A Vampire Love Reborn

January 15, 2009
By Jennifer Wong, Logan, UT

As Stefan walked toward the graveyard, he felt emptiness inside him as he walked closer toward Elena’s grave. Stefan stopped and looked up toward the sky as the cloud started to rumble. A drop of water landed on his cheek and continued his walk toward his destination. It started to rain once Stefan stood in front of Elena’s grave. Just as he stood there thinking he heard a snap and quickly looked around.
“Quit fooling around Damon.” said Stefan. Damon smiled as he stepped out of the shadows to confront his brother. Damon answered back “What’s wrong brother? Still thinking about Elena?” “What are you doing out here? I thought you were done hunting.” replied Stefan. “Don’t avoid the subject dear brother. I know what you are thinking.” said Damon. Stefan and Damon continued to argue.

While Stefan and Damon were arguing, Bonnie sat on her bed thinking about Elena. Bonnie cried as she thought about the fun times they had with Meredith, all their evil schemes, and all the hardships that they shared. Suddenly Bonnie had a thought, she could try to resurrect Elena so she won’t be sad, but it would be selfish of her to do such a thing. Bonnie kept pondering the idea whether she should resurrect Elena or not. Suddenly Bonnie heard a soft knocking on her bedroom door
“Who is it?” she answered. “Meredith” was the reply Bonnie heard and she quickly went to open the bedroom door for her good friend Meredith.

When Bonnie opened the bedroom door for her friend Meredith, Meredith quickly went into the bedroom and sat on the floor. Bonnie then closed the door and went to join Meredith on the floor.
“Did Elena get in touch with you Bonnie?” asked Meredith. “No. It’s like she disappeared.” Bonnie replied. Meredith glanced at Bonnie and saw the worried look on Bonnie’s face. Meredith quickly asked “What’s wrong Bonnie? What’s with the face?” Bonnie shook her head and said “It’s nothing Meredith. I’m fine.” “Bonnie you are a horrible liar. Now tell me what’s bothering you.” replied Meredith.

Bonnie hesitated and then told Meredith how she thought of resurrecting Elena and asked it that was selfish of her to think that idea.
“It’s not selfish of you. You know I would support you in this idea. But Stefan will be would be happy that you resurrect Elena.” said Meredith. Bonnie smiled at Meredith’s answer and gave Meredith a friendly hug. “We should surprise Stefan once we resurrect Elena.” said Meredith. Bonnie smile and nodded in agreement.

Back at the graveyard Stefan and Damon just finished arguing. Because they both know that if Elena would not be happy if she had seen them both in an argument. Stefan and Damon stood in front of Elena’s grave in silence. Damon turned around and started to walk away.
“Do you feel emptiness Damon?” asked Stefan. “I feel nothing.” was Damon’s reply and Damon disappeared.
Stefan continued looking at Elena’s grave while getting soaked in the rain. Stefan started to walk away from Elena’s grave with tears down his face. He couldn’t handle the truth that Elena was really gone. He wished that Elena was still alive that way he wouldn’t be sad and empty. He decided to go visit Bonnie and see if she can resurrect her.

As Stefan started walking in the shadows toward Bonnie he kept thinking about Elena. Stefan noticed that he had reached Bonnie’s house, he stepped out of the shadows and began to climb up the tree that led up to Bonnie’s room. Once he climbed up the tree he tapped on Bonnie’s window. Bonnie quickly turned to the window and saw Stefan outside. Bonnie quickly opened the window and asked
“Why don’t you come in?” Stefan crawled in through the window and asked “Bonnie can you resurrect people?” Bonnie turned around to face Stefan with a puzzled look. “Why do you ask Stefan?” replied Bonnie. Stefan hesitated and replied “I was wondering if you can resurrect Elena.” Bonnie remained calm and shook her head “I can’t resurrect people Stefan.”
Stefan was depressed by Bonnie’s reply and started to head for the window. Bonnie put her hand on Stefan’s should to comfort him. “You are not the only one that wants Elena to be alive Stefan.” said Bonnie. Stefan smiled weakly and crawled out the window. Stefan slid down the tree and walked back to the boarding house while thinking about Elena.

