The Hazel Wood

April 26, 2014
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Chug-chug-chug-chug! Chug-chug-chug-chug!

Penny bobbed her head to the rhythm as the cargo train lugged over her head. She gazed at the cool, sleek metal bottoms as they slowly made their way against the diamond sky. "Like fat square moons", she thought. As if 4 moons weren't enough.

Her blue hair sprawled around her in this mystic halo, her cheeks as flushed as the tufts of grass beneath her. The grass sighs and the wind tickles her midriff, where a diamond winked in the starlight.

Sam, riding his new ostrich like the show-off he was, smirking as he pulled the reins. Penny tugged at her top, realizing that Sam wore a grey top now, not a red one, like her. Sam noticed this too and cocked an eyebrow, jumping off his ride and strutting over to her.

"Penadrix Welt? Red? Cunning and passionate? Someone obviously made a mistake."

Penny rolled her eyes and pushed him lightly. He fell to the ground in his typical over-dramatic style, which, typically, made her laugh.

"I'd say the same about you, Samcruem. You, trustworthy and observant? Please, don't make me gag."

"I knew where to find you, didn't I?"

He didn't really have a point. Penny usually left a note at the base giving her location, and she almost never went any place else. Her eyes flicked the new castigraph on his left forearm - a dog, lying peacefully in a circle of flames. She covered her own castigraph, a snake coiled around an apple - no need to rub in her future. Her eyes trailed to his right wrist, checking on the circle everyone received at birth - it was still black.

Sam's eyes followed Penny's. "Is yours..." Penny held up her right wrist and Sam smiled at the black dot she shared. "So, you haven't met your match either, huh?"

Penadrix shook her head. "Well," Sam sighed as he sat next to her "At least we have the sky and the moons and the stars."

He lied beside her and they smiled as the sun began to set. Their whispers filled the night and they settled to enjoy the peace before the bombs dropped and they would have to run.

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