Time Soldiers

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

By: Jordan Jorgensen
Time Soldiers

Chapter 1: a mysterious light

Zzzz the first shot was fired by the Zemban army commander. The laser glided right past Roy’s ear and hit a soldier behind him. The Celt commander shot back. The rule was on both sides that the commanders fired the first shot, after the side’s commander fired then everyone on that side could take aim and fire. Everyone ducked behind the force field to avoid being hit. The battle was on.

The breeze was cool and relaxing as it blew through Roy’s dirty blond hair, if only he wasn’t at war he could lay and relax in between the green summer trees and relax.

Lasers fired back and forth through the wind blown trees. Clouds were blowing in from the south, over the Zemban side. It should start raining soon said Roy to him self. Zzzzz a laser hit the force field in front of his head, he jumped nearly out from behind the force field, and luckily a hand grabbed his arm and yanked him back. He turned to see that it was Ike, his best friend since 3rd grade.

“That’s 2 to 0 now” said Ike with a big grin on his speckled face, his eyes a greenish blue color, his hair bright golden blond.

“Shut up dude” said Roy rather sorrowful. Then he looked up and gave his friend a small smile and turned and shot at the other side.

The battle raged for the next 5 to 6 hours before they finally drove back the Zemban back over to their side, then they agreed to call it a day, because everyone was so tired.

The two countries were both on the same land like U.S and Canada, and they didn’t get along very well like Canada and U.S and their armies are almost equal. So it all depends on tactics.

That night was a very stormy night to be on guard at the borders. Roy and Ike lay awake in their tents. The clap of thunder refused to let them sleep and any of the great flashes of lightning could be an attack by the Zemban army.

Their shifts were in about 30 minutes from 4 till 7 when everyone else got up.

As Roy got out of his tent to start his watch, about 25 minutes later, he noticed a small flicker of light, about half a mile away, over the border.

It was still raining and the ground was muddy and cold and slick as ice. It was even a bit frozen.

He squinted his eyes but couldn’t see anything so he reached into his tent and pulled out his binoculars and zoomed in on the small hill, for that was were the light had been. As he zoomed in extremely close he could make out what looked like a door on the hillside. He put his binoculars back in his bag and went to find Ike to see what he thought of it.

When he reached Ike’s tent he was putting his camo over his pajamas. Are you planning on sleeping while on lookout asked Roy with a smile?

No, their just comfy said Ike tiredly.

Hey I think I found something when I got out of my tent, you should take a look.

Ok said Ike.

Roy showed Ike the hill and zoomed in on the door. He told him about the light and it most likely came from that door.
Ike thought a moment; he stared and stared at the hill.

He finally turned and with a grin said, we better check it out, it could be some Zemban’s trying to sneak over, and we are on guard duty.

Your sense of adventure and danger is going to get us killed someday dude, said Roy a little nervously.

Hay! Don’t forget who saved your butt like a million times, now let’s go Ike exclaimed and went to pack his bag.

Roy stood there for about 30 seconds thinking about their journey to the hill and what they will find their if they make it without being discovered and shot. He turned and went back to his tent to pack.

Chapter 2: Danger on the enemy border

As Roy finished packing anything they may need, Ike was out side the tent wining for Roy to hurry up.

Roy finished packing and they headed down the hill toward the distant hill.

As they headed for the hill, the rain seemed to be getting harder and harder. It felt like little rocks pounding against them. By the time they got three fourths of the way to the hill the hail was like regular sized rocks falling on their heads.

As they started their journey up toward the hill Roy saw a shadow move across his flashlight he paused and looked around.

Did you see something, asked Ike? Grrrrrr. What was that, exclaimed Ike! I think its over, o crap! A rezagor jumped up out of the shadows nearly taking off Roy’s head, its fiery orange fur brushing across his face, as he ducked to the ground. It landed and turned, its red devil eyes blazing seeming to light up its fox like features. It opened its mouth revealing bloody vampire like, razor sharp teeth. It gave out a blood hurtling howl and sprang right at Ike’s head, Roy still on the ground pulled out his gun and shot it right in the side of the head as it was inches away from Ike. It went spiraling to the ground and made a few quick twitches, and then lay still.

