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Operator's Manual

October 21, 2014
By Sam Morrison BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sam Morrison BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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To the Command Staff of the NSS Zeno, NSS Socrates, NSR Borealis, NSR Volcano, and NSM Stalingrad,

Your stations have been selected, based on application, for the New Solaris Scientific Solutions Advanced Biotechnology Division’s newest venture, the Cloned Labor Initiative. Within the following 6 (six) solar cycles, a crewman under the name “Ivan Renko” will be transferred to your station, in the Mining/Supply division (Exception- NSM Stalingrad, Renko will be assigned a job in Munitions Transport). A few pertinent facts about the crewman-
-Renko has been designed to have a low IQ and EQ to prevent rebellion. New Solaris Scientific Solutions will compensate for any unintentional damages caused by incompetence on Renko’s behalf.
-Renko’s lifespan is estimated to be approximately 5 (five) years. The clones have been conditioned to take up life threatening habits, such as smoking and excessive drinking, to shorten this lifespan further. Jobs Renko will be assigned to are dangerous, such as Mining/Supply. In addition, Renko’s lighter has a small tracking beacon inside, which can be used to locate him in case of emergency.
-The commanding officer should inform the medical staff to not resuscitate a Renko in the event of death. Cloning a clone can produce severe genetic defects and mutations, and is highly inadvisable.
-Any organ failures are likely to be intentional, and should be ignored. If your station's Renko expires prematurely, assign the Head of Personnel to fill out form CR-D-1085(B) and form ASA-R-1623(K) to apply for a cleanup crew and replacement Renko.
-Some New Solaris employees are ethically against cloning technology. We understand this, and wish no unwarranted discrimination against Renko units. This being said, the Commanding Officer of each station should refrain informing the crew of the fact Renko is a clone- He is to be treated as another crewmember.
-In the event a Renko discovers it is, in fact, not a true human, it is to be terminated immediately. Clone Memory Disorder, as observed in resuscitation and revival cases, can cause subjects to go violently insane and become a threat to themselves and others. In the event of termination, fill out form GA-T-3452(R) and await further instructions from a New Solaris representative.
-Renko has a small explosive charge implanted in the back of his neck, designed for emergency remote termination. The trigger will be shipped to you within fourteen (14) solar cycles, and is only to be armed and activated in extreme emergencies. However, the charge is known to detonate unintentionally in the proximity of Type-7(A2) Station Security Headsets. Keeping Renko away from the Security wing of your stations is highly advisable. (Exception- NSR Borealis, we realize this is difficult due to the layout of your station.)
-In the event a crewmember discovers Renko’s true nature, and informs him as such, the following measures should be taken. 1, Renko is to be immediately terminated. 2, the crewmember is to be detained. 3, the source of their information is to be ascertained. 4, the crewmember is to be charged for treason. (Depending on the severity, life imprisonment may not be the best option. Station-side Execution is permitted.) 5, any additional crewmembers involved are to be tried and detained.

If you have any further questions, or wish to opt-out of the program, please contact New Solaris Scientific Solutions through our hyperwave transmission frequency. New Solaris Scientific Solutions hopes the Cloned Labour Initiative will be a complete success, and can be expanded into the fields of Security, Engineering, Janitorial Duty, Scientific Test Subjects, Hazardous Waste Cleanup, and be used as a source of sustainable food. We appreciate your dedication, and wish your station the best in the fields of Science, Research, and/or Military applications.

-New Solaris Scientific Solutions Administrative Staff

The author's comments:

Jobs are being replaced by machines? Why not clones? This is a field guide for a test run of those clones.

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