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January 13, 2009
By Stanford Andersen, Hartland, WI

Frankenstein. I’ve brought it to life. I was the creator. In time, we became one. My name and I have an intimate bond. We are the perfect ones for each other.

My name is constantly changing, adapting. We were no longer able to survive as we were. We learned to reason and the basics we needed to defend ourselves. Before we were lost unable to reason, only in time would we learn how to respond. There are those who believe they are better than us. They know nothing of how our skills and our patience know no bounds. We can bribe my sister into submission.

My name is constantly changing, judging. Others are often foreign and distant. At times it becomes necessary to take a risk. We must rely on others. My name and I must make judgments about their character and what is the best way to obtain the desired outcome. Interacting with others is difficult and time consuming but worth doing. We know that one who cannot be trusted. He manipulates and controls all that is his. He must be challenged at every turn. Even one mistake and it becomes crucial to destroy him.

My name is constantly changing, altering, but if one calls me another, like my brother, they better watch their wrist for slits. When I here Frank, there is a mental twitch. Its blasphemy- where is my cutlery. They’re a perfect target in current condition. I don’t even know if I would accept their submission. I look for a release-trying to avoid a confrontation. I burn them with glare. They try to mend. They can no longer defend. I slide by as they remain immobilized.

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