Ike stood their in shock by what had just happened. That repays one of the times you saved me, maybe two since that one was certain death, said Ike shakily.

Ya, but you can’t forget about that Zemban soldier that was only 2 feet away from my head that you shot as he was pulling the trigger down.

Hmm, that is true, ok then let’s just call that one.

Sound good, said Roy inspecting the dead animal on the ground.

Is it dead, asked Ike nervously?

Ha, you think it could have survived that, but yes it is dead I don’t feel a heart beet, said Roy turning to Ike. We should take a rest and eat, we can continue in when we calm down and are done eating.

Sounds good to me, said Ike taking his pack off to get some snacks. He found some fruit and some chips. They sat back to back to be sure they wouldn’t get snuck up on.

Chapter 3: A strange door

When they finished eating they started up the big hill. Ike looked up a head and discovered that there was no rain up at the top of the hill.

When they reached the top they noticed that it was mostly dried out, but all around the hill was still very damp.

I wonder how that happens, said Ike scratching his head.

Shhh, Roy motioned for the door and they slowly approached the door, listening very carefully for any sound of movement or talking. They came to the door and knelt down and put their ears to the door. They could only make out a small buzzing noise, like a furnace.

That is strange said Ike feeling around the door for a secret button or something to open the door. Roy joined him in feeling around the door, for a switch.

As Roy’s hand was moving across the door he noticed a line of bumps on the door that was smooth and took the shape of a water droplet. Look at this Roy said to Ike while still focusing on the wooden water droplet.

That’s strange, said Ike running his fingers on it, then standing up. He went over to his pack and got out a small water bottle. He came back and opened it.

You thirsty already, said Roy with a smile.

No, the door wants water so I’m giving it some. He opened the bottle and looked at Roy, should I, he said smiling as he brought his arm back, ready to toss the water at the symbol.

Ike, you shouldn’t do that who knows what’s going to, zzzzzzzzzzz a laser came rushing by them and hit the door, it didn’t leave a burn or anything, Roy looked at it awkwardly, and then turned just in time to see Ike, grab his gun, avoid a shot and shoot the Zemban right in the chest.

As the Zemban fell, Ike went to the edge and peered over to see two dozen Zemban’s coming up the hillside. He turned and yelled to Roy, their coming up the hill, we have to get the door open or we don’t have a fighting chance. Roy quickly picked up the bottle of water and his pack and dumped the water all over the door, the water symbol most of all.

Ike picked up his pack and ran over to the door just in time to see a dark red light coming from the door. It was blinding and had a force to it that should have sent them flying but it didn’t. A tiny amount of colors joined the red and together the colors formed a picture of an erupting volcano.

Roy and Ike looked up into the doorway in astonishment. It didn’t last long because they could hear the voices getting closer to the top. Ike quickly turned and then turned back and grabbed Roy and ran into the picture of the volcano.

Suddenly everything became white; just white no other colors, no noise, just white. Ike let go of Roy’s sleeve and looked around, they weren’t standing, and if they were then they had become totally weightless. As they looked around they started to fade from each others sight into the whiteness, and as they tried to grab one another their hands went right through the others hand, until they had totally faded away from the other.

Chapter 4: Roy’s adventure

Everything was white, their was no Ike, no…anyone, Roy was alone he sat their with his arm still out where Ike had been, a look of terror in his eye. Finally he put his arm down and looked ahead, there in the distance a light was approaching quickly. Within 30 seconds Roy had reached it or it had reached him. He saw a quick glance of the volcano again, except this time it wasn’t erupting. The picture faded and he felt gravity start kicking in and things started taking color, and he touched ground and after the light faded, he found himself on a large flat rock, on the side a large mountain. He stumbled a bit when gravity suddenly kicked in the rest of the way, and turned to see that steam was coming off the top of the mountain. He was on a volcano. A volcano ready to erupt!

