The hunt chapter 2 part 4

August 2, 2014
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I can hear him calling after me as I walk away. But I still don’t turn around, I just keep going. I walk through the beautiful garden with the beautiful horse statue in the middle. I stop and examine it closer. As I stare at it I think about how strong and powerful horses are. I realize everyone here is also strong and powerful, everyone but me.
I think of what Jake had said, about me not getting my powers. He hadn’t said anything wrong, so I will have to apologize later. I guess I am just angry, and scared. Angry because I cannot get my powers and I was hoping I would be a powerful person since that’s the impression I got from Jake earlier. When he told me, that people like me are either very powerful or they do not get their powers at all. I was hoping I would be powerful and not powerless. I am also scared, because if I am not powerful what do the monsters want from me? And if I cannot defend myself, what good would I do to them dead? Then it hits me, I have something they want. I am not powerful like the other guardians; the monsters do not want to kill me because they are scared of me. They do not want me dead. They want information. They want me alive.
I keep walking among the rows of flowers, I enter the cliffs we use to rock climb, as I look at the same cliff I have seen a million times, I notice a door. I look around then lock my eyes on the door. I slowly walk towards it. It is small and hidden between two cliffs. There’s no roof or anything, just a door. I stop and put my hand on the handle. I take a deep breath and open it.

“Has anyone seen Jasmine?”
“I thought she was with you.”
Jake walks into the great hall he came though when he brought Jasmine to Camp Guardian almost three months ago. He walks to the desk and talks to the lady.
“Hello Jake.”
“Are the council of the wise here?”
“They are. Do you have an appointment?”
“No, but this is important. A guardian is missing.”
“I will send you right in.”
“Thank you Mona.”


“She left.”
“She left? What happened Jake?”
“I promise you she will come back. Don’t worry Harry.”
“How long has she been gone?”
“Only today.”
“Does she know how to use the portal?”
“No sir.”
“Do you think you could track her?”
“The portal. It has more powers than we taught the guardians. It can track people. But it only works on rare occasions. It is hard to know how to proceed.”
“Would you teach me?”
“Jake, it is too complicated.”
“I can learn.”
“Jake, you need to know this person well. You need to have a sort of guess where she would go. You need to be able to picture every detail of her on the outside but also on the inside. You need every detail about who she is.”
“So if I think of her and who she is and if I picture her a clear image, the portal will take me to her?”
“It is not that simple. For the portal to track her, you need to know some options of where she could possibly go.”
“I can do it.”
“But hear this Jake, if you cannot proceed with this procedure, in a proper manner. You may end up splitting yourself. It is like any time you use the portal. If you cannot use it in the right way, it will tear you apart. You see, when you use the portal, it takes a part of you. That is how you teleport.”
“I understand.”
“If you believe you know this girl well enough, you may proceed. If you do not, I will not allow you to try.”
“It’s not up to you, sir”
“It is too dangerous.”
“I have to try.”
“Jake, is there something you wish to tell us?”
“No sir.” Jake looks down, feeling the color rising in his cheeks, but then looks up and look straight into Harry’s eyes. “Nothing at all sir.”
“If you say so.” Harry waits for a response, but Jake stays quiet. “Well we need her back. The council of the wise, we need her.”

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