January 3, 2009
In the dark, foggy night, as the misty rain gently pours down from the forest sky, the hunter gracefully ran with inhuman speed, passing by several trees. She stopped suddenly, her deep red eyes radiating wickedly, her damp inky black hair twisting and weaving feverishly. Her pale, smooth glassy skin was captivating under the moonlight. She, steadily, closed her eyes and inhaled the air. With fury, her cat-like eyes opened and her head snapped ----from her silent, frozen posture---- to the direction her prey was heading. Her piercing growl, deep within her throat, awakened birds, and her eyes shined intensely with unfathomable rage; her fangs snapping with yearning thirst. Once more, she ran; her tightly-fitted black gown, in tatters, as she approached her vulnerable, weak prey. The hunter, then leaped above her prey----only a blurred vision---- was now in front of her prey in a mille-second. Her prey, a young lady in her mid-20s, screaming, a blood-curdling scream, as she backed away; turning around. The hunter snarled with annoyance, and sprinted forward; once again in front of her prey. She held up her hand, which was in a tightened fist; her index-finger swaying; indicating her infuriation.

“You are very difficult…” The hunter murmured in a sweet, velvet smooth spell-binding voice. Her prey, who was holding a sharp stake firmly, staggered forward, penetrating the stake towards her hunter. Her eyes widened in horror as the hunter didn’t appear to wither in agony, she was amused, looking down at the stake.

“Tell me now; what were you going to do, after you killed me. I’m curious.” Her hunter said, in another intriguing, bell-ringing voice. She laughed, extremely shrill, the trees were shaking. She took the stake from her chest, and tossed it.

“Nothing personal….just thirsty.” She whispered silently and deadly, gazing at her prey’s neck, whose pulse was quickening. The hunter sauntered towards her prey, ready to kill her with a sly smile upon her immortal face.

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HollywoodHotshot said...
Dec. 14, 2011 at 4:39 pm
Really great. I could really feel what ur main character was feeling.
Sweet.surrender2346 said...
Jun. 4, 2009 at 4:17 am
Wow... I really like this story. You have such a gift for writing. I hope you will continue your passion for writing. This story was absolutely captivating. It had such great imagery it was like I was there!
vAMPIRE3456 said...
Jan. 31, 2009 at 4:38 pm
i LOVE it.
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