August 27, 2015
By Cocakoala SILVER, Walla Walla, Washington
Cocakoala SILVER, Walla Walla, Washington
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Ivy peered out the mist-covered window, dramatically. She was a 15-year-old girl, full of drama all bottled up inside of her. Her experience of school has been inside a public school. Until this year, it was Ivy’s first year of private school. The girl thought she had a right to be dramatic.
“Hey, kid, get out.” Distractedly, Ivy pulled away from the empty bus window, her hair undoing from a former bun.
“Willham Public High School. It’s show time.”
Ivy’s first impression of the school was that it wasn’t normal. Sure, she’s never been to a private high school, save Freshman Orientation. Freshman Orientation, however, felt different, somehow- normal.
“Where are all the people?” Ivy asked herself aloud. A tall boy passed by, answering her question intended for herself,
“There are no humans here.” Well that was ominous…and a little frightening. What is this school?
“How was your first day at Willham’s?” Ivy’s mom asked cheerily.
“Different...” Ivy muttered.
The next day, Ivy’s homeroom teacher approached her with syringe full of purple. Ivy, without retrieving a hall pass, ran to hide in the girls’ restroom. During Ivy’s second period, the teacher came up to her carrying a silver syringe. Third period was the same, but with a blue-filled syringe. Drama queen Ivy, was seriously starting to regret entering this school.
Day three. 15-year-old Ivy, this time, did nothing whatsoever to resist the syringes. After being syringed, Ivy felt a feeling like none before. 7 seconds later- though to Ivy, it felt like an eternity- her eyes glazed over, and breathing was normal, except it felt- how shall I say? – Upside down, and Ivy felt beautifully strange. She no longer asked questions. Once though, someone bumped into her, murmuring, “Too many chemicals to be human…skip doses?” Ivy, curiosity getting the better of her, decided to try this new fangled idea. What would happen? During homeroom, she eluded a certain purple filled syringe. The girl instantly felt a dizzying headache. However, after avoiding every dose, she felt more, how was it phrased? Human? Yes, Ivy felt more human. Her mother did not seem to gape at her quite as confused, like Ivy was this much more human, yet she still seemed…worried.
Ivy came to a conclusion. Those doses… after working together with the boy, she discovered that the syringes were full of strange chemicals. After having eluding their doses for quite some time, they concluded that it takes 3 weeks, 6 days, and 14 hours, to fully overcome and recover from the chemicals. Yet after that time period, Willham High students still didn’t right…and it wasn’t just that they needed more time… From the eyes of a fully human person, the chemical-filled students were clearly not doing well, their skin a mix of silver, purple, blue, and glowing…no wonder Ivy’s mum regarded her in a confused manner. 15-year-old Ivy, and the boy, decided to take these strange discoveries to the mayor. “The mayor? Where’s the principal… ” Ivy and the boy’s, 6th period teacher called out. Upon entering the principal’s office, the principal did nothing but stare at them hypnotically…was this part of the reason… were the chemicals not the only problem? His eyes…so purple and blue and silver… Jackson and Ivy walked out of the office, unconcerned. I guess not all problems are meant to be solved.

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