January 13, 2009
By Stanford Andersen, Hartland, WI

Children today are growing up faster than ever before. With quicker computers and the internet, children can learn more about anything they need to than ever before. This leaves many parents loath. They are unable to filter out every vexatious site, or nefarious person in a chat room. There kids are still vulnerable. The internet can shape the next generation into monsters.

When I was young, seldom did one see a full length advertisement soliciting anything promiscuous. The online advertising campaign was ineffectual. Practically no one was affected by astute engineers of the net. There was no need to advocate for safe searches and parental controls. I was raised my local community. My family was the main influence in my life. I learned my core values from them. I learned to be an amicable person when dealing with elders and people with maladies.

Thru my many years of schooling, I learned to scrutinize everything that was is taught to me. Sometimes people make mistakes or have misconceptions, and it is important to correct them. Still, other times people purposely mislead you for whatever reason, and it is important to recognize it.

My social network has taught me many things. First, it is important to know yourself, because people do not mind using you. Second, it is important to make friends who help you be yourself. Third, I must always try to keep as many doorways open as possible. Although, it is also important to realize what is important and focus on that. Fourth, the decisions you make will affect everything you do in the long run. So, make the right decisions now, and the future can remain bright and full of opportunities.

It is thru these teaching, that I have become the smart young man I am today. I appreciate everything that my friends, families and associates have done for me. One day, I will help shape the lives of young children, and I hope that I will be able to make their lives more enjoyable and prosperous.

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