The forbidden dancer

November 22, 2008
She stood on the dancefloor watching, waiting, Oh,dear God she thought Please don't let me mess up now. She was Melonie and she had loved dancing but she couldn't do it because one of the community rules was no dancing, so she daydreamed about it.

The next moment she was woken out of her dream by Mrs. Fallbright the English teacher and she found everyone staring at her like she had 3 heads or five eyes or something.
She had started to look so red she had been taken to the nurse and sent home.
"What am I going to do with you," asked her mother,"This is the third time this week you were sent to the nurse, What is it in you're head that is making this happen?" Melonie said nothing instead looking in the mirror behind her mom, looking at herself.
She would need to re-streak her hair soon she could tell, The electric blue had stated to fade to dull blue.
Her earrings needed to change too. I have a pair of skull and cross bones I could wear this week she mused.
"I said what is in your head child to make you this way." her mother said startling her.
Of course she wouldn't couldn't tell her mom that her thought and dream was dance so there was a dead icy silence in the room.
Well if I can't dance here, she thought, I'll go somewhere where I can.

Next she had walked out the door"Goodbye mom" was all she said before the door closed, leaving her outside and her mom inside screaming and with hot tears of fury but there was nothing, absolutley nothing she could do about it. Her only child had left her and now she was all alone. Melonie's father had died years before melonie was born so now without melonie she had nothing and noone to depend on.

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bookwormdg said...
May 16, 2009 at 7:22 pm
That's really cool! I like how you inserted some personal life experiences and twists in it! very well written!
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