Trapped In an Elevator

January 19, 2009
By Anonymous

“I’m ready,” Spongebob said multiple times as he ran into the elevator that was just about to ascend. As Spongebob ran excitedly around the elevator he noticed a handsome, well dressed man roughly 6 feet tall. “Well who might you be?” said Spongebob.
“I’m Bond……..James bond,” he said, “What is your name and where might you be going?”
“I’m Spongebob Squarepants!” “And I was just on my way to meet my friend Patrick Star we were thinking about going to Weenie Hut Jr’s.”
“Hmm, allright Mr. Bob.” As Spongebob and Bond had a conversation, a young girl was becoming increasingly upset that she was unrecognized.
“Do you people even know who I am?” Hannah Montana said loudly.
“No miss, I’m sorry who are you?” bond said.
“Duh, I’m Hannah Montana,” “what century are you living in?” Spongebob jumped with excitement and stood in shock staring at Hannah Montana.
“Oh my gosh it’s Hannah Montana!” “Can I have your autograph?” “You are my favorite!” said Spongebob with a large smile on his face.
“Well, sure you can have my autograph” “What did you say your name was again?” “I’m Spongebob Squarepants!” Hannah Montana scribbles on a large picture of herself. “Here you go Spongebob.”
“Wow, thank you so much!” “I can’t wait to show this to Patrick!” James Bond takes a quick glance at the picture and notices that it is not signed Hannah Montana.
“Spongebob, that isn’t her name, correct?”
“No, Miley Cyrus actually is her real name” “Why do you ask Bond?”
“Miley Cyrus you will have to come with me you are in grave danger,” says Bond. Miley is confused, but Bond forces her to come with him as they hit the next floor. Spongebob was also planning to get off at this floor and follows them out of the elevator. 10 seconds after they leave the elevator there is a large explosion that occurs in the closed elevator.
“Get down!” says Bond. “We need to leave now!” Bond takes Miley Cyrus and begins to leave but sees that Spongebob is cowering in the corner and decides to save him as well. The three quickly begin their escape.

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