What a lovely Death

November 21, 2008
I look deep into he's cold eyes, his heinous smile ran my blood cold. I never thought I would die like this, I wouldn't die like this, I couldn't, but the chances of that ran extremely thin. My time was running out. Slowly, I remembered when I first met him, when my life was going pleasantly well, when his eyes weren't so dark, his smile ever so lovely, and when he gave me butterflies instead of chills.

My night was going divine, I could still here the chatter and loud laughs from my friends fading behind me as I walked to apartment, which to my advance was not that far away. Step by step, I got closer, the cold seeking its way threw my thick coat. I was almost there when I dropped my purse, I looked down to find it but it was not there. As I looked at the ground I only spotted a pair of shoes. I looked up, and to my surprise, my breathe was taken away.

Not only was the situation out of the ordinary, so was he's beauty. I've heard of faces carved from gods but this face was carved but something of far much more importance. This man fit tall, dark, and handsome to a T. His dark blonde hair covered one of his ice blue eyes and were the ever so icy tonight. I could feel the blood turning my cheeks the color of roses and my heart slowly increasing its pace. I stared blankly, what was I to say to him? My first instinct was to grab my purse and run, but please, what were the chances of that? I was completely frozen.

"I believe you should be more careful with your belongings." Oh, and when he spoke those words my heart could have melt. The words were not sweet, they were not bitter, but he spoke them much more passionately then any stranger of the street I had ever met.

I could feel the cold no more, every last cell on my body was tuned to the the beautiful face that continued to stare, noting the stillness of my body with those icy eyes. My eyes drifted to my purse and to the face once more, I noticed since the moment I laid eyes on him I had not taken one single breathe. As I tried to take the most normal breathe that I could it was more of a gasp. Thus, again I was asking too much of my self, I was going to speak. In any other situation I would have been able to make a speech and not stutter, but in his presence I felt as if a simple 'Thank You' wasn't good enough for him, as if maybe I should bow before I said anything at all.

Though after to long the silence was ringing in my ears, I had to say something "I'l be sure to keep that in mind, Thanks" Stupid, stupid me, but of course I was only trying my best.

He gave me a warm smile and spoke calmly "Don't mention it, just becareful." I noticed how pale his face was, how the dull street light made it glow and made me feel even more unimportant, and a bit more ordinary.

I smiled, we stood most still for a half minute before I spoke. The question was burning in the back of my throat "
um...if you don't mind me asking-" I was immediately cut off before I could finish.

"Ask me what you like." he said, the smile fluttered my thoughts and almost made me forget my question.

"What is your name? I'm sure it has to be extraordinary to be a title of someone like your self." and of course it was, I knew I could not of been wrong of this, I was just so certain, and I smiled as he had spoken the name Sebastian.

But, in the end everything I had been, or thought I had been right about was so dreadfully wrong it made me want to ripe out my every last piece of me that was left and throw away for the dogs because in hell I know I would not need it. I felt as if I had been lied to but it was my own inane mistake, I was the one to blame for everything. I was sucked in by a up most beautiful black hole and turned into nothing. I had been so courageous to walk home with him, to walk home with the angel of death.

So, as I lie here waiting for him to take me away, take me away so I wont be haunted, or be at all mournful, I take one look into his now hideous face, with dark eyes and heinous smile and laugh, life wouldn't have been so bad if was more careful of my belongings.

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HailToTheStud said...
Mar. 12, 2016 at 4:53 pm
Super good, but could use some better spelling/grammar. Keep writing, for sure.
ShelbyCarter said...
Dec. 2, 2008 at 2:59 am
Kayla Wayla this is really good. :D

You should have let me read it last year.
Kitialynne said...
Dec. 6, 2008 at 9:43 pm
Good. :) Hope to see more from you :D
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