The Bond

March 23, 2014
By 48Dragonwriter GOLD, Wildorado, Texas
48Dragonwriter GOLD, Wildorado, Texas
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In the darkness two gleaming orbs moved through the forest, searching. Near the river the eyes found what they sought, a set of small footprints in the soft sand. The eyes closed, the massive head that held them turned upwind. A sent came faintly to him, the girl was moving fast. He had been following her for days now and soon he would catch her. He was a dragon and she an elven daughter.
The dragons and elves had never really gotten along, but ten years ago disaster struck. A war. It started when an elven warrior had stolen a dragon’s egg. When the dragons found the egg, it had been smashed, the hatchling dead. The mother had declared war against all elves and demanded the head of the one who had killed her child. The Dragon king had readily agreed, and army went after army. No one was safe; dragon fighters slaughtered elven children. Dragon young were killed when their parents were away.
This dragon had witnessed it all and now chased an elven who had ventured into his territory. He was catching up to her and was almost on top of her when he realized something was wrong. Within seconds of this thought an arrow went through the muscle that connected his wing to his body. He went down, hitting the ground with a deafening crash. As he regained his footing he came face to face with the elven girl. His massive jaws snapped at her but she was out of rang and as he looked around he saw that a human held her tight, arms behind her back. He felt a stinging pain and turned to find a human poking a spear into his thick hide. Humans, with spears and swords in their hands, surrounded them. Another human walked up beside the girl and spoke the gnarled language the humans used.
“Dragon, the human wants us to know that we are foolish.” The Elven looked at the dragon and a moment of pure understanding washed through them both. They knew they were in trouble.
“Elven ask the human why he thinks we are so foolish when we are the part of two of the most power clans in the world.” The dragon was still hunched down, his belly touching the ground. The Elven did as he bid and another figure came up, pulling the hood off his head to reveal himself as an Elven son.
“You are foolish dragon and you young elf because your two kinds are at war with the wrong people.” The dragon and the girl shared a long look and then both turned toward the male.
“ What do you mean brother Elven.” The girl said in a quiet tone, though in her heart she knew what he meant. The dragon growled, a sound form deep within his chest.
The Elven male looked at her with a sneer on his face “ it was not an elven warrior who started the war but me.”
The dragon’s growl turned into a roar, his claws sinking into the earth. The male elven stepped back.
“You will pay for what you have done you vile cretin,” the dragon all but spit the words out. He looked toward the girl and opened his mind to her, and as understanding dawned in her eyes, their minds became connected.
Female we must work together to kill this man and stop this war from killing anymore of our two kinds.
I agree dragon but the only way we will win is to become one.
The dragon stared at her for a while before nodding and fully making his mind open. Instantly the bond was forged, he broke loose of the spears and let loose a jet of flame. Together they defeated all of the men and turned their combined sites on the Elven male. Within seconds he to was dead.
“Girl we are one now and together we will stop this war. My name is Androis.” The dragon bent down and allowed her to clime on his back.
“My name is Vereen.” The girl and dragon flew off to stop the war and bring their peoples into a new age.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a scholarship but never got the chance to enter it. I hope all enjoy this little story.

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