January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Legend of Frankenwillis
Braydan Bunce

In a land far away from imagination there lived an evil queen, Frankenwillis. She had taken over the kingdom of Nosh and had made its entire population her Spanish speaking slaves including Todo's wife Todi . The land that was once free and peaceful was now cold and GREASY.....

Matt jumped up in his sleep, he looked at the clock to realize it was 1:30 in the morning. He began to dress himself when he heard a small tappity tap on his window. He was startled to see who sat behind the window. A little squirrel with a sword in his hand. “You need to come with me!!” Todo Explained. Matt replied quickly “ Its one thirty in the morning!!” Todo told him how his kingdom had been taken by the evil Frankenwillis. Without hesitation they left in a hurry.

They arrived at a near by Forest where Todo grabbed Matt's hand and mumbled some strange words, “SISH NOSH YESH SISH!” A Unicorn named Majesty appeared out of nowhere. They got on him and they disappeared into the dark of the night. They arrived at the Kingdom of Nosh and Matt was amazed because he had never seen anything as wonderful as this place

Todo Showed him the way to his house where they were to suit him up as a knight of the kingdom of Nosh. As he dressed Matt in his armor he began to realize what a mistake this was as Matt fell down many times while putting on the armor. Matt reassured him he was ready to save the kingdom of Nosh. “I can do this!” “ I promise” He cried

Fully armored and dressed Matt began to walk up the steps of the Castle De'willis. He had to be very cautious about walking here it was so greasy he could be deep fried if the sun was actually shining. He continued up a large spiral stair case until he got to the top where he saw His arch nemeses Frankenwillis holding Todi Hostage.

Then at last he finally met face to face with Frankenwillis. He drew his sword only to have it slip from his grasp from all the grease. Frankenwillis was ready to attack, she went to strike Matt but he dodged the powerful blow. From the power of the swing Frankenwillis slipped and fell into the grease.
As she lay there trapped by the thickness of the grease Todo shot an arrow into the sky. The sun began to shine and Frankenwillis was slowly Deep fried. Majesty, who hadn't eaten all day proceeded to eat her entirely.

Todo rushed to his wife Todi, and hugged her very tightly. He was quick to thank Matt “ Thank you so much for helping me return to my wife.” Todi also thanked him greatly as they returned Matt back to his house in Logan, Utah....

Matt awoke and the clock showed 6:30 Am. Had this been a dream? He looked to his window, no squirrel just dark. He wondered and wondered if this had really happened. He quickly fell asleep again and dreamed of what had happened that night.

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