He turned to see that the light had faded and there was a large rock blocking the tunnel instead of a door, it was dark and the stars were out and their was a bright full moon. Where is Ike he thought to himself, he looked back up at the volcano to see that little driblets of magma were coming over the edges. He took one more look around to see if Ike was anywhere nearby, and then took off running as the lava started flowing over.

As Roy ran down the mountain he looked over his shoulder to see the lava go over the rock he had been on, and over his only known escape back to where he lived.

The lava was slowly gaining on him, he picked up the pace but was becoming wobbly and their was very little chance of being able to stop if he ran into something.

The ground was very rocky and Roy both ran and slipped down it. He was now going about the same speed as the pursuing lava. He looked back to see that it was only about nine feet behind him. He was getting very hot now that the boiling lava was so close to him. He looked ahead to see that about thirty feet down the mountain was a very large looking trench. As he approached it he got ready to jump, and as he jumped over it he looked down to see everlasting darkness. He was good he made it away from the lava. As he landed he looked back to see the lava flow into the dark depts. He started laughing as he continued down the hill at full speed, because he still couldn’t stop.

He was still looking back at the lava when he heard, LOOK OUT! Roy jerked his head forward wide eye just in time to see himself smash right into a large dead tree.

As he fell to the ground all his bones felt like they had a heart beat, his brain felt fizzy and darkness was filling in around his eyes. He looked up at the shadow that had appeared over him, when his vision was nearly gone. Before everything went dark he felt himself get dragged onto an ATV and someone or something was strapping him to it. Then everything went black.

Chapter 5: Ike’s adventure

When Roy had faded from his sight Ike, quickly looked ahead to what was next, he knew that he would find Roy, but next time they use one of these portal things, he was not going to let go of Roy, no matter what.

A volcano came into Ike’s view at the end of the white tunnel. As he was let off he stumbled around and then took a look at his surroundings. He was in a small cave; he looked around to see water dripping off the walls and ceiling. He walked to the entrance that was only a few feet away, and looked out across a grassy field. It was about midday. The sun was high in the sky. He was up on a hill. In the distance off to his right he saw a volcano. It looked like it had erupted during the night. As he looked to his right he saw what looked like a small town. He decided that, that was his best shot. He might find someone who could help him find Roy. Or he might even just find Roy their and they could go home. He walked out of the cave and headed down the hill. He saw rabbits and birds and it was a nice day, and there was nothing attacking him. That was good. He hoped Roy was having as a nice time as he was aside from them being separated in a different world or time.

As he approached the little village he noticed that the people in the village only had swords and bows. He must be in a less advanced world or far in the past. He set his pack down and put his gun that he had had on an army belt around his waste, in the pack and opened another pocket and, put in a code to make the pack transform into what looked like an old fashion regular bag. He then snuck into the first tent he saw with no one in it and found a shirt and some pants, then snuck back out of town without anyone noticing, to change into them.

When he had finished changing he put his clothes into his pack and went into town. He looked through the town to see if he could find someone to help him, but what could he say to someone, that he had come from another world and he and his friend got separated and he needed help. They would probably think he was messed up and tell the authorities that a crazy maniac was in their town.

As Ike was walking down the dirt road in between the tents he noticed a figure, in the shadows watching him. The figure pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it, they noticed that he had noticed them and motioned for him to come into the shadows.

Ike didn’t know what else to do so he followed. He looked back to see if anyone had noticed. No one had so he cautiously walked into the darkness.

It wasn’t totally pitch black but it was pretty darn dark for it being a sun shiny day. He felt something put its hand on his shoulder and turned quickly ready to fight if the figure attacked. He wasn’t going to be surprised by anything.

