The hunt chapter 2 part 5

August 17, 2014
By Allybear99 GOLD, Södertälje, Other
Allybear99 GOLD, Södertälje, Other
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“None of your business boy.”
“I’m sorry sir.”
“You are dismissed.”

I find myself walking in to a big room, I would say a cave, but something was different. The room was a cave based room, but it was furnished. As if someone actually lived there. I walk in to the middle of the room.
“Hello?” Nothing. “is anybody here?” Nothing.
I stay in the middle of the room and turn to see the whole room. The room is in a curved way, the walls are not straight, they are curved in like a circle. The room is more circular than rectangular. The door I came in through is still open and the warm breeze is warming the cool room. There is a sofa to the left of the door. On the left side of the sofa is a sort of kitchen. The kitchen has a table with two chairs on either side. There are a few cupboards, a sink with dishes in it and a mini refrigerator and freezer. How on earth do people get electricity out here? I continue to scan the room. On the right side of the entrance is a drawer where I assume there are cloths. There is a big lamp on the floor and a nightstand on the right side. A bed is stationed out from out the wall on the right side of the nightstand. On the side opposite of the door is a small TV. This is a very modern cave I think to myself. By the opposite wall of where I came in, the walls are tacked with different photos and diplomas. Whoever lived here must have been civilized because no one who is none civilized can get a diploma. I walk to the diploma to read the name. It is a school diploma. It says
“You have successfully carried out a cooked meal and served
it to your friends and colleges with little help from teachers
Good job, Jake Marcus Smith.”
I gasp. I have to read the name again. What did Jake say his last name was? I try to recall the first time I met him. “Oh, well for starters my name is Jake. Jake Smith.” I catch my breath. Then look around again. I look at the messy unmade bed, the dirty dishes in the sink and I think to myself. I am in Jake’s home.

The author's comments:
"I look at the messy unmade bed, the dirty dishes in the sink."

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