June 12, 2014
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Ever since the end of the Rebellion, 3 years ago, Enron has flourished. Their technological advances are unmatched in the world, beginning with their capital, AisLin, the city in the sky. The pride and joy of Enron’s government is nestled just below the clouds… Literally, the citizens of this immaculate city can reach out and nearly touch their fingertips to the white, fluffy tips of moisture. Floating above the rest of her world, AisLin is a city like no other. The sun glints off of the gigantic buildings as if the rays feel privileged to be in the presence of something so magnificent… and even in the midst of night, one would swear the moon turned brighter when looked upon inside the AisLin city limits.

From a bird’s eye view, AisLin is shaped like a perfect diamond. Beautiful streets of solid marble stretch from one end of the city to the next, connecting the different sections of the floating city that operate together to create a world almost entirely different from the one the populace left below. Each of the four corners of this metropolis is organized by function, and the center of the city is a large square which joins them all together.

The southern tip of the diamond is home to the industrial area; towering buildings skyrocket even higher than the elevated ground on which they were erected, and as if to imitate a cloud itself, all are covered in sheets of glossy metal that appears as white as new fallen snow from beneath the city’s mighty shadow. To not blind the people living amidst the city, however, the buildings all simply appear to be a steel grey from up close. This is the place where most citizens of AisLin are employed, and also where the city houses it’s most important individuals: the main influencers of the Enron government. There is everything from educational facilities to food processing plants, along with weaponry manufacturing and political plights that can be found here.

The northern tip of the city of AisLin is home to governmental housing and training facilities, as well as the vital laboratories that develop new designs and ideas for weapons and other technological advances. The government of Enron remains strict; therefore, their laws are harshly imposed by the well-organized police force that roams the city. Although crime is almost nullified by the current state of law here, a small prison of sorts is also located on the grounds of the northern tip. This place is still gorgeously kept, like all the rest of the floating city, and here the white buildings are roofed in a mirror-like substance that imitates the color of the sky as it changes.

The West and East corners of the city are home to the more common neighborhoods of the population. Houses are all almost exactly alike, with different sizes but similar shapes and colors throughout each neighborhood. Yards are made of a faux grass, which does not grow and therefore is in consistent perfection of both shade and length always. Aesthetically, one could marvel at the detail and beauty of the city forever.

The central square of AisLin is home to its capitol tower; it is made up of a silver, triangular edifice that rises higher than any other structure ever before built. Found directly in the middle of the city, the tower dwarfs all else with its sheer magnificence. It is the epitome of all the city was created to be. Each and every major governmental decision made for the sake of Enron’s rule is said to be decided inside the tower, where the President resides.

The government uses a strong hand to keep their form of peace in Enron, and the citizens live under a false sense of tranquility, when in reality they are the most oppressed group of people to ever exist.

What was not predicted nor understood about the industrial improvements Enronians made, were the side effects. The magnificent, beautiful AisLin has but one downfall. The energy used to keep it in it’s glorifying spot amongst the clouds emits a sort of exhaust beneath it. This exhaust is harmless.... to humans. To the animals which reside in the forested lands beneath AisLin, it has been horrific. These creatures are not what they once were. Deer gained wicked smiles; rows of razor teeth like a shark, and poison tipped antlers. Bear lumber through the woods, with a scaled face and long barbed tongue. These are just a few of the grotesque effects the exhaust of the regal AisLin have caused in animals. The people who lived below AisLin, in the city of Winchester, were slaughtered by the monstrosities. The officials decided to eradicate the population, hiding the reason for the deaths, and claiming the land below AisLin as government property, now enclosed and off limits to all.

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