Mist of Rose

February 24, 2014
The sound of Breaking glass stopped me.

I turned around, the vase that held my favorite type of roses that had been on the window sill, with blue roses within it had fallen, no one around to have broken it though.

You will come with us!

I shuddered, turning around to see something made of shadow and crystal so it shone and was dark at the same time. Now I wasn’t one to give up easily, on anything but I didn’t want to get on its bad side. It spoke again, right into my head.

Kylie Fárialeldë! Now!

I bit my lip but walked forward. I hadn’t even spoken yet it knew my name, my full name. Whereas I always introduced myself as Kylie F. no one ever asked for my last name and I never told my last name. So how did this thing know?

I closed my eyes, and something cold passed through me. I felt Goosebumps up my arm and I snapped open my crystal blue eyes, looking around. I was in a forest, alone. Frowning confused, wondering how I got from the institute to a forest in the middle of nowhere I looked around.

“Hello?” my voice traveled far but I heard no answer.

A sound, the snapping of a twig catches my attention yet I see no one, a shadow maybe out of the corner of my eye.
You will move. Walk forward into the cave, meet Aduth and talk to him.

A push forward and I grumble, heading toward the cave after shedding my shoes because they were hurting. Walking forward until I find a cave. Entering it and looking around. My blonde hair gets in my eyes and I brush it back.

Then a boy walks forward, around the same age as me. But he has brick red colored hair and green eyes that peer at me from the darkness that my eyes are slowly adjusting to.
“So you’re Aduth?”
He nods

“We need to prevent the awakening of the deity Halayaiel and you are most useful to us.”
It was true, I had some pretty cool abilities. For one I am able to turn deadly events into useful situations for me and whoever I am traveling with.

“Fine, lead the way”
He nodded and pointed down a tunnel, I followed him down a tunnel. Somehow I could see it clear enough.

When he stopped I stopped and looked around. Mist rose from a crystal pond, a name echoed in my mind
Mist of Rose

“So is this where the deity is?”

He nodded and looked at the wall, I followed his gaze and my mouth dropped open in a small “O” of surprise. There were writings all along the wall, ancient I could tell.

Somehow my mind translated and I saw what it said clearly.

The deity, Halayaiel rests here. She is the being of the world, if she awakens she will destroy us all. Unless one volunteers to stay with her and coax her into a sleep for another thousand years, someone who can sing the songs. The songs playing in their head constantly, only those.

I sighed, knowing it was talking of me, of people like me, who could hear the songs in my head.

I looked over at Aduth, curious and a bit frightened by all this responsibility thrust to me.

He looked over and gave his best shot at a reassuring smile.

At least he was trying.

Sighing I sat down and began to sing, my voice drifted throughout the cave, vibrating off the walls. I heard something like a hum greeting my singing and it lasted until I finished singing then everything was silent once more and I looked up at him, wondering if I was done and if I could go home.
“Is that it? Can I go? Can I go back home?”

“yes, you’re done but you can’t go. You have to stay with the Bertholar. I’m sorry”

I shot up, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. What did he mean by that?

Suddenly I felt cold, so very cold. I wrapped my arms around myself as an attempt to stay warm and it was only when I looked down did I see a sheen layer of ice starting to spread up my body, I gasped as I brought my eyes up to look at him, confusion and the fear I felt showing in those blue hues of mine before I froze.

Aduth walked over, poking me to make sure I was frozen. Though I was frozen I could still hear and see everything but I couldn’t do anything. I was stuck, for however long until I was unfrozen.

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