Hi, are you Ike, the figure asked? It sounded like a girl. The voice was to sweet and nice to be a boys, the figure also had long hair so that could be more proof.

Ya, how do you know my name, asked Ike? Who are you?

I am Emma, I found your friend Roy, when he was charging down the volcano, he hit a tree and was knocked out. I found this picture of him and you in his bag and went to search for you.

Where is he right now, asked Ike getting exited?!

He is resting at my tent on the far side of town over their. She pointed to a tent on the far side of the town. She started walking towards it and Ike followed.

When he came into the light he saw that she had blond hair with a little bit of dirty blond but not a ton just a little, and it ran down a few inches past her shoulders, and was all strait with no curls at all. She had tan skin that had no zits or any other kind of blemish. She wore a tan animal skin shirt and shorts. Her shoes were made of the same stuff only with hard leather on the bottom. Her eyes were a light blue and she stood about 5ft 5in, Ike was quit taller than her because he was nearly six foot. Roy was a little shorter than him, standing at 5ft 9in.

Ike hoped that his friend was ok. When they entered the tent Ike saw his friend lying on a bed with a really big bruise on his head, normally he would have laughed at him but he was just happy to see him.

So what happened to him up on the volcano, asked Ike?

Well when I saw him he was charging down the volcano after it had erupted, he was looking back and he was coming up on a tree and hadn’t noticed it. So I screamed for him to look out but it was too late, he turned to see the tree just in time to smash into it.

Why were you at the volcano if it was erupting? Wouldn’t everyone get evacuated before it erupted?

No, said Emma, we have a really deep trench that leads the lava back down to the ground at the bottom at the volcano, so unless there is a serious eruption, then we are ok. I still don’t know why he was up there in the first place though, that place is off limits. Do you know?

Ike thought about how to answer this, it is pretty obvious that the portal probably let him off at the top of the volcano, and it erupted while he was up there, but should he trust this girl or not.

Well do you know, asked Emma?

O sorry just thinking. Can you keep a secret?

Yes, I believe so unless you’re trying to kill the king or something.

Ok we aren’t but I don’t know, it might make your nation think that we are wizards or something and that you need to cut our heads off.

Your wizards, Emma said in a shocked voice!

No but… u I don’t know how to explain this but, can you keep a secret, I promise we are not a threat, absolutely promise we aren’t.

Ok then, yes I can said Lesley.

Ok then, don’t think I am a crazy mental freak, because I am not… we are from the future or another world, we haven’t figured out which yet.

Huu, Emma said weirdly, you’re from another… world or another… time.

Ya, you have to believe me we are that’s why Roy here was up on the mountain. We got separated in the portal here and came out at different places.

Prove that you are said Emma sternly.

Ok I will but you have to promise not to tell anyone, family, friends, anyone at all.

Ok I won’t, I already promised unless you are a threat to out kingdom, and I don’t know about your world or time but here we don’t break promises. That is very, very punishable.

Ok, here is your proof, Ike opened his bag and put in the code to make it go back to normal. As it changed Emma jumped back and nearly screamed.

What was that, she asked freaked out!

Its my bag, in that enough proof for you.

Ya, no one could do that around here, Emma said a little calmer now.

Chapter 6: Planning chat

While they sat waiting for Roy to awake, Emma and Ike figured out that Roy and Ike had come from the future of the same earth they are on, or one that has the exact same events going on, which wasn’t very likely. They also discussed the great war between Emma’s nation and another nation. Emma told Ike how the other nation has this magician who could make a red light come out of a piece of medal and it went right through anyone it hit leaving a big hole right through their body. It killed them but they didn’t bleed very much from it. How they were loosing the war because of it.

I know what it is said Ike. What was the guy wearing? He wears strange cloths they are very nice, nicer than the kings clothing. He sided with the Rocars because the king promised him tons of power.

