Dark Veils

April 4, 2014
“PLEASE, DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME!!” Edlynn screamed as she was being dragged with her wrists tightly bound. Three figures stood in the distance, watching. One of the figures was Aindreas, her best friend, whom stood with his head down, his long black hair matted thick with blood. He had tried so hard to protect Edlynn. Alas, all efforts were rendered useless against the offenders, clothed entirely in black leather. The thick rain pouring down in torrents cloaked their crime, making it impossible for anyone to see what was taking place. “I'll come for you! I promise!!” He shouted this as they hauled her away. He swore to himself that if the Dark Veils dare hurt his Edlynn, he'd kill each and every one. It was his duty to train and protect her, after all.

Aindreas abruptly woke up laying on the cold, damp floor of his cell, sweating. It was only one of those horrid nightmares of the life he had lived so long ago. He had been in this cell for nearly three years now, (according to the tally marks on the wall) with no hope of escape. Of course, heaven knows that he's tried, but no avail. Aindreas was beaten on a bi-weekly basis to create a sense of hopelessness and to force him to give up. But it wouldn't work. “As long as I think of Edlynn, I have hope,” he muttered to himself. “And they can't take that away. No one can.” Aindreas huddled up against a wall, hoping for warmth as a voice snarled from the darkness. It was Blaqdon. “Pah, keep telling that to yourself, kid.” He the over-seer of the Dark Veils. A large Order of monks living beneath an old mountain. These monks were evil though, as well as quite modern. They wore black silk at all times, but for going out on a raid or assassination, they wore black leather, and always, no matter what, wore a sort of black veil. Thus created the name, Dark Veils. Aindreas swallowed and looked at Blaqdon. “Aindreas, Aindreas,” Blaqdon began, “Why will you not join the Dark Veils? You will be granted much power. Immortality, wealth, the ability to shape-shift, excellent swordsmanship, endless knowledge, why, the list simply goes on and on! Besides, the beautiful Edlynn...” Aindreas interrupted as he clenched his fists. “I will NEVER take part in such an Order. You can keep me until I die, but I will not join you. I will stay loyal to the Lumière.”
Blaqdon narrowed his eyes and walked towards Aindreas. “I'm astounded. So harsh for a young lad like you. I'm sure that a hurt Edlynn will convince you to convert.” He snapped his fingers and the door burst open once again. A large man sauntered in, and was holding Edlynn in chains. Aindreas' eyes opened wide. A brief wave of anger crossed his face, as he started to shout curses at the man holding her. Blaqdon chuckled. “Silly boy, she won't wake up. You know that! She clearly unconscious, or perhaps under some sort of little spell,” he paused for effect. “Of course, you could help. I'll give you one night to think it over. Oh, and one thought to aid your thinking process. Your precious Edlynn will be in her grave by tomorrow night unless you decide to help her.” Blaqdon smirked at Aindreas and proceeded to nod at the man holding Edlynn. They both left the room, leaving Aindreas all alone with his thoughts. He carefully weighed the situation. He could refuse to conform to Dark Veil, or he could save Edlynn. Of course, both sides of this dilemma had problems. He could save Edlynn, but they might kill her anyway. Or, he could refuse to become part of the Order, and they might both die. Blaqdon was not necessarily a man of his word. A thought sprang up in Aindreas' mind. What if Edlynn escaped, and they're just using a shape-shifter that took her form as leverage? That might be the case. But that just complicated things further.

That night, Aindreas was trying to sleep. He knew it was important, but many things were on his mind. Quite suddenly, after he had started to doze off, Aindreas was shaken awake by a strong hand. Blaqdon had sent another man to beat Aindreas. “Get up. You're going out,” the man started. “Behave. Or you'll get double the lashes next week.” Aindreas raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure what this was all about. As he got up from the floor, he opened his mouth to speak. “Where am I going?” He questioned the man. “To another cell,” the man started, “Or perhaps you're going outside. I do not know. I am just the one who takes you to another Dark Veil. That is all.” Aindreas pressed the man for more answers, but he would not speak. They walked down several narrow walkways before approaching what seemed to be a dead end. Aindreas looked around for a door or cell, but his eyes only saw damp stone before him. Then, it hit him. A rush of terror ran down his spine as he realized what was going to happen. They were going to kill him... he'd never see Edlynn again! Her beautiful face is all he wished to see. “What do you make of this?” The man asked. Aindreas thought a moment, and answered. “Well, from what I see, it's a dead end. Perhaps you intend to kill me, or maybe this is just an illusion.” The man laughed and pushed Aindreas through the wall.

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compassion said...
Apr. 19, 2014 at 5:04 am
Tangible writing. Intriguing story. Like it!
ForeverFangirling replied...
Apr. 19, 2014 at 2:05 pm
Thank you! :)
Nobuo This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm
Now I want to know the background and what will happen next, this is great
ForeverFangirling replied...
Apr. 19, 2014 at 2:05 pm
Haha, still working on it :) And thank you!
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