Deception at Its Finest

November 23, 2014
By AlexandriaRose GOLD, Newark, Delaware
AlexandriaRose GOLD, Newark, Delaware
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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." William Shakespeare

The world hasn’t changed since 1700s. Their mindsets haven’t changed much and people still long for materials and wealth, some to the point of greed.  Some men can’t see a strong woman even if one slapped them. The most innocent probably have the tastiest blood maybe because it’s not tainted like the scum, the scum who fill their bodies with hate and greed. The streets of Miami were filled with varieties of people: the poor of little Haiti, and the rich of Star Island. The rich bought a new car every day while the poor can barely buy food.  I spend most of my time in Star Island and middle class neighborhoods in downtown Miami.
I walk in my mansion back to my sleeping quarters. I hate mornings, daytime and evenings. Nights are my favorite. I stop to see one of my butlers. He is human of course.  He says, “Lady Corinna, shall I get your night clothes ready or are you going to stay up for a bit? Also why do I have to talk in this old fashion way? I’m an eighteen year old from West Palm Beach. I am in no way old fashion.”  I roll my eyes.
“Oh Jonathan, you are in an old-timey mansion what do you expect? Also I’m paying you $65 dollars an hour.”  I slip my satin nightgown on as he wanders around my room in awe of my collection of things. He must not have seen much of this old fashion stuff or just slept through history class in high school.
“It’s Johnny,” He says.
“I do need my night clothes ready,” I say. I took him to my sleeping quarters. As he went to get the clothes I go behind him and my teeth latch onto his neck. The blood pours into my mouth as it does I think, “Maybe siring him would be a good idea. I am getting kind of lonely in this mansion. Why I’m so lonely probably has to do with the fact I eat all my staff.”  I scratch my hand and I give him a sip of my blood after I drained most of his blood. I think he is the second butler I killed this week.
“The rumors are true you do kill your employees,” He says as he breathes heavily. It will surely be his last breaths.
“I will tell you all about those rumors when you wake up,” I say as he falls into a deep sleep of which we call death.  He is going to be up in the middle of the night thought.  I go onto my bed and I pull my covers up and I go to sleep. I wake around ten at night. I could see his eyes open as he groans and looks at the old hardwood floors. He looks hungry and weak. He sits up on the floor. His skin is paler then it used to be.  “Good morning Johnny well maybe I should say good night,” I say as I grin.
He glares then says, “Goodnight Corinna, do you think perhaps you can get me something to eat.”
I say, “You mean blood? Come on we will go get you some.” I get dressed in a black dress and I put on bright red lipstick. I got to look appetizing for my prey.  I brush my platinum blond locks carefully as he finds something else to wear. I slip on long heels and I take Jonathan with me for the hunt. We go to Little Haiti because of how vulnerable the people are.  I find a girl wandering alone with a cigarette in her mouth. She looks so innocent and pure I cannot take it. I go up to her and say, “Hey, you look like you could use some shelter and a place to stay.”
“Sure I hear it’s going to storm tonight and the shelters won’t let me in. Thank you,” She says smiling wide. I take her hand and we had back to the mansion.  After she falls asleep on one of the sofas I scratch her neck to let some blood fall. Jonathan immediately starts to drink. He sucks her dry until she is nothing but a corpse. He whips his mouth afterwards on his sleeve.
“I feel so much better,” He says but at the same time he looks down at her corpse. He pauses for a second and says, “But did we have to drain her dry? I couldn’t have just drunk a little bit...”  He scratches his arm. It is a form of anxiety relief for him. I could see blood flow from his arm. I lick some off of his arm. He smiles.
“For someone with such a cold heart you sure have a loving touch,” He says. I bite my lip so blood will fall. He began to kiss my lips passionately. I prefer the men back during the 1970s and also I have some fondness for the men of the ‘40s. Jonathan kind of reminds me of the guys from the ‘70s. We kiss for a while before we go out for another hunt.  We go to the club scene in downtown Miami to drink freely. I meet a male vampire who dresses like he was back in the forties.
He smiles at me and says, “Hello, I’m Dmitri do you want to cause a blood bath here?” Jonathan wonders around like a ghost as I grab Dmitri’s hand and we dance and drink. Good thing this is a seedy club or this massacre might actually be prosecuted. The police will probably chalk it up to gang violence. All three of us finished around three in the morning.
Dmitri says, “So where are you headed, and I never got your name?” 
I say, “Corinna and this is Jonathan I’m his sire.” Jonathan looks down at his feet as Dmitri shakes our hands. I snap at Jonathan, “Look up he’s been on this earth much longer then you.” Jonathan looks up at Dmitri. I could look at Dmitri all day.  He is a fine fellow. I think he is about 6’0 and he has nice abs and he wears stuff from the ‘40s. I’m pretty sure he was turned in the ‘40s or earlier and he is probably from Russia.  “And we are headed to my mansion,” I say.