What is your nation called asked Ike?

We are the Dintons said Emma… can you help us defeat the wizard?

Ya, I think he came from our time, he’s a Zemban. That is what his kingdom is called. His kingdom is at war with our kingdom which is called Celt’s we have been at war with them for many years. I and Roy were on border duty when he saw a light over on their side. We snuck out to see what it was. While we were over investigating it we were ambushed by about twenty four Zemban soldiers. We found out how to activate the portal and jumped in to get away. The light Roy saw was probably this Zemban going to your time.

Ok, so you can defeat him asked Emma excitingly?

It depends on how good he is, but with two of us, we can probably take him down.

Good, then we should go see king Relmus to get you two into the army.

Let’s do that. How far is it, to the king’s palace?

It’s quit a ways so we better get started, said Emma excitingly.

Oh, what happened where am I. Roy woke up and looked around. Ike your ok, where are we.

Ok who wants to explain the plan to him asked Ike looking at Emma?

He’s your friend you explain it to him said Emma getting up and walking towards the door, I will go and get provisions, see you boys later.

Ok Roy I guess I’m going to explain it to you.

Chapter 7: Journey to the Kings palace

Oh, ok I understand, we need to go to the kings palace and get into his army and kill a Zemban that might even be a general that would most likely kill us, said Roy angrily.

They need our help Roy, they don’t stand a chance against a Zemban with their bows and swords. Those wont even pierce his armor.

You should have waited for me to wake up before volunteering both of us for a very dangerous mission Ike, we need to get home, said Roy.

Ok, I have everything ready to go, came Emma’s voice from outside the tent. Come on Roy she gave you shelter and maybe even saved your life, a wild animal could have come and eaten you. You should repay it by helping her kingdom.

Ok, fine, but the minute the Zemban dies, we leave understood, said Roy angrily.

Is everything ok in their I have everything ready lets get going said Emma, again kindly.

Let’s go dude, said Ike.

Ok, just a sec.

Ike went out and got on the wagon, there were four horses pulling it. Where did you get this, asked Ike surprised.

Don’t worry I didn’t tell anyone about you, just that I needed it for official business.

Ike nodded in approval as Roy came out with his stuff.

I’m surprised you didn’t break anything there Roy said Ike teasingly.

Ha ha, very funny. Can we just go?

Ok lets go, said Emma, snapping the reins for the horses to start going.

They made it about three fourths of the way to the capital before it started to get dark and they had to stop and make camp.

Emma started a fire and got everything ready to eat to cook while Roy and Ike went hunting. They figured that they could eat their snacks later but didn’t want Emma liking one of their snacks to much when they left for home, because she would most likely never get it again. And because they thought it sounded like fun to go hunting. Roy shot a moose with a bow but it didn’t work and made it angry so he shot it with his laser. That brought it down. Ike brought down a buck with just the bow though. They made it back to camp and realized that they had a ton of meat and stored a lot of it in the wagon for snacking on, before it went bad, but that wouldn’t be for a while, so they enjoyed.

Roy woke up the next morning to the sound of Emma telling the horses to go. He jumped out of his sleeping bag and was about to go running after it when he noticed that it was just a prank to get him up.

Ike was laughing his head off, oh dude that was golden that was a good one. You should have seen the look on your face.

I’m glad someone is having a good time said Roy going to find a tree to do his morning business. He came back and they loaded up, and left.

This has been very fun. I didn’t think I would have this much fun when I got here. This has just been great, Ike said with his hands behind his head relaxing on the seat.

We should just kill the Zemban and get home ok Ike this isn’t our time we cant stay here, said Roy.

I know dude holy crap why are you so mad?

I haven’t exactly had the great time you’ve had here and I don’t appreciate all the pranks you do on me.

