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June 30, 2014
Before you read the following, I am inclined to warn you; you cannot "unread" something, pardon the despicable wording. But hopefully the message gets through. You can't just learn something and then think to back out afterwards. This society will not allow you. Once you understand this, please decide your choice. After all, the fate of everything to come will depend on this climatic decision. Choose wisely.

I am called BETA.On simple standards, I am the newest in technological advances. In this society, I have more power than the current figurehead of the States. And yet, I, too, was unable to stop the impending doom. This message will be my last, whether you fail or not. I can only wish you the best of luck, now, and leave my final instructions.

It is absolutely crucial that these steps are followed in accordance. I do not know if these words will make any difference in this outcome of events, but I only can only hope that it will. I am BETA of the year 2051, the most advanced of Al's at this day and age, and I am hear to deliver these instructions. Listen closely, this information is highly confidential, and I will erase my existence completely after speaking them. While this may be considered cowardice on my part, it is also the only accurate way of eliminating the possibility of unwelcome ears.

BETA reporting, start.

In regards to 2050's new regiments, a missile containing pyroclastic materials had been deployed into space in an attempt to stop the States' decision. However, the velocitile angle was not calculated correctly, and the missile was later found by satellite, spiraling between spacerocks. It was, incorrectly, deemed dormant.

That is until up to last month, on the day of June 5th, 12:49:31.

The same missile was spotted entering the atmosphere, and in the minutes to come, it had created the largest crater found to this day on Earth. The impact has also caused disruptions at the core of our home planet, and a sudden increase in magma flow resulted in mass overflow of lava from active and dormant volcanoes alike. Henceforth leading to many eruptions and ash plumes that led to the blockage of the sun and moon. Life started to cease worldwide.

The world is in calamity, I, BETA, had just barely activated my systems in time to send out this message to the past; to you. And I am very sorry to say that I have just a short amount of time left. I cannot hold connection for too long, and thus I will relay the following as fast as I can.

The missile was originally under construction in the once renowned and just restablished United Union in the year of 2020. I have no power over what year this message will be broadcasted to, this method was still in prototype standards and definitely not expected to be deployed, but I fully do believe that this present can be changed.

The missile was made over a distrust in government interests and systems. Your job is to stop the construction of this missile. While this may sound daunting, I am confident that you will succeed. The world, after all, depends on it.

My connection is riding on bare frequencies now, I will have to make this quick, pardon.

Returning to that note, the missile was derived fully off of distrust, hate, and other negative feelings. As but a mere piece of technology, I cannot perfectly comprehend these emotions, but I do know that this ending would not have occured if other ones had been there instead. These feelings include happiness, trust, and warmth.

If the world can live a life with these emotions, then the end of our world can be evoided.

These will be my last words... I cannot talk much longer-- live a happy life, a life where everyone can learn to trust each other. I believe in you. One person can do so much. Everyone... Everyone can learn to love each other.

I had hoped that I would live to see that day, which I am sure will come, arrive. But I can't... the future is in the hands of humanity now.

Brightness... Unity... Love... Equality...

Your mission is to help progress to this future. Even the smallest acts can help.

The effects are sure to show.

For now, this is BETA, messenger of the future, harbringer of hope, signing off for one last time...

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