We take his Mustang there. When we get there we get ride rid of our bloody clothes and take showers. When we go to my living room I see that the girl’s corpse is still there. Rotting on my floor and the stench is disgusting. “Hey Jonathan, get rid of her body. The stench is killing me,” I say. He does as I say quietly. He holds the body like a baby and carries her outside. Dmitri sits on the couch with me as we watch the news.
The pretty blonde anchor says, “There was a massacre at The Pretty Fish tonight killing over fifty people. We believe it to be a gang shooting.” A picture comes up of the alleged suspects which are not us. Jonathan comes in as the picture is being displayed. His eyes are bigger than a crystal ball.
I say, “Chill out Jonathan, we didn’t get caught.” Dmitri smiles back at me.
Dmitri says, “And Johnny, remember we cannot go out in sunlight or poof.” He kisses me softly as Jonathan sat watching TV.  He stops then says, “You are just so beautiful and so in control of your fledgling. Mine fell in love with a human and was never seen again.”
“Impressive,” I say as Jonathan goes upstairs to bed.  We sit together quietly for a while then he asks, “So when were you turned into a vampire? I was turned during the French Revolution.”
“1700s Russia, I saw all the Russian revolutions and I lived through Stalin’s Red Terror. I also visited China during the Great Leap Forward. Before I was turned I was a poor Russian girl,” I say, “My master was a Russian royal who wanted a pet he could control. I was the pet and I played the pet very well before I killed him.”
“Mine was a French aristocrat when the French Revolution broke out. I saw my sire’s execution. They cut her head off with the guillotine....”  Dmitri says, “And she decided to give me a Russian name because she loved Russia.”
“Well Dmitri is a very nice name,” I say as I kiss his lips as he wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses me more deeply.  Jonathan glares at Dmitri as we kiss. Dmitri stops as he sees Jonathan glaring at him.
Night came by again and all three of us are ready for the next hunt. I brush my blonde hair gently and I put on some red lipstick. I put on a small black dress. I walk into my heels and meet the boys. Jonathan wears a low cut t-shirt and jeans and Dmitri picked a casual suit.  I direct them to the car and we head off to a club. We pick one in Star Island where all the rich gather. I manipulate the bouncer. “Hello handsome, we know some people in here,” I say. I smile.
“Sure go in,” He says. All three of us go in and we start talking to some people and ordering them some drinks.
“Thanks lady for the drinks,” One says. He has long dark brown hair and a southern accent. He wears a flannel and dress pants. What an odd fellow.
“You’re welcome and the tap is on me so drink away.” I sip a bit of alcohol myself. I smile at him and put my hand on his. I say, “So where are you from and why are you in Miami?” I take another sip.
“Tennessee and I’m here for the music industry,” He says, “Also I have rich parents and you?” He strokes my hand.
“I was originally from Russia till I moved here to Miami,” I say. I sip more alcohol. I could use some blood soon. I say, “So what’s your name? Mine is Corinna Petrova.” I get closer to him. He puts his hand on my cheek.
“Mine is Spencer Lindsey,” He says; he then kisses my cheek, “This club is getting really noising do you want to go somewhere else?” I smile largely.
“Sure, how about your home,” I say smirking.
“You guessed what was on my mind.” We leave to his car as the boys try and fail to get a meal. Dmitri is more successful than Jonathan who ends up taking desperate measures. They don’t notice me leave. I think of ways to get to his neck. Maybe try to give him a “kiss on the neck” or wait till he trusts me. The ride is over as quickly as I know it. We go in and he turns on the light.
“Big house for a bachelor,” I remark.
“I have kids from a previous marriage. They are asleep now.” We go up to his room which is quite big, a heart bed in the middle. We start kissing and I begin to question whether I should feed on him but my hunger overrides those questions.
I take a bite of his neck as he kissed mine but I stop myself. He grabs a wooden stake as I sit there unable to move. “Don’t I didn’t mean to!” I scream. He puts a bandage on his neck and grips onto the stake.
“You are one of them! I saw those two men you were with. I know what they are and I suspected you were probably a victim of them but I thought wrong. You are the ring leader and you’ve fallen prey to me.” He takes the stake and stabs me in the abdomen. I scream and try to fight him off. As he tries to stake my heart I bite him. The end result is both of us barely conscious, losing blood by the second.
“You could have forgiven me of my mistake,” I say trying to stay conscious.
“Why you have killed thousands maybe millions but I am attracted to you. Maybe attraction is just irrational?” He says and kisses me with his last breath. I kiss him back with mine. Darkness sets in and I finally experience death.

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