Ok man lighten up and just don’t be angry. Everything is all go fuuuuuu an arrow flew past them barley missing their heads. Roy jumped off immediately into the bushes and drew his gun. Ike jumped off right after him and put Roy’s gun down. Don’t loose the element of surprise on the Zemban. If you use the laser he will find out we are here. Roy put the gun away and brought out the bow and arrows. That’s more like it, said Ike. Lets hunt some Rocars whispered Ike.

Ya, lets get them, said Roy, now quit exited.

Emma had continued on for they could see the big capital city gates from here.

Roy and Ike snuck through the brush towards were the shot had come from. Roy sensed movement and shot. He heard the guy shriek as the arrow pierce his stomach. Then he saw Ike stand up and shoot the guy in the head. That was fun said, Ike grinning.

Roy stood up and smiled and they both marched towards the city proudly with their hands behind their heads and their bows and arrows in the pouch on their backs.

As they approached the city gates they saw Emma, talking to the gate keeper. They turned and she motioned for him to open the gate. He did what he was told and opened the large wooden gate.

As they made their way up to the palace everyone looked at them.

If you’re wondering if I told them who you are, I didn’t said Emma, they just aren’t used to having visitors. You see we cant have spies coming in and murdering the king so, we usually don’t let anyone in but I told the gate keeper but I told him, if he tells anyone, I promised that I would have him hung.

So you think he will be quiet, asked Roy?

He will unless the king asks him, said Emma.

Chapter 8: Prepare for war

So that is the king’s palace at the top of the hill, asked Roy in awe looking at the huge spacious white castle at the top of the city. It had blue flags with black slithering snakes on them. The flags were on the top of every watch tower on the sides of the actual castle. There was an even bigger flag in the middle, on top of the main part of the castle.

Yep, that’s where we’re going, said looking up at the castle and giving a small smile.

As they approached the castle, the king’s guards stopped them at a large metal gate, about half the size of the wooden one to the whole city.

State your business citizen, said the first guard in a deep voice. He was quit a large guy unlike the other guard next to him that looked like a tooth pick.

I bring soldiers for the kings army, said Emma still sitting on her seat at the reins, with Ike sitting next to her and Roy sitting on the stuff to make sure it doesn’t fall off, and because he had no where else to sit.

The big guy gave a little grunt and then went to open the gate, while the small guy watched the three visitors.

The gates began to open and they could hear the large guy grunting as he opened them. Once the gat was about three fourths open Emma snapped the whip and the horses started walking in.

They came into a large courtyard with cleanly cut trees on each side of them, and green fresh grass, with no weeds to be seen. At the other side they saw white stairs leading up to a gate that had to be to the thrown room.

Emma stopped the horses about seven feet away from the stairs and they got off, and went up to the guards who quietly opened the door and let them in.

As they entered they saw the king sitting strait up in his chair at the end of the room. There was white tile with black carpet leading to the thrown of white. The king was a younger one with dark black hair that hung off his head but didn’t come quit come down to his shoulders. His eyes where dark and he had a starting of a beard on his chin.

With Emma leading them and Ike on the right and Roy on the left, they approached him and bowed to him. He looked down at them, and said.
I understand that you two want to join my forces. Ike still bowing replied, yes your majesty we wish to help your kingdom.

But isn’t it your kingdom as well he, said in a deep voice, for his voice was very deep and stern.

No sir, said Roy also still bowing, we came… we came from the same land as the wizard that we understand is a big threat to your kingdom, and we wish to help.

The king scratched his head and then said, are you trained or will you need training?

Yes your majesty, we are trained said Ike, and we have a plan to take down the wizard if you want to call him, remarked Roy.

What did you have in mind asked the king a little suspicious?

We were thinking of surprising him said Ike,

How, asked the king a bit puzzled?

In order to keep the element of surprise you can’t tell anyone, we want as few people to know as possible, but that guy, I and my friend here are from the future of your world. That’s why his weaponry in a lot more advanced then yours.

