Princesess Buttercup

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Princess Buttercup is a very silly dog. Buttercup is a yellow lab and likes things her way, when she’s alone of course.

One day at the Banister house Buttercups’ owners where getting ready to go on a trip. Buttercup had no clue where, but she knew she would be alone. So Buttercup walked quietly to her cage and laid down as softly as she could. She started hatching a plan on what she could do while the people were gone. She finally thought of what she could do today. Like a light bulb going “ding” she jumped and hit her head on the metal bars of her cage. That didn’t matter though, she had thought of her best idea yet. The yellow lab heard a door close and a woman came out and said, “You be a good girl Buttercup. We’ll be back in a few hours.” The dog just wagged her tail.

As she heard the door close she ran next to the door and listened with one ear up to hear the garage door close. You see Buttercup is a very smart dog. Once the noise stopped she ran to the laundry room. Now she was on her hind legs and keeping perfect balance! Buttercup opened the closet door and pushed the ironing board into her arms and ran to her adult masters’ bathroom. What could Buttercup be doing? Now if her owners where here they would probably keep her in her cage. As I said before Buttercup is a very smart dog. She knew how to tell time! So she propped the ironing board up and started to fill the bath tub with water and a pool ring. After the bath tub was filled she walked onto the ironing board, which was right next to the bath tub sprung like a spring into the air, and did a cannon ball!
She played in the pool for quite some time, and when she looked at the clock she realized that she better clean up. She jumped out of the pool and brought the ironing board back to the closet and emptied the bath tub quicker than she filled it. The dog heard the door open and ran into the cage and lay down. As her owners’ came through the door and said, “Buttercup why are you all wet?” She just smiled.

The author's comments:
i wrote this in 2nd grade for my sister

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