Into The Sky

January 14, 2009
By Tara Manotti, Pequea, PA

As I go to step out of my bed this morning I expect my fuzzy green rug to sneak around my feet. Unpredictably as I step out of my bed my foot does not touch anything, it dangles freely next to my other.
Still groggy from awakening I look down to the sky. “Wait, I look down to the sky?” I question my thoughts. I gaze into the place above me to realize it is a daisy field. “This can not be right, the sky should be up and the daisy field down and I should be in my house.” I whisper.
Sitting and enjoying the view I slowly move to the edge of the bed, close my eyes, and take a deep breath. Falling into the sky, faster and faster, I zoom past birds and clouds. Then I plunk right on a cloud with nothing in sight, just blue and white. Clouds and puffier then I imagine they would be; I feel as I am sitting in a bowl of whipped cream.
I billow up myself a pillow and pull myself a blanket to get comfy. I rest in the most peace I have been in for years, letting the breeze embrace me as it pleases, putting me into a gentle sleep.
I wake up in my room with the alarm clock beeping. I smack the snooze button and without opening my eyes, I swing my feet off of my bed and collapse right back into the sky.

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