So your saying… that light that comes from the little piece of medal… is from the future, the king asked surprisingly?

Yes, and we have the same weapons he does, ours and his nation have been at war for many years, said Ike, taking out his gun. The soldiers watched him really carefully as he brought out the gun. This is the same weapon as the enemy is using, Ike said, laying the laser gun on the palms of his hands for the king to see. He doesn’t know we are here so we need to keep it that way, then when he least expects it we blast him with it.

The king, getting the plan nodded his head. So you two don’t want him to know that you’re here or he can prepare himself for battle against you. Then when he least expects it, you shoot that beam at him, and kill him.

Exactly, said Roy with a smile.

If you haven’t noticed, the enemies’ spies are around our city. The enemy has taken half our land with that… guy leading them. If we hope to win, then we shall have to make quick preparations for this battle. The enemy thinks they have drawn us into a corner and half defeated us… they will never expect this, said the king standing up and laughing.

Thank you future guys, you have given us hope.

Actually, it would be better if the rest of the city doesn’t know about this. The enemy might get ear of it, said Roy stepping forward.

True, if the enemy sees fear and the look of defeat in our soldier’s eyes, they will think they have already won. They will fall upon us to slaughter us like pigs. Then we strike! The king turned to the soldiers and commanded them to tell no one what went on in this room or he would slit their throats personally, but to go and make preparations for war.

Chapter 9: The wait for the enemy strike

The preparations took about one week to get all the soldiers together and armed with swords, spears, bow and arrow. It was estimated that the enemy would be here in about six days.

Four days passed of rallying the men to battle, and feasting before the final struggle. Their were many brave men who were ready to go charging into the enemy’s front line, and tear away as many heads as they could before getting taken down. Roy hoped that they got the chance, after he and Ike took care of the Zemban soldier; hopefully he was just a soldier. If not, this was going to be a very hard fight if they lost the element of surprise, and even if they didn’t, would the Zemban have good reflexes to dodge their lasers. If he was good enough to do that he could kill them.

Roy sat and thought of this on the fifth day, the day before the enemy was estimated to be here. He hoped they wouldn’t come today. He hoped they didn’t come at all. But it wasn’t to be so.

The war bell went off and Roy looked over to see Ike jump out of bed and grab his sword and gun. Ike turned and yelled at Roy, come on their here! Roy slowly got out of bed, shook his head to wake him up and, took one last drink of water before the fight.

Chapter 10: the front lines of War

Roy came out to see that all the soldiers were flooding out the gate. Where was Ike he thought to himself? The plan was that they stay together and sneak up as close as they can to the Zemban and fire at him at the same time to have a better chance of hitting him. Ike must have already gone out the gate. He doesn’t think before he acts, Roy suddenly blurted out, and took off running for the gate!

Ike was at the entrance to the city looking off into the distance at the army coming over the hill. He caught glimpse of the Zemban, he knew it was him because he was at the front and carried a thing that looked like a gun, Ike couldn’t see him clearly for they were far across a great field to the right of the castle gates were they had come out. He stared at the Zemban for a few seconds and then bolted to the left to go find a nice spot to hide on the battlefield without being seen.

Roy came out the gate just in time to see his friend running down the hill to the left of the oncoming army. He bolted after him, as the rest of the soldiers went to the right to meet the army.

Ike sprinted into the trees on the left of the field and found a nice spot in the grass to hide him self, he activated his camo shirt and pants and immediately blended into the green leaves and grass. Ahhhhhh, Roy tripped over Ike at a full sprint, and nearly hit his head on a tree. They both sat their on the ground trying not to scream in pain from the direct hit.

When they had calmed down, Ike looked over at Roy who had also activated his camo and whispered, nice of you to show sleepy head. Hey, I was getting up man, you just jumped out of bed and pretty much left, I can’t do that like you, so I am sorry, said Roy a little annoyed. You love those trees don’t you man, you almost hit your head on that one, said I giggling.