Bonnie closed her window while watching Stefan walk back to the boarding house. She smiled big and went to her bookshelf. When Bonnie found the book she needed, she danced for joy. “I feel bad for lying to Stefan, but I want to surprise him though.” Bonnie said. Bonnie went over to the phone and called Meredith to meet her at the graveyard. Bonnie put all the stuff that she need for the resurrection ritual in a bag. She started to crawl out of the window but stopped to listen if her parents were awake or not. Then she continued to crawl out of the window and slid down the tree next to her window.

Meredith on the other hand packed some stuff into a backpack and walked down stairs toward the front door. She knows that her parents will let her go out on a weekend. As she passed the living room “I’m going out for a bit. I’ll be back.” she told her parents. She walked out the door and headed toward the graveyard. While walking toward the grave yard Meredith ran into Bonnie and they both walked toward the graveyard.

Bonnie and Meredith reached the graveyard and continued into the graveyard. “The graveyard is kind of creepy.” said Bonnie. “It is Bonnie but I’m with you so don’t be freaked out.” replied Meredith. They both kept walking in the graveyard until they found Elena’s grave. Bonnie and Meredith were sad but they set up candles around Elena’s grave. Bonnie took out the book she needed and lit up the candles one by one. “Do you think this is going to work Bonnie?” asked Meredith. “I don’t know but we should try. Oh I hope it works.” Bonnie answered. So Bonnie sat on the left side of Elena’s grave and Meredith sat opposite of her.

Stefan reached the boarding house and went to his room. He was really sad that Elena could not be resurrected. “At least I tried. I’m sorry Elena. I will see you in the next life.” said Stefan out loudly. Stefan sat on his bed pondering whether he should go visit Elena’s grave or not.

Back at the grave, Bonnie started the ritual in the graveyard. Bonnie started chanting out the words while Meredith watched so Bonnie wouldn’t be in danger. Once Bonnie was done chanting she quickly put out the candles to complete the ritual and then waited to see what happened next.

Elena opened her eyes and was startled to see that she was in a coffin. She was wondering why she was alive and not dead. Her mind was thinking all these thoughts about why she was alive. Elena broke through the coffin and started crawling out of her grave.

Back at the boarding house Stefan’s face went white because he heard Elena’s worries. He quickly went to the graveyard to see what had happened.

Back at the graveyard Bonnie and Meredith waited for 30 minutes to see what would happen. Until they saw that Elena’s grave was moving Bonnie started to freak out and Meredith just stood with her fists out. Bonnie screamed and Meredith got ready to attack the figure that came out of the grave
Elena crawled out of her grave; she was surprised to find Meredith ready to attack her and Bonnie screaming her head off. Bonnie stopped screaming and started to cry. Elena got up and went to comfort Bonnie with Meredith.
“What’s wrong Bonnie? Why are you crying?” asked Elena. “I’m glad your back Elena. We missed you so much.” replied Bonnie. Elena heard something coming towards them and told Bonnie and Meredith to hide. Elena went up a tree to see who or what is coming towards them.
Stefan quickly rushed into the graveyard and ran toward Elena’s grave. He stopped in his tracks as he reached Elena’s grave and to his horror he found Elena’s grave in disarray. He heard a soft giggle and looked around to see who was with him.
“Come out. Who ever you are?” said Stefan in a firm voice.
He was surprised to see Bonnie and Meredith walk out of their hiding spot. Stefan’s face went completely white when he saw Elena alive and as beautiful as ever. Bonnie and Meredith both shouted “Surprise!” Stefan started to cry and felt that some one was embracing him. When he looked to see who was embracing him he was surprised that it was Elena that was embracing him. “How are you able to be alive? What’s going on?” he asked.

Bonnie grinned really big “Well it’s a surprise so I couldn’t tell you the truth when you came over.” answered Bonnie. Stefan smiled “Thank you Bonnie. It’s the most thoughtful surprise that you have given Me.” said Stefan. Stefan gave Elena a kiss and embraced her lovingly. “Oh Elena I missed you so much. I’ve been thinking about you.” said Stefan. Elena cried and fell into and Stefan’s arm. “Oh Stefan! I’m sorry that I left you all alone in this world.” cried Elena.
Bonnie and Meredith just stood there watching the two lovers’ embrace each other. “Let’s give them some privacy. Let’s go Bonnie. Bonnie?” Meredith looked over at Bonnie and Bonnie was in tears. Meredith put her arms around Bonnie as she led Bonnie away from the scene of the two lovers. “I’m so happy! I’m glad that Stefan and Elena are back together again. Do you think I did a good deed Meredith? Bonnie all teary eyed looked up at Meredith who just smiled.
While Stefan and Elena were embracing in the graveyard Damon felt Elena’s presence and quickly dropped his victim half-dead in the alleyway. Damon went towards the graveyard and thought to himself “How? How can Elena be alive?” As Damon got closer to the graveyard he could smell Stefan’s presence. Damon ran toward Elena’s grave and once he got there he stopped running. Damon saw Stefan and Elena in a tight embracement. The lover’s looked up and saw Damon standing there in shock.
Elena waved “Hey Damon long time no see.”
“What are you doing here Damon? I thought you were with your victim in the alleyway” said Stefan.
Damon recovered from shock “How did you come alive?” asked Damon. Elena looked at him and said “Bonnie brought me back from the dead. Hey? Where did Bonnie and Meredith go?”

