic!” Jake said, “Egnaro esaelp.” An orange appeared in his hand. Nicole ran over and hugged him. Angela picked up the obsidian and diamond chain, and put it around her neck. Even though she didn’t need it, she thought that someone had whispered in her ear to take it. When she turned around to see who it was, she realized that everyone was gathered around Jake admiring his orange.
“Let’s go,” Angela said. Angela picked up Trisha, while the rest of them made hover charms. They all flew out of the pit, and walked through the cave into the open air. Even though Angela knew it would be faster to get home by flying, she and Trisha got onto Artemis. Jake and David got on Jasper, Jake’s montage-rapide, Nicole on Hannah, Nicole’s montage-rapide, and Mr. and Mrs. Feather got onto Steve, Méchant’s old montage-rapide. They went home joking and laughing. Angela learned how to fold her wings into her back, which was a huge relief. When they finally made it back home everyone was ready for a long nap. They knew that exhausted as they were, the new day would come to them tomorrow. And whatever came, they would be ready and face it together as a family.  They opened the door, and found a tall, slim, old woman sitting on the couch in the living room. She had wings just like Angela’s.
“Who are you?” Mr. Feather asked. The old fairy laughed. Her laugh sounded like tinkling bells.
“Why, I’m Angela’s fairy guardian, Iris,” She said. Angela stepped forward.
“My what?” Angela asked bewildered.
“I’m your fairy guardian,” Iris said again. “I am the one who warned you of danger,  and told you to stay calm.”
“That was you? Why couldn’t I see you?” Angela asked.
“I was waiting for you to become a fairy, and I really didn’t want to frighten you.”
“So, why were you waiting for me to become a fairy, and how did you know that I would?” Angela asked suspiciously.
“That,” Iris said pointing at Angela’s chain. “Whenever someone is fairy material, they get a diamond colored chain.”
“Well, that explains a lot,” Angela said.
“If you want to, I’ve come to take you to the fairy kingdom,” Iris said. Angela looked around to her family.
“I can come back and visit right?” Angela said worriedly.
“Yes, you can.” Iris said.
“Then I suppose it’s off to my next great adventure.” Angela smiled. Angela, and Iris both walked out the door and flew away to the fairy kingdom. Angela came back and visited her family often. Her powers grew, and she did as well. Life will always have challenges, but it is how we face them that makes us stronger. And of course, they all lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wings, or command nature in ways that are against the laws of physics? Well, in a world of magic, the laws of physics have a way of being very flexible. The amazing thing is, your mind and imagination have uncountable worlds and places you could go. So what's stopping you?

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