Sammy and Haenry go for a walk

January 12, 2009
By B.t. Cole SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
B.t. Cole SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Haenry was the kind of guy who walked a cat. He would walk a cat; even if the cat didn’t particularly want to go out. Sammy was his cat. Haenry took it upon himself to show Sammy the world. He took life seriously, but all Sammy wanted was rose colored yarn.
Unfortunately, women weren’t interested in cat-walkers. They weren’t normal. Haenry wasn’t too interested in normal, neither was Sammy. Sammy liked Haenry but Haenry also liked a girl, her name was Pete.
Haenry had a boring job. He was an actuary and Pete, she had a most interesting job, she was a scientist. Pete trusted Haenry to always be right, she trusted him with her experiments. He knew what she always needed. However she didn’t trust him in an unprofessional setting, but that is what Haenry most desperately wanted.
Pete was the only thing Haenry actually looked at. He saw a dime crooked nose with a tiny brown birthmark on the tip that reminded him of a cool rock in a flawless meadow. This birthmark brought out her hazel eyes and imperfectly arched eyebrows tried to hide but Haenry loved them. He had to be perfect in his work but he hated perfection. Pete was ashamed of her arches, she required perfection.
The imperfectly arched eyebrows lie above her silver framed eyeglasses. The glasses had their own scent besides the coconut crème smell of Pete. The glasses smelt of dandelion soaked in prairie clouds.
Haenry liked Pete, but she only liked his math.
Sammy tried to convince Haenry of this but Haenry couldn’t look for any other yarn. Since Pete enjoyed math, Haenry thought he could make his office more geometrically attractive. Maybe then she could look at him with a more unprofessional eye.
Haenry decided to structure his office into a 45 degree angle pointing to the sea. Pete was a fan of direct variation. Unfortunately, there was no sea proximal to Haenry’s office so he decided the angle should go to the park he would point the angle at the pond where there were nice geese and good rose colored yarn.
His efforts did not work; he was still the kind of guy who walked cats. No amount of rise/run could change that.
The next time Pete needed Haenry’s help he decided it was a good idea to give a hint to his labor. So he ‘smoothly’ mentioned 45 degree angles hoping she would notice. She nodded to the idea that 45 degree angles could exist but quickly got back on topic. She was afraid of a conversation that was not about business.
As Pete was about to walk out of Haenry’s office she bumped into his desk.
“Oh Sorry,” she said and she turned the pen into a 90 degree angle. Haenry really wanted rose colored yarn now.
Haenry took Sammy for a walk and took the yarn with him for Sammy to play with. Sammy really liked the yarn so he couldn’t say no to a walk.
As they left their apartment, Haenry told Sammy of his 45 degree angles and Sammy purred at him as if he didn’t hear. He was pleased with his vibrations of Haenry’s voice. Sammy scurried away and started to pet the rose colored yarn. After a few seconds Sammy pushed the yarn towards Haenry. Haenry told Sammy that the day was nice and that they should watch the sunset together. Reaching the rose colored yarn they left.

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