Shut up and get ready they should pass by soon, and the last thing we want is for them to hear us, Roy whispered harshly to Ike. Ok, let’s do this, Ike whispered seriously.

After about five minutes the enemy army came marching past them. Ike and Roy noticed the Zemban and that on his shirt it said he was a general. That’s going to be tough to take down they both thought in their heads. We better not miss.

The two armies met with Ike and Roy right in between them, only hidden off in the bushes. Neither side knew where they were hidden. They both took aim. They both got the general right in their sights and were locked onto him.

The Zemban was a buff looking red head with a clean cut combed head, and hard Zemban armor; armor that only a laser could pierce. When he spoke it was a high pitched squeal. So you come to give up your majesty hahaha, his laugh sounded like a mouse, and his chin that was to big for the rest of his head moved up and down wildly as he laughed.

Not a chance the king said angrily. As long as I still live, and any one of us is still standing, we will never give up! With that the war started. The king attacked one of the soldiers and the Zemban general was lost from Ike and Roy’s sights as they were about to shoot, from the mixture of soldiers now in violent sword fights. They suddenly saw the Zemban’s laser fire into the crowd of ally the king’s soldiers.

Ike turned to Roy and said, we need to go out there I am going, and before Roy could make any other remark Ike sprang out, drew his sword and started tearing through the enemy soldiers.

Roy watched as his friend charged at the Zemban, he had his back turned. Ike snuck up behind him and put the gun to the guy’s head he had his hand on the trigger and was ready to end it. Smack! Ike went flying and landed on the ground. The Zemban turned and was about to just finish him off like any other soldier, but he noticed the gun Ike had in his hand, and immediately brought his arm to his mouth and started speaking into it. He must be telling the Zemban’s that a Colt got into this time and had tried to kill him.

Ike awoke and found the guy had just finished talking and was ready to shoot him. Ike was barley awake, he couldn’t get up, and he couldn’t move. The Zemban started to speak.

So… my little friend, how did you come to be here? Did you see me jump into the portal and jump in after me? Or did you just find out about it. Either way, your about to meet your maker! Hahahahahahaha its good being ruler. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz a shot was shot, but not through Ike’s head, but through the Zemban’s head. As he fell, their standing behind him was Ike’s good old pall Roy.

How many does that count as Roy remarked, grinning. Ike still coming out of shock, from thinking that, the laser fired was going to go through his head, answered, I… think we are… even.

When the enemies had seen their leader fall, they immediately gave surrendered, knowing that their opponents had two guns and had just defeated their one.

Chapter 11: Home sweet home

After the battle, the King sent a letter to the other king telling him that his wizard had fallen to the power of his two brave wizards, and that if he sent anymore, soldiers that they would be quickly defeated.

In his mercy he decided to let the other king keep his land, but return all that had been taken. Once he agreed, he would get his army back. Ike and Roy stayed at the castle for awhile until the peace treaty came back from the other king. Then they set off home. Emma and the King came with them to the portal where Ike had come form for Roy’s had been covered by the magma. They figured out that the portal had multiple signs around it. They spent some time their testing out each one and opening the tunnel to other times. The picture would appear but, Roy and Ike would tell them no, that isn’t it.

Finally they figured out that the key back to Ike and Roy’s time was a grain of green grass. For when they tried it they saw a picture of the hill where Roy and Ike had entered the portal to the past.

They said their goodbyes and Roy and Ike together walked into the light. This time making sure they held onto each others sleeves so they don’t get separated.

When the whiteness had faded and they were back into their time. It was still night from when they left, except the Zemban were gone. They were a little suspicious but after awhile they just were chatting and laughing like two good friends hanging out.

They returned to their camp just in time to see the general get out of his tent. He walked over to them and asked… how was the night, did any Zemban bother you?

Ike and Roy smiled at him and then Roy answered, no it was just a plain old night, you know, the usual.

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