After Earth

March 19, 2014
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The white gloved hands scurried on the cold plastic keyboard. Inserted were numbers and letters that formed html’s, all creating some new sort of document. The information was transferring into a Mac computer and into a small metallic box perched on a metal desk placed in the middle of the room.. The whitecoats walked past each other, each fulfilling their own task. Some typed in more information, others connected wires to wires. The rest walked around giving out papers and contacting others about their progress.

Sitting in the middle of the room in a high leather chair was a man in a black coat facing the box. He had silver hair and a face that represented a highly important man that does not joke, but instead is highly interested in his job.. His icy blue eyes stared outside the window which was a peculiar view not seen frequently a couple of years ago.

He was staring at Earth which was covered in fire, blazing like the sun.

The humans were not working in a lab. They stood in a spaceship which came from Venus, the home planet to the surviving human beings.

“Captain,” called out his assistant, “The workers are ready. The latest instalment of Francium was inserted into the box. Shall we proceed?”

“Yes, but first I would like to speak to the manager who controls the computer area.”

“Very well,” the assistant pulled out a silver remote control, “Miss Sparrow, please come to the IVSS2 room.” A shimmer floated next to the assistant and suddenly there was woman in a white coat wearing goggles and holding a document. Miss Sparrow waved her hand indicating the assistant to leave and she dropped the document onto the desk.

“I understand you would like to talk about the file.” she stated.

“I would like to understand the concept of the box, after all it is I who should make it function by today.”

“I understand your orders, captain, but is this necessary? Why can’t the other spaceships do this?”

“We have to do this, if we don’t Earth may not be gone. The others are not as powerful. We need a new start Miss Sparrow. It’s a wonderful idea and so all of you will do what I will tell you do, is that clear?” Miss Sparrow nodded her head slowly. The Captain cleared his voice, “Now, tell me more on the concept.”

“The installation of Francium has made the explosive ten times for powerful and in the next couple of minutes we will add more elements such as Cesium and Rubidium. We may also add Polonium since it has a very high level of radioactivity. Now when you do what you have to do, these objects will interact and the tube that has been installed in the core of the earth will react and-”
“The earth will be gone.” The Captain clapped, “very well Miss Sparrow, I thought wrong of you. Now off you go and contact me when you’re done with the box.”

After the woman left, everyone was under The Captain’s orders and worked faster than ever. No one rested until their task was done. Eyes blinking rapidly, hands sweating but under control, concentrations was a high activity at the moment. The bright fire of the Earth pierced the eyes of people walking past but no one complained, in a couple of hours this would all be over.

After an hour flew by, Miss Sparrow came by again accompanied by other the assistant and other whitecoats. She placed a small red box with a button on top in front of The Captain.

“It’s time.” he called out into the microphone and now every human in that spaceship stared outside their windows.

He pressed the button.

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