March 9, 2014
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“Hey Alec!” Carl called out behind me. “Wait up!”
I heard him calling but I didn’t stop or slow down. My hands buried themselves deeper into the pockets of my red jacket. The temperature was below freezing out here but I was on fire. My blood boiled and my skin burned. I felt the pain but my mind was moving too fast for me to even care.
“Hey man,” Carl said catching up. “I heard what happened. You didn’t deserve that man.”
I stopped walking and turned on him angrily. I felt a blazing heat begin to rise as I listened to his words.
“I deserved every bit of that,” I growled. As the words escaped my lips so did a few flames.
Afterwards I just stared at him to furious to care if even saw.The look on his face told me he had.
“Dude…” he started. “Your breath is on fire...literally.”
I let out a low growl and opened my mouth.I exhaled and a white hot column of flame was blasted into Carls face. As soon as the flames made contact with his face he screamed. They licked the edges of his face and devoured bits of his skin.His hands flew to his face as he stumbled backward. Then he tripped over the edge of a sidewalk panel and hit the ground hard. His skull slammed into the pavement and he ceased moving. Seconds later a pool of blood began to form around his charred head.
I tilted my head toward the sky and let out a mighty roar. All around me the ground shook from the sound as I released another column of fire straight into the clouds. When I was finished I closed my mouth cutting off the flames and turned away from Carl’s body. I kept walking up the hill still burning with rage.
Behind me I heard sirens and knew there was no way I could hide the heat now. It was time to stop hiding and embrace the dragon.

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