While Stefan was embracing Elena, both Bonnie and Meredith wandered off around the graveyard. Bonnie and Meredith were visiting other people’s graves. They paid respect along the way. They eventually went back to the spot where the two lovers were and were shocked to see Damon there.

“Damon what are you doing here?” asked Meredith. Damon looked at Bonnie and asked “Did you bring Elena back from the dead? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Well it was a surprise for Stefan and not you Damon. Besides me and Meredith missed Elena a lot.” answered Bonnie. Damon glared at Bonnie and Meredith stepped in between them because she knew that Damon was mad at Bonnie.

“Alright stop it already. Stop being so childish Damon.” said Elena. Elena felt an arm around her waist and when she looked to see whose arm it was. She saw that it was Stefan’s arm around her trying to protect her.

Damon scowled and stalked off toward the exit of the graveyard to find a next victim.

Bonnie and Meredith let out a sigh of relief “I think you should change your scent Elena. Just in case Damon comes to hunts both you and Stefan down for revenge.” Elena nodded “I will do that Bonnie. Meredith can I borrow some clothes from you I really don’t want to wear this rag anymore.” Meredith nodded “Why don’t you and Stefan swing by my place later after I get Bonnie home.”

So all four of them left the graveyard. Stefan led Elena toward the boarding house and Meredith led Bonnie back home. Elena shivered and felt a coat on her shoulders. She looked and saw that Stefan had given her his coat so she would be warm. She smiled lovingly at Stefan and blushed.

Just as Elena blushed she turned her head and saw the boarding house. When Stefan led Elena toward the boarding house she felt uneasy about the boarding house. Elena felt that there was evil’s in Fell’s church again. Elena stopped walking and Stefan looked at her “What’s wrong Elena? Is something the matter” asked Stefan. “Let’s go to Meredith’s first I want to change out of these rags.” replied Elena.

So Stefan and Elena went toward Meredith’s house. They walked in the shadows hoping no one finds them. Once they got to Meredith’s house Stefan helped Elena up the tree and knocked on Meredith’s bedroom window. Meredith looked who it was and asked Elena to come in while Stefan waited outside Meredith’s bedroom window. Meredith lended Elena some clothes to wear and Elena quickly changed into Meredith’s clothes. Once she was done she threw the rag dress that she was wearing into the trash can.

Elena thanked Meredith and went out the window to meet with Stefan. They both smiled and jumped down from the roof. Both Elena and Stefan landed safely.

Meanwhile Damon sulked off into the alleyway hoping to find a victim to devour. His mind was on Elena the whole time. He was happy that Elena was back and alive. But he was not happy because no one told him and he had to find out himself that he was not part of the surprise.

Damon then went into an empty warehouse to be alone and think about Elena. He found a victim sleeping on the ground. He bit his victim and drained some of the blood out of the victim. While he was doing that he tried to forget about Elena. He looked up and looked all around him to see if anyone was there watching him. He felt uneasy and went to check out the rest of the warehouse.

While Damon was checking out the warehouse he sensed that there was someone or something in the warehouse with him. He patrolled the whole entire warehouse turning inside out making sure there was nothing or no one there. He went back to his half finished victim and was shocked that the victim was totally disfigured. He looked at his victim to see if there was anymore damage. He was shocked to see that the victim’s stomach was slashed open and the victim was missing some internal organs.
Damon closely checked the body to see if there was anything else missing. He was shocked to see that there were teeth marks on the chest that ripped out the heart.
“Hello Damon. I’m glad to see you again.” said a voice. Damon quickly turned around and was in shock of what he saw.

To be continued in the next story.

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