Stolen Memories (EXTRA!)

July 9, 2014
I can’t remember anything that happened the last five years, the scientists took my memory away from me by accident. My name is Katarinna Contrarez, you might remember me from the news, I was the werewolf in Central Avenue, and this is what happened when I got my memory back.

“Katarinna, you brother is here to bring you home,” Dr. Stevens says, knocking on my door as she opened it.

“Okay, just get away from me, you ruined five years of my life,” the only reason they are allowing me to go home is because when they gave me the liquid that took away my memories, that was also the last time I ever changed forms. They only kept me here so long so they could find a way to give me my memories back.

I pick up my bag and walk out the door of my room and then out the doors of the science lab, without looking back, I was glad to leave.

“Hey!” James calls when I get in his line of view. James had went to visit me as much as he could the last five years.

I don’t say anything in return as I get in the car. Instead of getting a new car he drives my mom’s car, well its his now, my mom’s body was found in a hole someone had dug, covered with dirt. No one was ever charged with her murder.

“What no ‘Hi,’ or ‘Nice to see you?’” he asks me getting a grin on his face until he looks over at me and sees that I’m angry. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing, just five years of my life were wasted,” I say anger taking me over. “Five years, I could of gone to college, finished high school with people my age, gone to prom, gotten engaged and married, but no they had to ruin the part of my life that the most dramatic things happen in!” I yell at James turning towards him.

“Are you blaming me for what they did to you? I was the one who talked to Dr. Stevins for five hours on the phone trying to talk her into letting you out as soon as I found out you were being taken in for testing,” he yells in my face sounding disappointed that I didn’t say thank you for that.

“You did? They never told me you did, they said that you signed a paper approving them to test me! Why would you do that?”

“I didn’t sign it until I realized that they tested you before I signed the paper. But as soon as I found out that your memories were gone because of that I signed it because they said they needed me to sign it for them to try to get your memories back.”

“But yet they didn’t have you sign something before they made that happen! What a load of crap!” I fire back getting mad enough to where I wanted to hit something.

“Whatever,” he says sounding completely defeated, as we pull into our driveway. It looked exactly the same as it had five years ago, but now it seemed like something was missing.

2 Days Later
“Night!” I call to James as I walk up the stairs to my room, only to fall halfway up because of gut wrenching pains shooting through me.

I’m turning! I can feel myself call for James as the convulsions start. I hear him say ‘I won’t let them take you back, we need to make sure you stay locked up when you change so you don’t get out again.’ When he is finished talking I’ve completely changed.

The virus has come back to me, all because of my memories being back.

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KylineF said...
Sept. 7, 2014 at 12:35 pm
Thanks! I didn't really want to say how she was changing at the end but I decided to add it so people wouldn't be confused on how she was changing again.  
Longlegs said...
Aug. 6, 2014 at 8:47 am
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